Celebrating Tom Franken’s Life…

Welcome to this celebration of Tom’s life held in Mijas Pueblo on 25th January 2022

We are 7 family members gathered, Barbara, Richard, Alexander, Zobe, Juliette, Jos & Ingrid and dear friends who live nearby, Grace, Miquel, Natalie, Arthur, Sue, Erja, Pasi, Rashpal, Olga, Eunice, Laurie, Debbie, Glyn.

Many family & friends are watching the live video sent out around the world, but unfortunately many didn’t or couldn’t hear the service. Therefore this is a written replay for everyone to now enjoy this public celebration we held for him before committing his body to the fire and sea, (we had a few private farewells too!)

Everyone was given a glass of champagne to sip throughout the service.

Welcome to you all, welcome to this celebration of life, for Tom Franken. A time to celebrate his beautiful life of 73 years and honour his death. A true celebration of victory, freedom & joy❤️

Tom dedicated his entire existence to the care, love & protection of his loved ones, near & far. With his victorious passing he has handed each and every one of us the Sovereign power to become masters & creators of our own lives and destiny here on Earth.

His departing soul has presented us with this perfect gift and we, his spiritual family of many lifetimes are so so grateful.

Words from Audrey & Stuart…

Our beloved Tom was too young to leave us. Yet he was ready and I knew he would only go when the time was right and he had come to fully embrace all humanness of his life. There were no mistakes, only experiences which we were all playing out with one another to come to this point of surrender to the Divine (do our learning). I was told by grandad that he would leave victorious and I know he did. That also means that he knew everyone loved him and so all what needed to be said was said. Noone needs to have regrets. Everyone knows inside all is well. Nevertheless it would have been such a blessing to have been able to hold his hand and look him in the eye one last time. 

14 days ago his mother appeared and was with him, so were Gillian and grandad. In my humanness I thought he would still need time to come to that point but it went very fast. 

When I woke up this morning, I felt very peaceful but also that I was not quite here and then I spoke with Ingrid and heard.

After our talk I sat outside, had my tears and suddenly he was right there. There was this music accompanying him of Jonathan Livingston Seagull – he was free, he wanted to let all of us know. He was at peace. He was FREE!

We chatted about the old times, memories flooding in. 

He told me he would remain a bit close to you all to share the bond that you all have individually, and that you can talk with him in any way you like. It felt he had already gone through the bridge that we had created before with a family member, so he could go freely too. This means beyond the matrix into pure light. 

May we share together this time of human grief as well as the good times together, May we also share his “victory”!

Neil Diamonds music played… Jonathan Livingston Seagull Medley 1977

The Family walked around Tom, holding hands.

Words from Richard…

Once upon a time there was a little boy. Wild and untamed finding his way through life. 

Then his dad came into play. 

Every Sunday he would take us to to his ex wife’s grandmothers home to bring her flowers, take care of her bills and bring her desert. Most of all he would give her his time. She was 86 at the time. Had many health issues. But most of all she needed companionship. Which he gave her. 

My father was one of the greatest Directors of his time! Controlling well over 5 Billion for the business RICOH. A job he used to love. Yet he always made sure to find time for his wife and kids. 

My father spent a lot of time teaching me how to make proper cash flow sheets and how to run a business. 

When his grandson was born he was there. He always made time to fly to see him. Play in the parks. Teach him the proper way to kick a football. 

My father knew how important time was. He spend it wisely. Unselfishly. 

Words from Juliette…

I have always felt your warmth, love and support. Even though you are not here with us physically, I know I can call upon you for guidance at anytime. I have so many fun memories of you, taking me for lunches, going shopping for new boots, dinner on our round table (which where full of laughs & joy)! I wish you a wonderful journey of freedom & love.

Words from Ingrid…

You have all our love & respect as you go further with your journey beyond, I remain so grateful to you Tom that you held our big family together all these wonderful years!

Words from Jos…

Due to the fact that we were living on opposite sides of the world when i met his daughter Juliette and became part of the family, i never got to know Tom in depth. But from the few times we met and the stories from people close to him i will remember Tom as a generous person with a big heart filled with love and support for his family. I wish Tom a Safe and Magnificent journey from here on onward!

Words from Zobe…

Even though I haven’t known Grandpa Tom for a very long time, he certainly touched my heart and was very dear and special to me. He is not here with us anymore physically but he will forever live in our heart. Love you grandpa Tom.

Words from Alexander…

Grandad I’m going to miss your big hugs and enjoying life with you when you come and visit. I love you very much and I will carry you in my heart always.

