November 13 REBLOGATHON… Forgiveness

This Sunday IAM spending time with myself in the silence of our home in paradise! I find myself reflecting on everything that has happened to me this year. Mainly about the separation I feel from my dear love and our family.

Without going into details I find myself these past few months in an awful karma conflict! I say karma because conflict is normally about learning or remembering lessons about fear and love. IAM accused of doing something wrong and untruths are being told about me.

It is terrible to hear how young vulnerable children are told untruths, who usually believe whatever they’re told, and mature grownups, who are supposed to be spiritual and all loving, believe the untruths too.

What does this say about me and my past life! My heart aches and feel very sad about it all. But what to do? I don’t have to defend myself surely!?

I will not be part of any conflict! So I accept it, it is what it is and I can forgive myself and the others for this situation I find myself in. I continue to send love, focus more on loving myself and move beyond it.

However, to step out from this situation, I feel I need to understand my part in this. What am I reflecting in this separation, other than allowing me to fully face my fear of being alone and managing my life! Thankfully I am discovering it’s not so bad being alone. IAM rediscovering IAM strong, wise, brave and resilient, just like when I first left my home at 17.

IAM attracting many loving and wise people around me, to help me organise everything official that needs to be taken care of upon a death and unofficially looking after me on this new adventure.

Dealing with all the bureaucracy is a very slow and tiring process, but it is flowing and I can see the light at the end of the dark tunnel I have sensed this year.

I know it’s far too easy to remain stuck in a cycle of victimhood, of poor me. Oh how unfair this is, IAM not a bad person! This doesn’t serve me. It only guarantees deep depression and illness, and IAM sure this is not what the attacker intends. It is more an unconscious move, pointing the finger away from taking responsibility and honouring another.

So I ponder, inspired to look deeper into this karma game and wonder if my musings are correct! Of course they are for me! But for the other?

Karma is about serving both parties of a conflict; the drama being more about helping the attacker figure out true love, and the attacked person receiving a chance to lovingly serve them and remember their deeper aspect of maturity, wisdom, compassion and forgiveness.

I will ponder on this further… but if anyone has any feelings and insights for me, please comment away!

Of course looking back in my archives today, I came across the post I’ve linked below from 2018 about Forgiveness! I really resonated with it, particularly Adamus’s four S’s to help forgive and have compassion for yourself. So I will be reading this again in more depth and will let you know if any new insights come up.

In order to be truly free, it is important to forgive yourself, but not in the old way of saying you’re sorry, making yourself suffer or carrying the baggage of karma around and staying in the human game of duality.

True forgiveness is saying that wasn’t me, that was an old programmed and hypnotised me experiencing Human expression.  IAM the IAM presence. Me, My Magnificent Self, that is responsible, compassionate and honours self and everyone else.

Adamus’s four S’s… to help forgive/have compassion for your true self…

To forgive myself for my separation… I believed I was lost and alone, but I know now I only chose another path for a while and have now discovered all of me.

To forgive myself for my sin… destiny… karma… I believed I was a sinner and I believed in destiny and karma, but I know now it is not true. I know now that bad things feel bad and therefore I don’t do bad things anymore.

To forgive myself for my selfishness… I believed others when they told me it was bad to be selfish and to only focus on myself. But I now take bad out of selfish and allow it to be joyous… I know now that it is good to be self focused, loving, abundant and self sufficient. I allow myself to be a new standard to be truly myself, radiating my IAM presence, allowing my light to shine without the overlays of the good and the bad. To be self-full, self aware and release all the old negative energy.

To forgive myself for being stupid… I married the wrong man, said the wrong thing, shouldn’t of done that… stupid stupid stupid… but that was just how I chose to experience myself, it was all part of my Human expression not my IAM presence. It’s not about being smart, earning merits from others or perfecting the Human being. I know the Human could never figure it all out and all the teachings about becoming better, wiser… are all nonsense.  As the IAM presence I can appoint myself as enlightened master and release all my stupidity. And so it is.

You can read the full post here below.


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I wish you all a wonderful day! A thoughtful day, being clear of your wishes and what you are attracting in your life! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for another celebration of some kind here at Me, My Magnificent Self being our Magnificent Selves.

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Writing to Freedomreply
November 13, 2022 at 21:56

Kudos for taking the high road to love and forgiveness Barbara. ❣️

Mark Lanesburyreply
November 13, 2022 at 23:17

You said it all Barbara in… ‘allowing me to fully face my fear of being alone and managing my life!’. It is amazing how these things come up in the middle of trying to cope with a great pain…but it is because of that regrowth and new way of being that these things come up so that they can be seen for what they are…a new way that you are becoming so that you can ‘let go’ those things that no longer serve (even if it has only just occurred), and become what you want. To create instead of reacting. See within the ‘other’ that they are projecting themselves but it is how you react to where your understanding needs to go. And you said it is facing that loneliness, and this is why we ‘put up with’ many things. Step beyond it, ignore them. Let those you love know your intention and step away. If they disappear, that is their choice. If you disappear, that is your choice. Both put you where you need to go, to gain strength in facing your fear and more loving inside because you have indeed done just that. I know it is always much more complicated than what I said, but its truth is always that love we give ourselves. Not selfishly, but a knowing that we go through the one thing that this whole journey provides, to understand our hearts, see us for who we truly are…by building those three amigo’s by going through so much…empathy, compassion and love. And to find them we must find us. Big hugs dear lady, may that love hold you stronger and more loving in all you do, each step a miracle in itself ❤️🙏🏽

November 14, 2022 at 20:50

Great message on forgiveness! Thank you.

Share your love ... thank you x