There is Always a Reason to Celebrate…

In Honour of My King

A King is a rare breed of man indeed
a King has the courage to admit he wants you
a King doesn’t just say he loves you
he will show you with his actions
a King honours himself and his Queen
a King is abundant
giving you all his most precious resources
not only his money but his time and attention
a King makes you feel seen and valued
and will always be there
to protect and support you
a King faces his shadows and demons
honouring his Divinity
a King fearlessly speaks his truth
caring more about what he feels of himself
than the opinion of others
a King lives with integrity
telling you an ugly truth before a beautiful lie
a King follows through with actions to his words
living by example and leading with love
a King takes risks and isn’t afraid to fail
when he falls down he will get back up
a King provides for his Queen
not because he doesn’t view her as capable
but because he views her as precious
a King doesn’t seek to control you
as he values everyones freedom
a King lives life by his own rules
he is a sovereign man
recognising no authority other than his own
over himself
a King cannot be controlled or manipulated
or seeks to control or manipulate others
a King loves without condition
a King defends everyone
viewing everyone as equal
with respect and dignity
regardless of status, wealth or position
a King is a gentleman and embraces chivalry
a King doesn’t tell you to stop being so emotional
he will stand strong and unshaken
by your beautiful, wild, feminine chaos
a King holds a safe and sacred space
for you to fully express and explore
All That You Are
a King will communicate with you
openly and transparently
and expect you to do the same
a King is patient and forgiving
but will not tolerate disrespect
a King will admit when he is wrong
a King will take full responsibility and own his own
and will fearlessly (yet lovingly) call you out on yours
a King rather risks your temporary anger
than allow you to be less than the Queen
he knows you to be
a King will stand up for you
and is not afraid to stand up to you
a King knows how to touch you softly
and fiercely at the same time
a King is a master of his sexual energy
he doesn’t allow his animal desires to control him
and when appropriate he unleashes his passion
so deep to devour and ravish you
a King is a gifted lover who prioritises your pleasure
knowing when he fully satisfies you
he awakens a magical part of your feminine
who returns pleasure beyond imagination
a King will bring out the best in you
because he demands nothing
but the best from himself
a King will be your Divine mirror
allowing you both to grow in ways
neither of you can do alone
a King knows his worth
and will settle for nothing less
of his Queen

©I’ve tweaked these words from an unknown artist
to acknowledge & honour my King❤️🙏

There is always something to celebrate!

I came across the above words from an unknown artist… and knew instantly that Tommy was my King and I was his Queen. This allowed us over the years to become our very own Sovereign King and Queen and celebrate life everyday. It took me awhile to realise that it is this essential quality, of owning our own Sovereignty that is the key to unlock the entrance to NewEarth and live a harmonious and unified life.

AND what better way to begin today’s celebration, by honouring Tom’s original Earth birth-day! To honour my King.

As many of you know, his light continues to shine everywhere IAM, which has only reinforced my knowing of there being no separation between the Earthly and Heavenly realms. I have been inspired to paint a heavenly painting to honour him and this day, what would have been his 75th year. I see Tom is showing his wings, which tells me he is soaring high, enjoying his freedom and opening up to his highest potential of light.

This painting is a gift to us to hang in our bedroom and encourage me to dream sweet and sound.

A Profound Dream

Incoming energies have been awesomely full on lately! And I’ve been feeling the depths of despair and joy as I ride the light waves! For me the last few days have been fairly calm and I’ve felt more balanced. So much so, I could finish my heavenly painting above. This change happened after a wonderful dream I had.

A dream that woke me up! To allow me to feel a most vibrant explosion of golden threads of light from within the depth of my core. I was guided to hold the light with my hands, to play with it, raising my arms to paint into the dark air. The room was filled with beautiful creations… sparkles of crystalline light all around me. I felt the magic and knew, from now on I would sense this flow of Divine light. It is a new Divine sense that seems to seep in-between my 6 Human senses and wherever IAM, I can direct the power of Divine light with my hand or thought, to anything I focus upon.

Wow… how powerful are we! It’s so exciting! AND this is just the beginning.

A Message from an Earth Angel

Life seems to happen or not happen! Well, I want to mention another magical moment I had last week, when I was feeling very low! I received a phone call from a family friend that I hadn’t seen in many years. We used to be close when Tom and I spent a lot of time in America. I’d heard he had been in a car accident, and here he was ringing me from his hospital bed.

He spoke for about an hour about how grateful he was for my help and presence in his life, for my patience in playing and having fun with his child and teaching her to be creative and express exactly who she is!

He told me I was a gift and I can be proud of who IAM, and stand tall in my being. IAM to own the wonderful person IAM, and not allow anyone to bring me down.

