Saying Goodbye to Bad Behaviour…

Celebration Mode is ON

I know IAM one of the many blessed people to have such a wonderful life! To have walked by the side of my love for so long AND this doesn’t mean that life has always smelled of roses… we’ve had, and continue to have bouts of smelling the manure. We embrace it all as part of the Human cycle of dual experience. We get into it and get out of it together.

35 years ago, (26th May 2023) we had our first date and I continue to celebrate our togetherness, which has taken on quite a different turn. But I know now, death is a mere transition, a movement of consciousness. Love that doesn’t disappear, only takes on a new form, expanding deeper within you… for you to sense a new kind, a bigger kind of loving oneness. Quite beyond words.

Today my love we celebrate together.

Ascension Effects

The week before last, after returning from a stay with my Mum and a quick trip down to Cadiz and Tarifa (beautiful towns to explore in Spain) with some friends, I was laid up in bed for a few days with a spinning head and unbalanced body! Talk about nausea and not feeling grounded! I also felt very alone and needy.

I listened to my body and after a few days on my own and in nature I began to feel better… in fact I realised lots had changed within me. I felt different and actually wondered where Barbara was! The Barbara who was missing her love and who didn’t like being on her own. The emptiness and dread I’ve felt within when I thought about my love and our life, seemed to have diminished. Instead I felt it was ok that Tom was no longer here in the physical… because I could feel his strong presence within and around me and I knew he had graduated his Earthly life and returned back home to his wholeness.

He had returned to All That Is (Consciousness) which IAM very much part of. If I can put this feeling into words, it’s as if he fully jumped into me and I feel his familiar wisdom and compassion flowing through me like it was the most natural thing in the world to feel. It wasn’t and isn’t a fleeting moment, I feel a bigger re-union is taking place within.

Now, the ones who recognise themselves as Divine and Sovereign Consciousness, you know how we keep expanding or growing in wisdom and compassion as we receive more and more light.

The strong sunlight from our solar sun, influenced from the galactic sun and nearby stars, influences in turn Earth and Humanity. The strong solar flares, eruptions of magnetism act as a deep cleansing. Shaking up and releasing all our darkness. Altering and updating our biology, allowing the Human to fully reconnect and embody the Divine, raising our vibration like never before.

Humanity is in the midst of a great Evolution of Consciousness! AND this natural process of release which we are all experiencing, I call an Ascension effect.

Releasing Aspects that no longer Serve You

It was Tom’s presence that helped me recognise and release a deeply embedded aspect, allowing me to come into a new balance of happiness! In my quiet me time I listened to her story.

Let’s call this familiar aspect Ms Miserable! Over the years I’ve become very close to her and I actually thought she was ok and integrated now. Well, obviously remnants of her were laying within my depths, waiting for my attention to hear the end of her story!

Similar to many others, she was bullied and taken advantage of when she was small. Others didn’t like this bright happy child! So what she decided to do was squeeze all her natural happiness out of herself and shut her bright, happy bubbleness away in a tight jar. She became numb and aloof, just how others liked her to be, to seriously fit in and tow the line.

She understood she could rely on others for many things. They would make her happy, they would make her laugh and they would make life seem bright!

Now of course over the years, I’ve been focusing on my own flowing happiness, but sometimes it’s rather short lived! I might of known there was something more I needed to do!

So what AM I doing, you may ask? I didn’t behave unkind often, but when I did, Tom would call me a bitch to obviously let me know I was being unnecessarily unkind to him. It never registered that I was behaving badly though! I truly thought it was ok for me to say my piece. AND now… I clearly heard again… You’re being a bitch Barbara!

I know there is no excuse, but in my missing Tom I found it hard to be on my own, to rely on myself and be happy in my own right… and have sought attention from others at times. Someone to care and be there for me sometimes. AND when I felt I didn’t receive this attention, I would step into my old victim mode and take on the bully role!

Oh my goodness! It made me feel terrible and I want nothing more than to apologise to anyone who may have felt my unkindness. It is time to say good riddance once and for all to this uncompassionate part of me. It’s an old bad behaviour that I want to move on without.

I know the only way to release her, now I had fully realised and owned this repetitive behaviour, was to love and forgive her. To reassure her that, no matter what my situation is… IAM here and IAM whole. I can give attention to myself, be happy in my own right and allow my happiness to overflow for others around me to feel.

It is time for us both to move fully into celebration mode.

I imagine this part of me, the juice of my innate happiness held tightly in a jar… being opened and released. I imagine this flow of love, joy and peace flowing into every part of me. It flows deep within me, into all the roots of my subconscious where all my programming and patterns may still reside. I feel Ms Miserable being embraced, loved unconditionally and IAM grateful for all the experience she has given me… but no more! It is time for this part of me to surrender to my Divine love and move forward in all compassion.

It took a few sittings of breathing and embracing, for me to feel ok about it all, to feel the warmth and surrender of the Human to my Divinity. I know IAM going to be just fine and of course all is forgiven. Of course I must remain alert and aware for a while, just in case she wants to play again with old roles.

Please let me know if it happens again.

