The Art of Staying Joyful…

Staying Joyful

The scene above is not far away from my home in Benalmadena, it is one of my favourite places to stand for a while most mornings and feel into my innate love, joy and peace that flows through me, and recognise a glimpse of my vision of NewEarth. It’s simple, clean, ragged and colourful. It’s my life showing me IAM Here, I Exist and All Is Well! AND it inspires me to be fully joyful when I focus on my desire to experience my highest DivineHuman potential, which I know I bring in in each moment.

The beginning of this new year has been bitter sweet, I’ve either been fully enjoying myself with family and friends celebrating my birthday and love and life in general, or reminiscing on my old beautiful life with Tom… who I miss most deeply! IAM not particularly sad or angry, as I understand his timing for going home, I just miss our life we had together! I miss our in-depth talks about life and I miss our physical contact.

What has kept me moving forward is knowing why I chose to be here now; to be a new standard, a new energy pioneer who brings in great change. By birthing my own unity and harmony, I bring in a new experience of NewEarth into our physical realm. It is time now on Earth for the experience of Embodied Enlightenment, and IAM passionately driven to be one of the examples of conscious light beings changing the energy dynamics and physics here on Earth.

In this respect, there is no need to fear, or stay focused on the negative and unloving practices going on around the world. The bloodline families will carry on ruling the world without any care or love for Humanity, just as they have done for millennia. They will only stop when more and more of us dare feel the power and light within and stand up courageously, saying No More! I do not Consent! AND in the meantime, we focus on ourselves, anchored in our own joyful presence and follow our Divine intuition and knowingness as it navigates us through this time in all ease and grace.

It goes without saying, it is most essential that we each fully love and trust ourself implicitly, and allow our body, mind and spirit to feel our natural essence of joy. As it is the only way to ensure we bring about our grand dream of peace and harmony. Like attracts like!  If we become impatient and even give up our focus, sliding back into doubt and fear, which is all around us, we will only bring in more doubt and fear and our ultimate premature death.

Earth no longer supports anything but love, joy and peace, which you might argue against because of what we see around us, but what you are witnessing now is the last fight for true power and light. Love wins, love has won, never be mistaken!

The Practice of QuietMeTime

To make sure I stay in my joyful flow IAM very mindful throughout my day, practicing my conscious breath which allows me to remain present. I share weekly quietmetime on my YouTube Channel, for all to join… just to relax, rebalance and recharge. Just to ensure we all stay focused on our dream! You can enjoy my latest recording below. It is an inner journey within Your Magnificent Self to experience All That YOU Are.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel @BarbaraFrankenMC to receive notifications of my weekly live videos❤️🙏

Out and About Celebrating, and the Consequences

I’d like to share my christmas and birthday celebrations with you all. They began at our local Italian restaurant with Ann and Imani before I flew to the UK to spend a lovely quiet time with Mum. She’s so brave and wise, growing older gracefully. We celebrated her 88th birthday after Christmas and enjoyed more quiet time together for NewYear celebrations. I came home to Spain during the first weeks of January and continued celebrationing the NewYear in Malaga with friends and visited Marbella & Puerto Banus for a lunch date with myself! My first solo lunch without Tom. We’ve been coming here for years to service our car, now it was my time to do it alone! AND I did it, it was a strange feeling, but enjoyable!

After tending to a few home chores I flew to Tunisia, via France where my sister is moored for the winter months. She wanted to be with me for my birthday! It was so nice to spend time with Angie and Jon, time to get to know each other again and explore the town of Monastir. None of us knew what to expect here, you hear things, mostly people’s bad experiences or fearful scenarios! It’s near a war zone, people are poor… food is terrible… etc.

Well I can tell you, the area is beautiful, full of old culture and character, the people are friendly and the food is fresh and delicious… they’re hot chilly is to die for! Alcohol is a bit scarce and expensive but their clothes, crafts, food and amenities sure make up for it!

AND I loved the weather as it is very similar to Southern Spain. After a wonderful 10 days sharing so much together, it was time to fly back home and resume my life. I had booked a coach trip with our Mijas Social Club to Ronda, and I had our NewEarth Community monthly meet up to organise.

