November 29 REBLOGATHON… Are YOU Listening

I’ve never been one to discuss in-depth details of my life. This is because I appreciate getting to the point, as there is only so much time everyone has to listen, read or be with you, and surely the nitty gritty details are for you to digest and ponder on yourself!

I say this because I feel my blogging everyday this November may have crossed some boundaries! But I feel I needed it. I needed to share some deep daily musings as it helps me organise my thoughts and life at the moment. AND sometimes you just need to be around others who will listen, who will share your space and love you unconditionally.

This brings me to think that others need this too sometimes, to share their detailed stories and space. I suppose like everything else it’s about being conscious about what you are doing! About being honest with yourself, your family and friends by saying, I need you to be here for me, to listen more to me for a while! It helps me get through this time.

However, IAM sure like myself, you have been in the position when all you do is listen and listen to someone else. You nod your head a lot, and get excited when you hear a pause and they ask how are you doing? But before you can open your mouth, they find another story to tell you!

It’s very tiring and if this happens too often, you start finding excuses not to see them!

Becoming conscious of your words and actions is all part of the Human experience. It becomes essential you change your way when you realise you don’t like something others do to you. Even though you are the centre of our universe, it is always important to honour another and treat them like you wish to be treated.

IAM grateful to have learned quite early on my Awakening and Ascension journey, to feel the energy around you when you are with another. With practice, you can learn to feel when energy moves or jumps from one person to the next. It is a Divine sign it’s time to wind down and give someone else a turn.

Learning to feel energy around you also helps you recognise your own energy movements within. It helps quieten the busy mind and allows you to listen to your Divine inner voice telling you, you are loved, you are magnificent and perfect just as you are.

So with only one more day to go after today on this blogging challenge, I would like to thank you all for being here, for sharing this space with me. You have helped me raise my vibration immensely, which has made it possible for me to feel lighter and brighter and be able to communicate clearer with my love.

Now after writing all this, let’s see which post wants to be seen today. In the Eye of the Storm came up to remind us all to stay anchored within ourselves, away from all the distraction… which in-depth stories can be too! We need to be conscious of our musings and be grateful for the times others listen to us unconditionally.

Enjoy this read and I’ll see you tomorrow for the grand final of this November REBLOGATHON Celebration.


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Writing to Freedomreply
November 29, 2022 at 16:31

Listening is a key skill. I appreciate your passion Barbara and I hope you and others don’t repeat the reblogathon or anything that publishes daily. It was too much, at least for me. Hugs..

Barbara Frankenreply
November 29, 2022 at 20:15
– In reply to: Writing to Freedom

You made me giggle Brad! I must of been feeling your vibes, cause I know you like to be there supporting your friends, but I hear you murmuring… give me a break🤣😂 My world wouldn’t be the same without you Brad, we all brought ourselves together here❤️
Sending love and see you tomorrow🙏🎶🌈😁

Mark Lanesburyreply
November 29, 2022 at 22:44

Dear lady, you are in great pain and your heart is reaching out. Something we all do. But, it can be threatening to others simply because they don’t know how to respond or are themselves in a tough place and don’t feel they can give you that love because they too are drained from their journey. Or you touch ‘their’ fears and they respond accordingly. And whatever path you take will attract what you need to see within yourself. Yes, now you need that comfort and the responses are difficult to understand. In my early days of healing my wanting to be accepted and not rejected (my fear towards my father), hinged on their responses, and not from a true unconditional place. It used to drain me, often. But once I understood how bound my healing was, how bound my love was, by my fears…I went looking to find why. And once I found it and broke the wall I had bound it in…I was finally free of those hand cuffs, in heart and mind. Now anything in my healing is just filtered through my heart, not my fear. And the more unconditional I become because of that, the easier it is to give from that place. It is a hard journey Barbara, but it is slowly healing you…and trust me, what is awaiting through that cannot even be expressed in words, they don’t come close. But you WILL look back and be glad of it all, each and every step…even the ones that rejected you, if not more so. Because they are the one’s that truly showed you, and your heart, the way forward ❤️🙏🏽

Share your love ... thank you x