Words from Barbara…

Tom you gave me 33 wonderful years, celebrating life everyday, come what may! But it’s your time to leave now… how horrible this is for us left here, I feel only joy in knowing it was a good death that has set you free & are victorious! You know you fully embodied your passion, kindness and wisdom as you enjoyed supporting your big family in all your moments here on Earth… so no more karma! No more coming back!

You are soaring in higher dimensions now as the Ascended Master you truly are. Staying close to us all to help us through these end times on Earth… connected as one loving consciousness!

Thankyou for all the precious memories we will all treasure forever. Do you remember how you rang me up early one morning from the casino on a business trip? How you asked me for a lucky number? It was number 33! You all won big time! Anyway, fly high my love and see you later.

Messages from Family…

Corrie and Family… Dear Tom, you have left us unexpectedly. You were always my dearest brother. We will miss you. Rest in peace. As an uncle, he was an inspiration and role model, he was warm and hospitable and shared similar interests in football, F1 and golf.

Gilly… I have known Tom for a long time now, I have always known that Barbara was in good hands and very much loved. He was a wonderful member of our family and much loved by us all. Tom was always very caring and concerned about our welfare. Barbara and Tom have looked after me both in Spain and here in England. Many times it has been their care that has brought me back to health. So thank you Tom, you will be sadly missed by all your family.

Angie & Jon… TOM dear Tom.. My Brother in law.. It is a sad day to be writing this. 
Life is not going to be the same again, but I will never forget all the kind and generous things he did for me.  MEMORIES of all the happy  times we shared in Holland, Mexico and Spain together. He was so generous; he would treat me to a much needed holiday and to celebrate my dads 80th and my 50th he took us on the Orient Express. What a very happy and posh day we all had.  The times we ate in, Tom would prepare the hapjes which were the best!! We both shared the love of Cheese.  He was an incredible husband to my sister Barbara and our family is going to miss him very much. 

Lester & Nina… We are all so sorry and shocked to hear about Tom.  We understand just how devastated and empty you must feel after losing such a loving caring patient husband.  It helps to remember all the memories you have made together over so many years. God bless and support to you and the family lots of love.

Aunty Sue… Tom was very gentle, patient and kind… A gentle Giant!  He was so kind to my sister Gill, inviting her for lovely holidays in his and Barbara’s home; and caring for her as she convalesced on several occasions, and he very kindly came with Barbara to stay at Gills home for several weeks after her difficult time in hospital last summer. He a wonderful husband to Barb, and son in law to Gill, and to Barrie. He will be greatly missed but we give thanks as we celebrate his life.

Yulia… Tom knew how to truly celebrate life. I remember meeting him for the first time on vacation, enjoying life and smiling.He gave me the most amazing and warm bear hug ever! He made me feel so loved and at ease always.  It’s like I knew everything is good whenever Grandpa is around. I will always carry many lesson he taught me. Until we meet again, I can only hope he will watch over us and stir us in the right direction towards light ❤️

Galeb, Semia & Bessima Akkari… Tom even though the time we met you was very short, our memories created together and became part of your family meant a lot, you’ll always be remembered. Rest in Peace . 

Messages from Friends…

Diane & Pete… Remembering Tom as a kind, calm and patient friend and host, showing me all around Holland when you lived there. Drinking coffee and entertaining me in Spain when Barbara was at meetings. Koning Dag was always an extra special day. We loved having you both here in England, especially one New Year Eve! Tom enjoyed his life with you Barb, wherever you were, a true gentleman! He’ll definitely be missed by so many!

Ellen, Fred & Paul… I remember Tom as a man who enjoyed the good things in life, the nice sunny weather of Spain, a good meal in a fine restaurant and an excellent glass of wine. He was always an excellent host when I visited with Paul, who loved him dearly. He was well loved and will be sorely missed.

Lynne & Keith… TOM our Special Friend for many years, we have shared many wonderful moments together. We loved you for just being you and all the beautiful memories you have given us, for all your excellent business advice over the years and of course now needless to say we have lost the brains of our little outfit.  R.I.P Dear friend, we are going to miss you, but we could never ever forget you.

Judith his hairdresser… Tom was a lovely man, I enjoyed the banter about the British politics and Trump with him!