I was so overwhelmed hearing all this, and it was truly what I needed to hear!

We talked for another hour about himself, about how lucky he is to be alive and how he feels to be on a high… without any medication that seemed to take care of the pain. His body is very broken, more surgery to have… but his mind or rather his spirit was leading his recovery now. Gone was the need to live in his old way. He was alive and he felt Divinity stepping in for great changes to happen.

This made me feel even more overwhelm, to know that he was reaching out to me at this crucial time for himself.

My mind has been a little too much focused on being without Tom this December time, remembering how we loved to celebrate our Birthdays, Christmas and New Year together. After this phone call, my focus changed as I know we still celebrate, only differently and IAM indeed creating magic around me!

So my dear friends, magic is happening, even when we cannot sense it. It’s a matter of remaining open to magic and embracing everything we do and feel and hold on to our vision of bringing in our highest Divine potential to experience right here, right now, all the delight on Earth!

Remember, Life is All About YOU

Each Wednesday afternoon I spend ½ hour quietmetime… just to consciously breathe, relax and rebalance my Body, Mind & Spirit.  It’s a practice I began many years ago, which has allowed me to go deeper into myself and hear the whispers of my Divinity. You can join me too… the more the merrier in shining our light!

Below is my last recording to listen to my musings, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel too.🙏

I’ll be back soon with more holiday cheer… until soon.

©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness & Multi-Dimensional Living


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December 16, 2023 at 11:34

It is a very powerful journey Barbara, with those souls so close to us. Teachers, adventurers, lovers, mirrors to it all. Big, big hugs kind lady. May this Christmas be full of the blessings a light that love is, he is, to ever light our path onward 😀❤️🙏🎄🎅

Barbara Frankenreply
December 16, 2023 at 12:04
– In reply to: Anonymous

Thankyou Mark for cheering me on today… yes, here’s to us all experiencing great Christmas joy💃🕺❤️🌈 much love x

December 16, 2023 at 12:29
– In reply to: Barbara Franken

My pleasure dear lady. And may it ever show that love to us all, in there is that answer we seek in our hearts. Have a beautiful Christmas my friend 😀❤️🙏🎄🎅

December 16, 2023 at 16:13

What a beautiful post Barbara. The verse about being your King speaks loudly to being an empowered male to bring out the best in himself and others. And I love your painting and the mystic timing of the call from your friend that reminded you of your divinity. May we love, celebrate, and uplift each other.

Barbara Frankenreply
December 16, 2023 at 16:58
– In reply to: Brad

Ah thanks Brad… such loving words I read from you… resonating with the Divine who is clearly showing itself to us all❤️ I appreciate so much your light and how you are embracing the fullness of yourself🥰 Here’s to more and more celebrations together❤️🌈 much love x

December 17, 2023 at 22:03

Barbara, such a beautifully profound post, filled with love and magic. I loved the verse on The King (it made me think of a certain king in my life too!} and your divinely inspired painting is perfect. What a special way to honour your infinite relationship with your true love. And then to hear from your old friend, an earthly angel, right when you needed it. Love it all my friend! May you continue to be guided, inspired and filled with love. Sending love and gratitude for your beautiful presence here. Have a peaceful and joyful Christmas Barbara. ❤️🙏🏻🎄 xx

Barbara Frankenreply
December 18, 2023 at 10:57
– In reply to: Miriam

So lovely to hear you sense your king in these sovereign words! Life sure is helping us move in all ease and grace now… because we’ve done the inner work! AND it can only get better! Unfortunately we can’t change the outside world, but we can shine our light ever brightly. Thanks for your love and wishes… here’s to wonderful
December Celebrations💃🕺❤️🌈 much love Miriam🥰

December 18, 2023 at 06:43

Wonderful vibes of King and Queens. May everyone has the experience to be one and the other. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Barbara Frankenreply
December 18, 2023 at 10:52
– In reply to: thespiritkeeper

Hello Joseph, yes, this is all about experiencing… ultimately our wholeness🤴👸 as the king and queen❤️ Thankyou for shining your light here🥰

Sue Dreamwalkerreply
December 21, 2023 at 17:54

Barbara, this is such a heartfelt beautiful post… And such a wonderful tribute to your King…. You are indeed a Queen my friend, and an inspiration to us all..
Life is all about ourselves… Learning, growing, with the Joys and sorrows which come hand in hand, some more deeply for some than others..
I wish you a very Joyful Christmas Holiday Season dear Barbara…. Sending you LOVE and Hugs from us all…. Bernard wishes you a Merry Christmas… and some purrs are sent via Biscuit 🙂
Lots of Love dear Barbara xx <3

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