A Love Story Like No Other…

Our First Photo… Life Fused Us Together

We knew without a doubt it was our time to be together, to build a cosy nest for ourselves, in which to rest, play, work and create a new life experience that would add true love, joy and peace to our hearts and souls.

We enjoyed 33 beautiful years, celebrating life in all its contrast together. Being there for each other, come what may, sharing the joys and tears, devoting ourselves to each other, holding each other up when life pulled us down.

Loving unconditionally, caring for our family and friends as we cared for ourselves. We experienced so much love, trust and abundance that penetrated deep within, allowing us both to feel strong and confident, building on our innate compassion and joy… that flow that drives one forward, excited to be alive❤️

Today, 24 years ago on July 10th 1998 we celebrated our commitment to love one another like no other, in Cancun, Mexico. A holiday paradise we had created for ourselves and shared with our close family and friends. A time and space we will remember for eternity. Our wedding celebration❤️

We promised to LOVE each other to eternity & back❤️

So many years of happiness and a little sadness, we made our life a celebration, making beautiful memories together.

AND then Tom was no longer here to wake up to, to muse and dance with, to hug and be with. It was his time to exit this physical life. It was time to break us both free. To break us free from remnants of our Human trauma and fear, and allow the love we had nurtured in each other and in ourselves, reach new heights of pure potential. It was time for us both to birth ourselves anew, together, somehow, apart.

My grand dream has changed slightly, but that’s ok, cause creation has to be free to create itself in all its wholeness. I trust without a doubt, Divine Consciousness, with the added ingredient of compassion and wisdom gained from our Human journey will find a way to bring dimensions together for a new experience, beyond everything known.

Our love story continues, we are closer than close, Tom is my king and IAM his queen, we continue to support one another inter-dimensionally. We are discovering new ways to connect, helping each other through these challenging and changing times. We dare to love ourselves and each other beyond the norm… YES, let the eye balls roll! We remain both free & victorious, soaring dimensions, discovering new heights of freedom AND most sensational experience of unconditional love… like never before.

Today we are both celebrating this mile stone we created, I raise my glass to this day and wish you all well, I wish everyone to have the chance of discovering that unconditional love in your heart and soul that makes magic and miracles happen for you.

Our Last Photo… Fused Together Infinitely

Do you have a grand dream? Be clear of your desires and how you want to feel and focus your attention on bringing in what makes your heart and soul sing… you know that feeling of love, joy & peace. Allow life to give you the most beautiful experience, in all its contrast… you can handle it all!

Stay away too, from the people who don’t have your best interest at hand, obviously refusing to love themselves deeply and to be the change that changes the world❤️

Let there be love, joy and peace in the world, it begins with me and you feeling it❤️

©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness & Multi-Dimensional Living

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Mark Lanesburyreply
July 10, 2022 at 11:49

Ah dear lady, you and Tom were a spiritual connection beyond words. You got to share a very profound journey in teaching each other to love in ways that many will never see, simply because of who you both were, individually let alone as a couple, a team to go through and touch so much, inside and out. And it is something that will always be in your heart dear lady, it will give you great comfort and joy in all you have shared, from the simplest to the most profound. And this current journey, a new pathway is only projecting you further along that path to continue finding your love in another way. And I have no doubt he will be cheering you on in each step that you take. Sending much love and light to you for expressing something so beautiful and heartfelt here so that we too could feel what your journey gave. Thank you for sharing Barbara, and many hugs for that blessing ❤️🙏🏽

Barbara Frankenreply
July 19, 2022 at 15:35
– In reply to: Mark Lanesbury

I truly feel blessed and know it is love that is lifting me up now, carrying me through this time… guiding me forward in all that Iam. Each day I feel closer than close, feeling peaceful and have a sense that I can deal with all that life throws at me! Don’t know how, but trust. Thankyou Mark for your always encouraging wisdom that is so so wonderful to read and take to my heart❤️ sending love your way! Are you experiencing the extreme heat where you are?

July 10, 2022 at 13:51

What a beautiful, poignant and touching celebration of your love and life together with your beloved Tom. Thank you Barbara, for sharing your memories and your special connection. How blessed to be touched by that kind of love. Sending you big hugs as you continue on this life journey. ❤️🙏

Barbara Frankenreply
July 19, 2022 at 15:28
– In reply to: Miriam

I do indeed feel blessed to have experienced such a beautiful and loving life… and it continues, which I can hardly believe… especially with everything going on! Love is truly the answer. Thankyou Miriam for your kind and wise words and wish you much love on your own journey❤️ 🥰

Sue Dreamwalkerreply
July 10, 2022 at 14:33

Such a wonderful union of souls that shaped your destiny of togetherness.
Like Miriam I’ve no doubts at all Tom is holding your heart as you raise your glass in celebration of those wonderful years together.
Thank you for sharing and for showing us love is eternal. And doesn’t stop when we part ways here in our reality.
In fact I feel your union will only grow stronger as you reach out across the devide in sharing deeper unity that fuses you together even stronger.