Roda & Mike… We lost a friend whose story will forever continue within our hearts. We only knew Tom for a short time sadly but during the time we were privileged to spend with him it was clear that he was a kind and gentle man and also a man with great inner strength and wisdom. He was a man with real presence. Through his words and his acts, his likes and dislikes, his impenetrable commitment to the ones he loved, – Barbara and his family – he changed us as people; each one of us who had the privilege of spending time with him are finer and stronger individuals for having known him, even if it was only for such a very short while.  We will miss him dearly.

Ronda… You were always my boss first but you were my mentor and friend who encouraged and guided me in my life. I am so grateful and thankyou. Rest now.

Invitation to enjoy some of Tom’s favourite snacks & cava

We played music by James Blunt, Goodbye my lover and You’re Beautiful and from Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman, Time to say goodbye as everyone gathered to enjoy some of Tom’s favourite snacks at his special evening wine time!

AND then it was time for Tom to go to be cremated. The guys carried Tom to the car with the beautiful music Now we are free by Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard & Gavin Greenaway.

Our Celebration Meal & a Little Fun with Tom…

The following evening our family gathered for our celebration meal in one of our favourite restaurants, Yuccas. To share more of our loss with each other, but also to enjoy each others company. It was a lovely evening, most of us left early as we were tired, but Richard & Zobe felt pushed to go to the casino they past by afterwards on the way home!

They headed to the roulette table, where Richard felt his dad was leading him! He saw on the board number 33 had already come up twice earlier in the evening. But still felt the urge to play, Richard & Zobe had been given 2 x 5 € chips upon entering and put them on number 33!

Yes, you guessed correct! 33 won again and guess what the amount was?

Exactly the price Richard paid for the meal! Richard was ecstatic, as he had asked for a sign from his dad that he was still with him! He came through big time, finding a way as usual for Tom to pay for our celebration meal together!

Giving Tom’s ashes back to the Earth…

Our last family gathering to release Tom’s ashes back to Mother Earth before we all had to go our separate way back home again. Enjoy the photos and thankyou for being part of our life.

Farewell my love… now time for us all to find a place without your physical presence. Thankyou for allowing me to continue to feel you near me forever more… until you pick me up on the rainbow bridge when it’s my time❤️

A huge thank you for all our family and friends near & far who are helping me through this time, it is so appreciated!

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February 5, 2022 at 10:51

Dear Barbara,
Thank you for sharing these loving poignant moments of celebration of your beloved Tom’s life, surrounded by family and friends. May be rest peacefully and may you always cherish those special memories created together.

Barbara Frankenreply
February 7, 2022 at 10:42
– In reply to: Miriam

Your sweet words are good to hear dear Miriam, I’m doing my best to keep balance of the waves of emotion I’m feeling❤️ embracing it all as I focus on staying high on the vibration of love, joy and peace❤️ much appreciated❤️ sending love to you🥰

Mark Lanesburyreply
February 5, 2022 at 11:20

Thank you for sharing a very precious time of family Barbara, to celebrate what he had given you all in his journey, that beautiful love that he is, in his many, many ways. I could hear it in all those voices who had spent time with Tom and you, be it only a short time or with the love that only a family connection like that could make. Love and light to you dear lady, and know his love will always be there to share his own special heart with you all too. Much love ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

Barbara Frankenreply
February 7, 2022 at 10:46
– In reply to: Mark Lanesbury

I’m feeling it all and doing my best to stay high in the frequency of love we dedicated our lives to for so long! Oh to be wise is hard as it’s so easy to lose yourself in brokenness! I feel how broken my heart is but I can imagine my own lives within oozing out to heal🥰 Thankyou mark for your friendship especially at this time❤️ sending love🥰🙏

February 5, 2022 at 13:21

Thanks Barbara, I was so disappointed when I couldn’t connect on WiFi on Day of celebration, so this account more than makes up for it. I wasn’t able to meet Tom, but feel now I have got to know what a wonderful person he was.
Hopefully see you in may Barbara 💞xx

Barbara Frankenreply
February 7, 2022 at 10:48
– In reply to: Anonymous

Thankyou for your kind words and so glad you got to feel how wonderful my Tommy was❤️ he’s watching over us all now, helping us from the other side at this great time of transformation❤️ sending love x

February 5, 2022 at 13:41

Thank you Barbara for sharing your last precious moments with Tom… brought a tear to my eye 🥲. I look forward to seeing you after I finally return home to Spain…
sending love and light to you all ❤️🙏🌈xx

Barbara Frankenreply
February 7, 2022 at 10:49
– In reply to: Janet

Thanks Janet, I look forward to meeting up again once you’re back in Spain❤️ sending love x

