What is it to Awaken or Ascend…

What is it to Awaken or Ascend…

What does it mean to Awaken or Ascend? I had read and heard about these words… Awakening and Ascension. They felt somehow magical! and were calling me to explore and discover what they meant for me. There were many explanations but I knew only the truth would be found in my own experience.

It’s as if these words were responsible for my choice to journey on a new path of discovery and experience for myself the unknown. These words resonated with me, they seemed to connect with an inner feeling, an urge to explore anew!

I have always followed my inner stirrings and I can tell you they took me on a most beautiful and magical journey! A journey discovering my freedom and passion. One of which is to write, blog and talk about my new experience beyond everything known!

I was inspired to write and publish my own true story: Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom and MasterCreator Class. Both will inspire you to connect with your own guidance and magical Divine power and incarnate love and live life as a celebration. The MasterCreator Class is a practical and creative guide, and safe space for you to open up and experience your own Awakening or Ascension journey in all ease and grace. It’s available online and locally on the Costa del Sol, Spain.

It was my blogging that brought me into contact with Divine friends on WordPress and locally on the Costa del Sol in Spain, who were also on this new path of discovering more about ourselves and life!

Over the years we have collaborated our writings together, publishing a series of our True Awakening Experiences. Sharing our inner most feelings, to not only record our journey but to share with others who may stumble upon this yearning for more, this inner urge to discover more of who they are and what life is all about.

I thought I’d copy in some quotes from us all, words of loving wisdom and dowsed in magic that describe a little of our experience Awakening and Ascension. Just to give you a feel and a drop of the magic we discovered on our journey! And who knows, maybe in your missing something in your life, this connects you with your own inner urge to discover more.

Believe me, there is magic and freedom only a breathe away, you just have to choose to follow your own guidance and explore anew. I have pasted our full stories below if you feel to download and read them. Enjoy.


To Awaken is to Feel and Know…

Without the discovery of love, you can only talk small, judge and compare another

It is your choice to journey into the depths of the divine

Being the light, no darkness can penetrate you

IAM GOD too… You are GOD too

No more sleeping, but living your truth

I feel, I exist

I choose the games I play in life’s theatre

Awakening to the feeling of pure joy and oneness of life that IAM connected to

To experience life in the fullest sense is to trust self

Living in Freedom Now

Love of Self is at the core of ALL

Feeling the humor, the sadness, the pain and the joy

I feel the wisdom, acceptance and love that I gain through my experience

IAM coming into my own crystalline structure of awakened light

I have my own answers and signs that lead to the truth, my truth

IAM a vital piece of a giant jigsaw

Being, Allowing, Loving and Living in balance with ALL

I recall pure bliss when I was in love, such an expansion of the heart with nature, and the universe.
That exist within me and should be accessible at anytime, but is it?

To be awake, to be conscious, to be aware of what I truly feel

Awakening to what I feel to be true

Awakening to get myself untangled from the matrix web of ‘this is how it should be’ to a feeling of freedom

Beingness disappears when I allow doubt to creep in

Allowing myself to expand consciousness and raise my vibration to be a great representative of IAM… LOVE

The physical self shattered to feel the ooze and soothing force of an underlying calm beingness

You can awaken in a quantum leap now… if you so choose

Awakening is a natural cycle, similar to that of the butterfly

Once you are awake you can allow self to ascend, to be enlightened and walk tall as an embodied master

A healing journey is to love self

Let’s not allow words to separate you and take away your beingness and peaceful existence

Releasing all the walls of protection that you have built up from such a young age

Heal at your own pace, but persevere

Awakening is simply waking up

You are taking quantum leaps of faith to a new way of living in freedom, in love

From blindly following old conditioned patterns of others to following how you feel in each moment

To sing out loud, IAM free… IAM love… la…la…la

Keep living until you feel alive

Emerging from a state of deep sleep

Allowing self to expand consciousness

Consciously living in the world being YOU

Aligning our mind, heart and soul and opening self to love

©Divine Friends of WordPress❤️



True Awakening Experiences Part I ©2014
True Awakening Experiences… Part II ©2016
True Awakening Experiences… Part III ©2018
Thankyou my Divine friends, you know who you are… for shining your light and journeying with me, to this day❤️ 

©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness & Multi-Dimensional Living

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It is in this loving space, I discover my Divine and ALL LOVING self. Allowing myself to integrate together as one Body Consciousness… a DivineHumanBeing… and Magnificent Master Creator who expresses and creates heart and soul passion on the physical plane and beyond..

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August 25, 2023 at 11:50

What a beautiful collage of words and musings on awakening and ascending. It’s like a flow state of creation when we finally realise this reality is of our own making and that we all have the power to co-create it. Thank you for reminding us, always, dear Barbara, that we are divine and we are magnificent. Sending you much love. xx ❤️

Barbara Frankenreply
August 25, 2023 at 12:18
– In reply to: Miriam

I felt inspired to write, bringing up important writings we have already done! AND what better way to start than feeling the first stirrings of our inner self trying to communicate with us! Thankyou for your loving words and for being your own divine and magnificent self Miriam. We are all daring to do this… stepping away from everything known🤩🌈🕺💃 much love x

Mark Lanesburyreply
August 25, 2023 at 13:00

You are doing both well Barbara, those journeys take us very deeply within so that we can understand a little more each time. Those times where we see something that touches us profoundly, and forever change us in doing so. Even those synchronistic moments make us sit back a little because we can feel them touching us in a way that moves us, wants us to see a bit more in where we are. And deep in the middle of those moments where our hearts are being torn, it asks us to feel, truly feel so that as we begin to go through them that sense of change within us, an understanding in what we have experienced so that we can see. And as those difficult times change us, it builds that empathy, compassion and love that is that change within. Take a bow my friend, it has been something very hard but you are breathing more peacefully, giving from a more profound place and beginning to share that love found for you. Thank you for sharing it now 😀❤️🙏

Barbara Frankenreply
August 25, 2023 at 15:54
– In reply to: Mark Lanesbury

Mark you always say the most profound words to your friends here, it feels wonderful to know we are here for each other. Thankyou for your encouragement on this great journey we’ve chosen! There is no looking back, only knowing we must walk forward in all our Sovereignty. Wishing you a great weekend, much love x

August 25, 2023 at 16:20

I’m not going to comment on your post of love but today I am letting your feel the vibration of love I have for you and only that love today.

Barbara Frankenreply
August 25, 2023 at 19:25
– In reply to: thespiritkeeper

My post today has certainly brought an avalanche of loving vibes… I’ve been feeling great all day. Thankyou Joseph for your love, which I reciprocate to you. May the love we are keep us all safe and smiling in this world as it goes through this great change❤️ much love Joseph💃🌈❤️

September 25, 2023 at 00:44

I love that you share your journey for fellow travelers so generously.

Barbara Frankenreply
September 25, 2023 at 12:41
– In reply to: candidkay

Thankyou Kristine❤️ Writing has always helped me make sense of my life and knowing I have divine friends here to journey with me is such a blessing. Much love to you❤️

Share your love ... thank you x