Combine art and psychology to rewire your brain.

A big welcome and wave to you all reading this newsletter! Especially to new members who have recently joined us. We do hope you are all enjoying life, focusing on the brighter side of life… no matter the circumstances!

We’re sure you are all feeling the intense energies within your lives these days, experiencing time flying by, feeling the highs and lows of your emotions and are not always sure as to what you’re doing or where you are!

This is all part and parcel of ‘the great change’ happening now, as the old world built on fear and control loses its charm and paves the way for a new world to be born.

We are experiencing, on a collective and individual level exaggerated pains, fears and old programming of being powerless, unworthy and nonessential.

You could say we are being tested, for each to realise the truth of who we are. Human Beings, part Human and part Divine, who can best feel, embrace and understand the old pains, fears and untruths are here to be finally released. Literally freeing us up so we can refocus on our individual grand dream of living a life of celebration, harmony and freedom.

Everyone, with no exception is being guided to choose to focus either on being a victim or a creator. We can see this as we observe the world and our family and friends around us.

What are you choosing?

If your desire is to experience unity and harmony in all wellness and prosperity, you can no longer put yourself second and pretend you are not the Master and Creator of your life. You must choose to show up for yourself and walk towards your dream!

AND it is indeed what we are seeing happening in our recent meet-ups. The ones coming together are focusing on walking their talk and are open to inspire and support each other as we walk side by side on this rather lonely and arduous journey to freedom… to a new world.

Choosing to hold our meet-ups in each others homes, makes it much more intimate and just what we need right now. We are sharing sacred spaces for us to exchange our stories and passions to heal naturally and create most Divinely.

Our last meet-up and chat in October brought up the understanding and importance of forgiveness, not only in forgiving another but especially ourself! Before we can move on, we must recognise our responsibility for every situation and experience we have, and in accepting this, we can release our fears and pains… which we realise are all based on untruths believed for eons of time😩

I forgive myself for being naive, for feeling unworthy and needing recognition from others.

We have made our meet-up times a little later, to start from 4 until 7 o’clock. We do hope this is more convenient for you. If you are interested to join us, you are more than welcome, please ask Barbara by email or what app for the location each month. Just before each event we organise to travel together.

If you wish to open up your home to us and host one of our monthly meet-ups, please let it be known.

For our next meet-up, Thursday 30th November, our meet-up will be at Debbie’s home in Benalmadena. The theme is self-healing in the form of expressive art. Please let us know you’ll be coming and you will receive the location privately. See more information about this day below in this months Diary.

About Our NewEarth Community

NewEarth Community, Costa del Sol is a local international (English speaking) community, growing from the grassroots. Our focus is on embodying our Sovereignty and Powerful Divine Magnificence. We are likeminded friends who live or visit the Costa Del Sol and come together to inspire and support one another as we journey through this great time of change and transformation; as consciousness evolves and forges itself into a new natural balance of harmony and unity.

We welcome new friends from all walks of life, wanting everyone to feel included, needed, valued and appreciated for their unique difference, innate talent and passion to be the change that changes the world around us in a natural and holistic way.

During the monthly meet-ups we encourage each other to express and listen to our challenges and jubilations in a loving and non-judgemental way and share our beautiful creations, innate talents, natural therapies and Divine loving wisdom that promotes empowerment, natural wellness and the healing & balance of Mind, Body & Spirit.

Everyone, with no exception is feeling the strain of this great transformative time, as the old world of fear and lack collapses around us, releasing everything that no longer serves, to make space for Humanity to build NewEarth from within. A new society founded on love, joy and peace, created from within each heart after realising their Sovereign potential and power, and are ready to stand up and come together in all freedom, unity and harmony!

Join our WhatsApp Activity Group

We have created a NewEarth Community WhatsApp Activity Group for us all to connect with each other easier. A space to share our events and passions with each other. Please note, if you don’t like some things posted, please just scroll by.

If you would like to participate, please let Barbara know your telephone no. via 650796579 Thankyou.

Monthly Diary
November 2023

Thurs. 30th Nov 16.00 – 19.00 hrs
Host: Debbie Sheridan
Location: Benalmadena
(Please let us know by Email or WhatsApp, bottom of newsletter
that you’re coming and you’ll receive the location privately.)

Theme: Self-Healing with Neurographic Art
Combine art and psychology to rewire your brain. It has so many benefits for easing stress… anxiety, anger, addiction, chronic pain, grief and depression. Through the use of focused awareness you are able to channel any pain into something beautiful.”

We kindly ask for a €5 donation towards our costs Thankyou.

No meet-up in December

Dates for your 2024 Diary

25th January – Hosted by Janet Powell, Benalmadena
29th February – Hosted by Marie-France, Mijas Pueblo
28th March, 25th April, 30th May, 27th June, 26th Sept, 31st Oct, 28th Nov

Neurographic Art

Weekly Diary

Monday 11.00 – 12.30
Weekly Qi Gong with Nadar
Greek Columns in Paloma Park
Donation €5
Wednesday 17.00 – 17.30 hrs
Weekly Quiet Me Time Online with Barbara
SelfLove Talk & Breathing in our
NewEarthCommunity Facebook Group.
Replay available on her
YouTube Channel Barbara Franken
Friday 18.00 -19.00 hrs
Weekly Meditation in Mijas Pueblo
Carol 677336411 to receive location
Donation welcome
Sunday 11.00 – 12.00 hrs
Weekly Stand for Freedom, Coffee & Chat
Cafe Dolce Vita, Opposite Paloma Park
Wear something YELLOW

If your event mentioned above has changed or you would like your event adding, please email us the details and we’ll add it to our newsletter and website. Thankyou❤️

Sit for Freedom… Cafe Dolce Vita, Opposite Parque Paloma, Benalmadena

Come and join like minded friends who prioritise FREEDOM, every Sunday Morning 11- 12 for Coffee & Chat at Cafe Dolce Vita, Opposite Paloma Park.

Remember Benalmadena’s Organic Market is on in the Feria ground behind Paloma Park every 1st and 3rd Sunday from 9.00 – 14.00 hrs. We support local fresh organic produce!

Contact NewEarth Community



Love Barbara & Friends

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November 23, 2023 at 13:14

How wonderful to be part of such a like minded tribe, meeting in person and sharing beautiful energies and intentions. I guess our on line WP connections are also part of this growing collective of light energy. Much love and warmest wishes to you Barbara. Keep inspiring. 🙏🏻❤️

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