Writing is one of my passions and is a beautiful way to share my Awakening journey… of realising Who I Truly Am… A Multi-Dimensional DivineHuman Being.

During my journey I have met some awesome Divine brothers and sisters who love writing too. We all have blogs and some have published their Awakening Journey and help to inspire others… who are ready for their own truth to be revealed.

You can find below some of the books we have individually written… as I know they make beautiful gifts for YOU and YOUR loved ones who are ready to change your life.

But first, our FREE E-Books that we have co-authored. They are our gift to YOU. Please click on the E-Book, download and enjoy reading our great stories. Please share with your friends & family.

What Is Compassion? ©2017
True Awakening Experiences Part I ©2014
True Awakening Experiences… Part II ©2016
True Awakening Experiences… Part III ©2018
Consciousness vs AI
What’s Going On? AI vs Consciousness ©2018

Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedom By Barbara Franken

‘ALLOW my Multi-Dimensional DivineHuman story resonate with your heart and soul, and transcend you beyond religion, science and spirituality into the depths of your own Magnificent Consciousness; the timeless and sacred space of infinite potential.’

Barbara Franken

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A Journal kept during several years spent in the pursuit of personal growth and spirituality. The book contains both personal experiences and “messages from someone outside of myself” and will stimulate you to reflect upon and to gain insights into your own experiences.

Sharon Clark Rowlands

This book is one year of ‘postcards from the present moment’, an ongoing buddhist journal, comprising short entries, max 700 words and each with a picture. Each post takes the form of a postcard we might have received from a friend. An excerpt of human experience at that time. We share this world, we co-experience through sensory awareness – this is from ‘me’ to ‘yo


A guide to Ritual and Healing Practice to remind you of the importance of self love and nurturing AND how we can expand love and nurture others.

Kirsty E Green

Leigh Gaitskill Relating Heart to HeartImportant tips from many spiritual paths of how to deepen relationships and feel connected.

Leigh Gaitskill

 Inspirational poetry, scribed from Source that speaks to the heart and helps you deepen all relationship and feel connected.

Patricia Cegan

Helps you connect to your conscious personal brand, to find the one thing that you want to share in many ways.

Jacqui Malpass

Seeing the Whisper by Joseph Parent Poetry written from the spirit to the spirit. Wise words of mindfulness and soul searching that touch you deeply within.

Joseph Parent

 A book of ecstatic poems that reflect the reality of loves’s presence.

Michael Mark

A book that allows you to join the dots between Atlantis, the Pyramids, the Holy Grail mysteries. contact with Extraterrestrials, the loss of vital knowledge in the Dark Ages and the repression of the Divine Feminine. 

Alhana de la Torre

Aimee and Divine InspirationA book to inspire children to explore the magic that is all around them.

Diane Bourgeois

A book to help you add the numbers together and reveal your personalised wellness approach… It puts everything in a new light. 

Tricia Gunberg

Pathways to IlluminationA chronicle of a woman’s struggle with depression and anxiety after the end of an abusive relationship that gives hope to others of the light it unfolds.

Christy Birmingham

This book shares tools, practises, dreams and insights to inspire you to transform life’s challenges and live a life you love.

Georganne Spruce