I suppose looking back, 2 weeks later, flying here and there, being on the go and late nights with others for the last 2 months… was all too much for me! I say this because my immune system feels compromised, leaving me feeling not so well! Most of you understand my thoughts about wellness, how it is up to ourself to slow down and relax, especially as Earth continues to be bombarded by solar electro-magnetic storms that have a job to upgrade and detox Earth and Humanity. The affects of the upgrade and detox can make us feel quite unwell if we are not in top form, giving us similar symptoms to the flu. Maybe the flu is telling us we are not in top form!?

There is nothing to be concerned about and with lots of rest, sleep and liquid we can flush out all the toxicity and resume our wellness. It is all part of our natural transformation… from darkness to light we come!

IAM going to leave you all now with a gallery of photos I took since my Christmas Celebrations began. Enjoy them and know all is well.

Until the next time, much love❤️

Celebration Photo’s

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Brad Volzreply
February 9, 2024 at 17:26

Thanks for continuing to hold the space for love and joy, modeling being rooted in your beingness Barbara. You’ve certainly been a busy bee, spreading your joy with family and friends. Wonderful pictures and reminders. 💖

Barbara Frankenreply
February 12, 2024 at 18:05
– In reply to: Brad Volz

Thankyou Brad for joining me on my journey of celebration and contemplation… IAM always learning more about my boundaries❤️ much love🥰

February 9, 2024 at 17:58

I can relate so much with you missing Tom. It’s palatable. Hugs. Lovely photos and I always tell people I should’ve been born in a tropical country instead of these cool and cold winters I experience. Eying Costa Rica at this point.

As for the old bloodlines they are being defeated incrementally. We have the older light workers who are showing their light and love. This is the vibration that will defeat the elite. Rome fell after 1500 ? Years of ruling. All empires have had their day as history have told us. Vi speak from experience is for lightworkers to raise their vibration of love as we can through healing our psychological issues which is poison in our lives and create a barrier to shine even more love. Yes, the old blood line will be defeated and then a world of peace will follow with all the ills they have created for humanity to damper our vibration of love which is our birthright.

Go in peace and shine your vibration of love incrementally as we do not need any new people. We are at a mass to tip the scales to separate the wheat (the good of humanity from the chaff (the elite) although those awakening adds to the vibration of love and awareness and become formidable allies.

Sending you love and comfort and always be the beautiful soul that you are. 💕 💕 💕

Barbara Frankenreply
February 12, 2024 at 18:11
– In reply to: thespiritkeeper

Costa Rica! For a holiday or to move to? They say it’s a really nice and simple place to live! So here’s to our continuing to hold the high vibe of love that is shaking the elite from their perch. Time for them to bow out quietly, but will they? Or maybe they will fall in love with love and join us for the next adventure. Thankyou Joseph for your kind words and loving presence that makes a great difference in our lives! Much love❤️

Mark Lanesburyreply
February 9, 2024 at 23:02

Haha, I could hear the energy in your voice Barbara. And when I saw your photo’s I was so glad of the change within you. Yes, those times can be so hard without Tom…but…you’ve opened beautifully. The best flower in the garden kind lady. You’re ok, and so much more sensitive to that beauty inside you. Take a bow kind lady, he is still with you, as is the love ❤️
And yes to your hearts direction, you are doing that true you inside that you have found. And glad of your holiday wanders, your daring to be open in exactly that way. Even your sensing to go to Monastir was right, regardless of what the world says. Your listening to your heart well.
Big hugs kind lady, so glad to touch that beauty found, and glad that you are sharing from its beauty and strength. Go with it my friend, a love now known 😀❤️🙏

Barbara Frankenreply
February 12, 2024 at 18:18
– In reply to: Mark Lanesbury

I feel sometimes like an innocent child exploring life anew… whatever I’m going through feels lighter and euphoric and I trust I will continue embracing life and all that is happening. Thankyou for your lovely words Mark, you know your encouragement inspires me to embrace life in all its magnificence! I hope you are well and your website will open up sooner rather than later?! At least last time I went it said… under maintenance 🧑‍🔧 ❤️ Sending you a big loving hug🥰

Mark Lanesburyreply
February 12, 2024 at 22:49

It is a whole new place within us Barbara, a very profound path as we touch everything inside and out in such a new way. Some days you think ‘where am I’, but as time goes by our new suits slowly fit better and what we have become because of it is opened so much more to that love within. Big hugs my friend, it is a hard path but through it a jewel is born. You are sparkling well.
Still a little sidetracked kind lady, my turn to find a part of me in this world too. Hopefully back online soon, I’ll fire up a post to let all know 😀❤️🙏

Share your love ... thank you x