November 5 REBLOGATHON… Integration

Welcome to Day 5 of my Reblogathon. It’s another great day here in Europe, joy sparkles in the air and it feels peaceful. At least this will continue until the noise box goes on or I go into town and mix with others. IAM quite sensitive and always feel how the dull energy hangs around people and in the air like clouds blocking all the light out!

I stopped listening to the breakfast news as much. It was one of those noises first thing each morning, as Tom stood up and switched on the tv to catch up on what was happening in the world. He loved keeping up to date with all the news, politics and sports worldwide! He was very aware as to how the world was changing, and how it was quickly disappearing… AND loved to see it all happening!

IAM not so bothered! I already know what’s going to be reported, and still don’t pay much attention to it all. News about more deaths, more bombs, more killings, more price increases, more restrictions, more squeeze!

We both understand why so many people walk with heads held low and worry about how to make ends meet and survive in this rat race we have created for ourselves. The future does seem very dull and hard indeed.

BUT, knowing what we know about manifesting our dreams… we remain optimistic and grateful for our simple, yet abundant life we created for ourselves, which I, we continue to enjoy on our little slice of paradise in Southern Spain.

Anyway, I hope this post finds you optimistic and a little joyful and well! I’ve already been over to my archives to look at which post spoke to me today, to inspire me to write on this 5th Reblogathon Day.

Will the Integration of my Body, Mind & Spirit ever END?

This was a question I was asking myself back in 2016 after life gave Tom and myself some more punches and wrote this poem below, which seems applicable today.

Feeling used, abused and tossed away
Bullied, torn and worn
What is LIFE all about?
‘Cause I thought we were doing our best
AND following ALL the rules…

We stand tall, express well?
Enjoy the life we perceive
The miracle and magic intertwined
Throughout All creation
Connecting everything together…

Yet the cold winds continue to whirl around us
People acting out and pointing fingers
Are we not wanted and rejected?
Shall we close our hearts and react?
Or shall we follow an inner knowing…

A passion within that steers us to BREATHE
Consciously in everything we are
To trust and allow ourself to follow
The goodness of our own hearts and souls
Feeling safe in the magnificent world around…

Where did we go wrong?
What did we misunderstand?
All we wanted was to feel the love and joy
Be with others, have fun
Dancing, playing and singing together…

YES, we can be direct and serious?
Aren’t we just being open, honest
AND honouring our own feelings
Isn’t that how we are meant to be?
Surely others feel our compassionate hearts…

Only NOW, many years gone by
Do we realise the game we all continue to play
A big distraction, to keep us away
From the POWER within, our natural state of being
An abundant flow of LOVE and JOY..

If we’re lucky, we will pick up a book
Bump into a person who inspires us
Become AWARE of our individual truth
AND rise above our dense physical reality
To a space where we perceive NEW potential…

I know now everyone plays the best roles we can
There is no fault, no blame, no judgement
It’s about experiencing, discovering what we love and desire
AND realising IAM Magnificent, infinitely powerful
Because IAM a reflection of YOU…

©Barbara Franken 2016

Life will keep spiralling back to you, bringing you back to the punches. Asking you to look at them again and again until you are OK with them. Until you see the reflection as something to digest and bring you back to your Authentic Self.

To Your magnificent Self who allows it all; who accepts it all as part of your Awakening and Ascension Journey. You have no more resistance and are securely anchored in your being Sovereign and Grand and look optimistically forward to bringing in new grand and sensational experience.

I use the word Integration to explain the natural process that is transforming Human Consciousness. New energies coming in, which naturally help the Body and Mind merge or reunite with Spirit or the Divine.

It is a process of updating and detoxifying your Human biology, shaking up your very make up, for you to be able to release everything that no longer serves. Old beliefs and conditioning are being erased, which support your fears and suffering, to make room for new experience to support your desire to be happy and well.

It is important to understand that this process of change will keep spiralling back into your life for as long as it takes you to drop all your fears and suffering. Or for as long as your Body and Mind can hold out!

It is in your Sovereign Power to choose to be aware and observe yourself in life, and change your perception from being the victim of life to being the creator of life. It is always up to you when the punches end!

I know it’s very hard to believe that life supports everyone. In serving the unconscious victim and the conscious creator. It really is up to you to shift or change your perception and see the bright side of life, rather than the dull side of life!


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I wish you all a wonderful day and see you tomorrow for another celebration here at Me, My Magnificent Self being Your Magnificent Self.

©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & Master Creator
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November 5, 2022 at 18:21

Wow! If that was 2016 – before the pandemic – multiply those feelings x100 as people were sequestered, sick, lonely, and dying!! My Bob is related to your Tom: loves hearing reading knowing the daily news. I’m related to you! Why fill my consciousness with all the gloom & doom when the hope of tomorrow lives in the joy of today? Celebrate my magnificent self! Reach out with prayers and compassion to my loved ones. Be the change I want to see in the world. Bless you Barbara. I’m a day behind on the Reblogathon. Need to go find a 2014 to post!

November 5, 2022 at 21:33

Another great blog post Barbara which relates so well to life today. I think the best thing Doug and I did when we went on the road was leave the television behind. Sometimes we had no clue whatsoever what was happening in the world, leaving us free to create our own daily reality, with no outside influences. Even now we’re back and more aware, we both see the illusion. Great post, profound words and yes, it’s always our choice. Much love to you my friend. 🙏

Mark Lanesburyreply
November 5, 2022 at 22:30

Very relevant to this time dear lady, we will all be shown so much in such a short time…but it will be the making of us. They can throw so much at us, not knowing that they are in fact helping us to grow, in heart and mind. Big hug dear lady, poke your tongue out at them and know in your heart you are creating something wonderful 😀❤️🙏🏽

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