February 5, 2022 at 15:57

What a beautiful tribute. I am grateful to you for sharing it, Barbara. My heart goes out to you & your family. You were blessed to have this wonderful man in your lives! ❤️🤗

Barbara Frankenreply
February 7, 2022 at 10:50
– In reply to: JanBeek

Blessed indeed and this blessing will help me through this hard time❤️ Thankyou for your love🥰

Writing to Freedomreply
February 5, 2022 at 17:45

What a beautiful and loving tribute this is Barbara! The love for Tom of family and friends shines brightly. Thank you for sharing this intimate goodbye. May you carry his love gently in your heart. Hugs, Brad 💕

Barbara Frankenreply
February 7, 2022 at 10:51
– In reply to: Writing to Freedom

Thankyou Brad… I need all the love I can muster now to help heal this broken heart❤️🥰🙏 sending love x

February 5, 2022 at 20:09

Beautiful celebration of life. Tom was well loved and spiritually gifted. Hugs.

Barbara Frankenreply
February 7, 2022 at 10:52
– In reply to: thespiritkeeper

Joseph thsnkyou for your kind words and it takes a wise and loving man to see another❤️ I appreciate this🥰🙏 sending love to you x

Tania Marie’s Blogreply
February 6, 2022 at 03:44

This is such a love filled and beautiful share, celebrating a special soul and so many wonderful memories. Thank you for allowing us a peek into Tom’s life and how he touched so many. That’s pretty amazing about the “33” connection. Warmest hugs and love to you <3

Barbara Frankenreply
February 7, 2022 at 10:53
– In reply to: Tania Marie's Blog

Thankyou Tania❤️ magic is here always when we wish to look❤️ so glad you’re my magical friend❤️

February 6, 2022 at 06:07

I’m so sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing this — looks like a lovely celebration of his life. I’ve so enjoyed seeing pictures of the two of you as you traveled through life together.

Barbara Frankenreply
February 7, 2022 at 10:54
– In reply to: yogaleigh

Thanks Leigh, we did our best and even in death we must honour our souls choice to journey beyond❤️ sending love x

February 6, 2022 at 19:18

Beautiful and lovely tribute, Barbara. I am so sorry for your loss. Warmest love and hugs to you dear.

Barbara Frankenreply
February 7, 2022 at 10:55
– In reply to: boundlessblessingsblog

Kamal Thankyou for your sweet words and love that is helping me through this time❤️🙏

February 7, 2022 at 12:14
– In reply to: Barbara Franken

You are always welcome dear Barbara. Lots of love and light 💓💓

February 6, 2022 at 20:37

Your blog is very beautiful …Congratulations

Barbara Frankenreply
February 7, 2022 at 10:56
– In reply to: paintdigi

Thankyou❤️ sending love x

February 7, 2022 at 11:45
– In reply to: Barbara Franken

Wekcome dear friend Barbata 🌹

Jane Sturgeonreply
February 7, 2022 at 18:13

A moving tribute for your special, Tom, Barbara. Much <3, always. xXx

Barbara Frankenreply
February 25, 2022 at 11:19
– In reply to: Jane Sturgeon

Thankyou Jane so much for your loving presence and kind words. Sending love to you❤️

Sue Dreamwalkerreply
February 9, 2022 at 20:10

Dearest Barbara…. My sincere condolences, But what a wonderful celebration of Tom’s Life, what wonderful memories you both have created and such a beautiful tribute to him..
Sending you my love, and as we both know, this is just the beginning of his great adventure… And Love knows no divides … You are but a whisper apart..
Much love dear Barbara… <3 <3 <3

Barbara Frankenreply
February 11, 2022 at 17:49
– In reply to: Sue Dreamwalker

Lovely to hear from you and Thankyou for your kind words, it was so sudden, shocking but it was his time and went well… thankfully I can give it all a place in the bigger picture but it doesn’t stop my human body going through heartbreak which I can sense is a breaking down of deep old beliefs! So actually toms release was my release, a perfect gift for both! So I just breathe, embracing it all and allowing myself to release the many tears, I’m going to miss his physical presence but I’m working on feeling him on another level🕺💃🏻 sending love❤️

Sue Dreamwalkerreply
February 14, 2022 at 01:05
– In reply to: Barbara Franken

My heart feels for you dear Barbara, it is a blessing your wisdom sees the bigger picture and I am certain Tom is giving you his strength from the other side, and given your abilities I am certain you both will be working together as strong as ever.. <3 <3 <3

Share your love ... thank you x