Much love dear Barbara. As you celebrate those happy years on your Anniversary.
Hugs 💕 your way. 💕

Barbara Frankenreply
July 19, 2022 at 15:25
– In reply to: Sue Dreamwalker

It was a beautiful celebration and his presence is felt each day more and more.. leaving me feeling so peaceful and eager to move into unknown territory❤️🌈 Excited to experience this great shift of consciousness now with all my friends🕺💃🏻❤️ Hope you’re keeping cool, see you soon, much love x

Sue Dreamwalkerreply
July 19, 2022 at 15:59
– In reply to: Barbara Franken

So pleased you are dear Barbara.. I think you brought weather with you over here lol..
Looking forward to making a date..
And just keeping cool indoors at the moment.. just too hot right now . 🥵😎🥰

Sue Dreamwalkerreply
July 21, 2022 at 08:15
– In reply to: Barbara Franken

Can’t remember if I answered you here or not Barbara.. looking forward to it. And today Thursday thankfully much cooler. 😎🥵😎

Barbara Frankenreply
July 21, 2022 at 09:32
– In reply to: Sue Dreamwalker

Yes you did and yes it rained this morning and all cool again! I’ll check my diary for next week and see if we can find a suitable day to meet💃🏼💃🏼🎶

Sue Dreamwalkerreply
July 21, 2022 at 10:13
– In reply to: Barbara Franken

Brilliant Barbara.💖

Writing to Freedomreply
July 10, 2022 at 15:40

Thanks for sharing your love, and beautiful tribute to what love can do. Kudos Barbara.

Barbara Frankenreply
July 19, 2022 at 15:21
– In reply to: Writing to Freedom

Thanks Brad for your beautiful support and inspiration that helps keep me going❤️ sending love your way🥰

July 10, 2022 at 15:43

What a beautiful post full of love, joy, and understanding. Thank you for sharing the beautiful journey you had with your beloved, Barbara. And I wish you much joy and love in your new journey, as well, even though the path may not be fully laid out just yet. I can relate to finding that one special person, too, to share life’s joys and sorrows with, and January of this year marked our 33rd anniversary. Each day is a gift. Your words are so heartfelt, but I don’t feel sadness. I feel the joy you and Tom shared and the trust that was built, and I’m sure he is raising his glass too, in honor of you both. Sending love and hugs your way, Lauren 💕💕

Barbara Frankenreply
July 19, 2022 at 15:20
– In reply to: Baydreamer

Lauren Thankyou so much for your beautiful words and for resonating with love❤️ 33 is truly a pivotal number for celebrating love this year! I feel reminding us all to keep aiming high, bringing love to new heights that changes us and our world. IAM so grateful for all my beautiful experience with Tom that keeps me moving on like never before! Everything becomes possible when love is present. Much love to you Lauren🥰💃🏻🕺🌈

July 19, 2022 at 18:19
– In reply to: Barbara Franken

You’re very welcome, Barbara. Your story of you and Tom is inspiring, and I agree about love being present, making everything possible. Much love to you, too. 💕💕

July 10, 2022 at 16:59

It’s wonderful that love is magical for you and Tom beyond the physical. A beautiful way to honor your love together fused together that grows on the other side and on the physical side. It is a love that can never be severed. I get that. Love is a gift Source shares with us and our love is a fingerprint that we experience. We bring this love our fingerprint into Source’s master fingerprint. 💝💝💝 Be well. Hugs.

Barbara Frankenreply
July 19, 2022 at 15:14
– In reply to: thespiritkeeper

Just love your romantic musings Joseph… love is a fingerprint we experience, bringing this to sources master fingerprint. Yes❤️ Spirit is never the same again because of our human experience here… expanding consciousness with each breath! Thankyou so much Joseph for your shining presence and always making me smile😊 sending love❤️

Tania Marie’s Blogreply
July 10, 2022 at 19:15

What a beautiful connection the two of you share. Thank you for this peak into your relationship and for reflecting how bonds are eternal. I love that you two are continuing your work together increasingly so. To love!

Barbara Frankenreply
July 19, 2022 at 15:10
– In reply to: Tania Marie's Blog

Yes… here’s to love and enjoying every moment of our journey with our dear ones, here and beyond. Thankyou for shining your light here and kind words. Much love x

July 10, 2022 at 21:19

I love the idea of “support[ing] one another inter-dimensionally.” Beautiful!!

Barbara Frankenreply
July 19, 2022 at 15:08
– In reply to: JanBeek

I love this idea and it gets me all excited to think about new possibilities we can all bring into our experience… once we’ve got rid of the devil, so to speak❤️ thanks for your loving presence Jan🥰 sending love x

July 12, 2022 at 09:27

Very sorry to hear of the passing of your Tom.

Barbara Frankenreply
July 18, 2022 at 09:59
– In reply to: tiramit

Thankyou Tiramit for your kind words, life is certainly gaining momento this year in more ways than one! Hope you’re well, much love❤️

Mark Lanesburyreply
July 20, 2022 at 00:04

No heat here dear lady, in Australia we are in our mid winter. But our summer is always like what you guys are now experiencing. The 40C plus not too often thankfully but our summers are always around the mid 30C’s. In our central Australia it can get over 50C, it isn’t particularly nice but because we have this so often our air conditioning always has the ability to do cool for summer. The only thing I can suggest is water and lots of it. As in drink lots and go swimming to keep your body temp down, or a few showers during the hottest part of the day. And if not walk around with wet clothes on, the evaporation keeps the body cooler. When your in that kind of heat you don’t care what it looks like 😀❤️🙏🏽

Barbara Frankenreply
July 20, 2022 at 09:52
– In reply to: Mark Lanesbury

😂🤣I can imagine my mum walking around like a drowned cat… I’m giving her cool foot and hand baths❤️ toddy is a nice cool. Reece, hopefully it’s better today so we can act a bit normal! Take care x

Mark Lanesburyreply
July 20, 2022 at 11:28

Even keeping your head and around the neck wet with cool water will do wonders dear lady. Much love to you all and I’ll try to whip up a cool breeze for you all. Take care all of you xox 😀❤️🙏🏽

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