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May 29, 2023 at 19:22

I am so glad you found a way to “come into a new balance of happiness!” Bless you, Barbara! Your posts always remind me to be all the more patient with and grateful for my hubby of 62 years. Both in our 80s and able to travel (even if it gets harder every year)… we just keep plugging along with the Holy Spirit as a sure and faithful guide.

Barbara Frankenreply
June 10, 2023 at 08:32
– In reply to: JanBeek

Thankyou Jan for your blessing and loving encouragement on my journey to balance. Much love x

May 29, 2023 at 23:57

Such a vulnerable and heart opening post dear Barbara. I actually had goosebumps through reading it and so much of it resonated and reminded me of myself, my own past hurts and inner bitch. Yes, none of us are perfect and you’re reminded me to be a bit kinder and more patient, not only with myself but with my hubby who I feel sometimes doesn’t get me. Yet we’re both so blessed. Thank you my friend for continuing to shine your truth and light, inspiring us along the way. Sending you lots of love. ❤️

Barbara Frankenreply
June 10, 2023 at 08:47
– In reply to: Miriam

Dear Miriam… Thankyou for resonating with my vulnerable journey. Love your ‘inner bitch’, it seems to make it all ok somehow! AND it is! Forgiving ourselves for all our experience is part of our growing I know for sure. Allowing us to shine brighter and clearer. This deeper insight of the survival of my inner bitch obviously brought me to a level to forgive others too! AND in this forgiveness it enabled me to spend the last few days sailing in the Mediterranean with my sister. I so appreciate your friendship here and loving words Miriam. Sending you much love x

Mark Lanesburyreply
May 30, 2023 at 04:08

It is a powerful journey Barbara, to see us in that way so that those ‘conditions’ we place on our hearts will teach us ‘unconditional’ love. And yes they are hard or we wouldn’t appreciate what we have understood. All our emotions have an opposite so that we can understand…to experience sadness gives us that ability to appreciate happiness then when it comes along. And this lifetime of our fears is truly giving us a very powerful experience indeed, but on that day we finally understand those fears…then we will understand unconditional love in that same moment. We will see that we avoided our fears because of its pain but in doing so kept those ‘conditions’ for our love tightly bound to us. Find our fear and understand it, and that binding releases it all so that we can truly see us and know a love that only that understanding and openness can give. It is so beautifully designed dear lady, and as much as it leaves many scars in daring us to see ourselves, it also gives us that gift of unconditional love. And when you look back, and as many have told me, myself included, it is so worth each and every step we take in it all ❤️🙏

Barbara Frankenreply
June 10, 2023 at 08:54
– In reply to: Mark Lanesbury

Thankyou Mark for your caring and loving words! You know it makes my journey that much do-able when I know my friends and family are clapping me from the side lines. Although this journey we have all chosen has to be done alone, we can help each other, just by our loving presence… Slowly slowly, my depths of fear are rising and unravelling and IAM sensing more and more unconditional love to be… for myself and everyone. IAM that IAM… it’s all ok… I can do this! Blessings to you dear Mark, much love x

June 10, 2023 at 11:52
– In reply to: Barbara Franken

You got this dear lady, and I too am clapping from the sidelines 😀❤️🙏

May 30, 2023 at 23:08

Welcome to the change within. For me I am able to see the love inside of me. I thought a while back it was only inside of me but in fact it is everywhere. In a rock, a blade of grass etc. The difference back then was I only felt that love within. Having gone through a metamorphosis as of late i know now that the love is everywhere and vibrates everywhere. I also know from experience with my circumstance having loss my partner that grief was a gift to me and today it made me realize that love is our birthright. I now feel love going from within outwardly to everyone and everything. I am able to vibrate myself higher to feel love everywhere. It is a great feeling and one of wholeness. So, yes there is wholeness on the earth as well. Much love. Hugs. <3

Barbara Frankenreply
June 10, 2023 at 09:02
– In reply to: thespiritkeeper

Thankyou Joseph for your special loving words, especially for sharing your own journey of love. It is one thing to know intellectually love is everywhere, but to truly sense it is indeed a blessing and where our gift of love is guiding us… back home. Back home from the point of view of embodied realisation or enlightenment. We don’t need to die to feel our Sovereign Oneness. AND IAM catching up with you Joseph… 🤣😂 slowly slowly, now IAM allowing myself to just be and simmer in my own love. Much love to you❤️

June 11, 2023 at 05:01
– In reply to: Barbara Franken

It’s your journey of love and for me I saw the love that sorrowchadctobogfer albeit not when I was stung from the death of my partner. My new vocation is of a healer. I did my maiden voyage if healingcwith thiscwomanvwhovtookc3 house and 20 minutes. It was difficult standing in one spot for that long. I did give her accurate messages prior to her healing and told her her mother was taking part in the healing. It was special for her as it was the same day her mother passed. More tovthe story but this is a snippet ofvthe healing.

June 10, 2023 at 11:03

You will get there. SpirituallyvIvam withbyoubasvRamvDass stated, ” We are walking each other home.” Hugs

Share your love ... thank you x