November 4 REBLOGATHON… Feeling the Joy

My latest Facebook live appearance November 2022

Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening to all my friends around the world. Greetings from Europe and this sacred loving space I hold for myself and all my friends and family.

Welcome to Day 4 of my REBLOGATHON. A 30 Day Celebration of Me, My Magnificent Self and everyone who resonates with this exciting time, having the opportunity to live joyfully as our most Magnificent Selves❤️

Feeling the JOY AND Being the Change YOU Want to See in the World…

I continue to feel the JOY in the air as I wake up and throughout the day! So I wanted to share with you today my latest video, titled Do YOU Feel the Joy In the Air? AND for some unknown reason it seems appropriate to share my first live video here too. So please wait a moment while I take a step back in time and look through my archives.

Instead of diving into my blog archives I was guided to go straight to my YouTube channel to find and bring my video here. IAM not sure if I would have included it in a blog post back then, as it was all a new experience. Looking back at this video I made 5 years ago… 😂🤣I was so innocent venturing out into my public expression!

My first live talk was quite an emotional experience as I felt the strong presence of my Divine Self with me! Quite similar to my Divine inspiration whilst writing, IAM always Divinely inspired when speaking live.

My Divine Self has always driven me to fully embody All of Myself, to trust my own connection to source, to love and to wisdom, which is all mine if I choose it. Whereas many people, even today focus on connecting to higher sources and intelligence out there, outside of themselves… to learn about the future, to learn how Humankind can manage this time.

IAM not saying it’s right nor wrong, IAM more concerned for the Human. That we are each mindful of our individual growth and expansion into our Sovereign Powerful Magnificence we are all born to be, if we choose to embody this, especially this lifetime!

To ask for guidance is totally within our learning or remembering process. To help us uncover our sparkle of love and strengthen our own connection and communication with the source of All That Is. But at some point we must know when to quit relying on others and rely totally on our own innate power.

With the increase of false information in the world today, which you can feel is true or not if you’re anchored in your own connection with Source, each person must each be responsible for discerning all information. Remember, Information is energy and it either serves you or not!

I’ve always been guided to stay pure in my own connection, communication and knowingness. This is why I have kept away from the channellings of other entities and other peoples methods and practices that try and take you away from the simplicity and pureness of your life and your truth.

It is in everyone’s interest to understand what is good and right for them. We are all unique and have our own beautiful journey to move along consciously in. No-one else knows what each needs on the journey or how fast or slow each needs to travel! To lose consciousness or to never regain it, will only make you feel powerless and be in the hands of others to control and manipulate.

There is no-one out there who is coming to save you. You must save yourself.

I suppose you could say, this is my mission. To enjoy, inspire and support myself, by living life as a celebration and keep focus of my own connection, communication and knowingness to Source. Because of this I can hold my vibration and my vision of NewEarth high, for others to find me, if they will. To join me creating a new harmonious and unified community. It is why I continue to write and talk each week to share my experience and my love.

It’s definitely not an easy time now, but it’s possible to flow through it in all ease and grace.

I know this Great Shift in Consciousness, is all about the Human daring to uncover their own spark of Consciousness within and be the change that changes the world. After all, we all want a Christmas full of love, joy, peace, harmony and unity! So let’s make Christmas happen everyday.

My First Live Facebook Appearance back in 2017❤️

I do hope you enjoy listening to the first video above I made this week. It was made with the intention to bring myself and others into our own beautiful and natural state of being joy. To relax a while, to recharge and rebalance Body, Mind & Spirit! I offer tips on how to feel your own essence of joy… because at times we engage ourselves in different states 😁 and forget to do our homework. Or should I say homeplay in loving and caring for ourself first and enough!

Please enjoy the second video too, with my first musings about being the change! AND have a little giggle at my innocence!

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel and receive a notification of my weekly relaxing musings with the conscious breath! We will get through this time together!


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I wish you all a wonderful day and see you tomorrow for another celebration here at Me, My Magnificent Self being Your Magnificent Self.

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November 4, 2022 at 19:20

For sure, I know that my “own spark of Consciousness within [helps me] be the change that changes the world.” I do that deep breathing up in my sanctuary every morning as I take in the presence of the Holy Spirit and release the cares of the world. Thank you for posting your video and guiding the process for so many of your followers out there. God bless you!

Barbara Frankenreply
November 5, 2022 at 18:26
– In reply to: JanBeek

You truly are a spark of light Jan, lighting up the whole world around you. I like imagining you in your sanctuary, sacred time with yourself and god… its so important! no matter our particular belief, it’s all about connection and communication and trusting our knowingness in each moment to take us through life! Thankyou for all your loving kindness, much love x

November 5, 2022 at 20:30
– In reply to: Barbara Franken

Much love 💕 back atcha. Thank you 🥰 for your kind comment!

Mark Lanesburyreply
November 4, 2022 at 23:45

Barbara…what can I say. To hear of the passing of your dad as well is heart breaking. The journey can indeed be tough but that has to really touch something so deep to be beyond words. You have my most profound condolences my friend, and most certainly my love to you ❤️
Your first youtube was indeed a beautiful greeting to the world, and your last a most profound and wise heart. And your blessings under such trying times are ever gratefully received kind lady, and returned in full. A very big hug dear lady, and a knowing that it is all with love, hard as it may seem on some days. I thankfully have touched that unconditional love so have the confidence of that destiny. And as you spoke of it, you ‘know’ it too. Hold that love my friend, that connection and love is always there as we briefly are here to understand and appreciate it in all we do.
Take care ❤️🙏🏽

Barbara Frankenreply
November 4, 2022 at 23:58
– In reply to: Mark Lanesbury

Yes both tom and I were grieving the loss of dad as we were in lockdown! Truly a terrible time and life unfortunately only got worst for me in the coming time! Trying to deal with the loss of your life partner is so huge… although I must say he/me are dealing with it more than I can appreciate! Im definitely being taken care of because even more happened that completely knocked me down! Not something I want to talk publicly about. Maybe I’ll send an email to you when I get back home! Thank goodness my mum is alive and we are taking care of each other for a while in uk. Thanks for your kind and loving support❤️🙏 much love x

Barbara Frankenreply
November 5, 2022 at 00:00
– In reply to: Mark Lanesbury

I meant to say I can’t find a way to comment on your blog🥲 I have all the latest technology and still it doesn’t want to work! But I loved your last post in contrast🥰

Mark Lanesburyreply
November 5, 2022 at 08:43

Thank you kind lady, and yes, wordpress is getting somewhat crazy. Many sites I can comment, then not. Even to the point I found that I can sign in, give a comment, go to the next site and something has signed me out, then (without doing anything), go to the next site and I’m signed back in again. There has to be a bit of code in there somewhere speaking a very odd language. In the beginning I thought it was individuals blocking me, which is fine, they have their own journey and not interested, but I have had many thinking I had banned them, to which I haven’t ever done so. In fact I have never done that to anyone. Maybe the universe is guiding us through this time as time allows. And yes, you most certainly can contact me via my ‘Contact Me’ link up on the top menu. Big hug my friend, breathe deep and follow that glow in your heart 😀❤️🙏🏽

Barbara Frankenreply
November 5, 2022 at 18:11
– In reply to: Mark Lanesbury


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