IAM passionate about our children having an inspiring start in life and what better way than participating in a creative project and be able to explore, question, discover, experience and express the magnificence that they and All life truly is.

From the sale of my books and Master Creator classes I will set up creative projects and buy creative materials to help me bring awareness into local children schools and local after schools (6-12) about the Magnificent Consciousness.

If you live locally and would like to help give life to this creation, please contact me by email barbara@memymagnificentself.com or give me a call. For donations please click here.

Publishing my first book… Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom

My book will be launched end October.

‘My story is a magnificent LOVE story between my Divine and Human selves, who find each other after many years of questioning, exploring and discovering who IAM and what life is all about.

I begin my unique and magical journey as a young and curious woman, my awareness grows and my mind becomes quiet, which allows me to perceive nine Elemental Beings, who help reveal my core truths that take me beyond the world of fear, struggle and limitation into a New Energy Consciousness of love, grace and freedom.

It is in this loving space that I become aware of the natural integration of my Divine and Human selves, coming together as one Body Consciousness… as a DivineHumanBeing and Magnificent Master Creator who chooses, expresses and creates heart and soul passion on the physical plane and beyond… imagination, words and everything that is known up until now.’

Master Creator Class

For the ones who want to commit and celebrate their own Master Creator Self after reading my book… I have created Five Master Classes, (local and online) which take you deep into the core of consciousness itself.

You enrol in your very own stage performance and love story, taking the lead role in Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom and are inspired to express your innate creativity through Play, Dance, Song, Writing, Art, Expanded Journeys and Celebration of all that you truly are.

You allow yourself to be the Sovereign Master Creator you truly are and enjoy living and creating in the New Energy Consciousness, having fun, loving self, consciously choosing and expressing your heart and soul passion.

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