Living Your Ascension on Purpose…

We are living in exciting times now, as all Humanity have the opportunity to choose to evolve, expand & raise their consciousness and move out of the game arena in our old 3D reality of fear and lack, control and dominance, lies and manipulation into a new reality of freedom, unity and harmony.

This extraordinary opportunity we call Awakening and Ascension, is not an event, but an individual journey where each person can choose to be aware of a bigger picture that is unfolding and becoming more and more evident everyday worldwide.

A bigger picture of how each person truly is powerful and magnificent, of how each is born Sovereign and free to choose how to live a most wonderful life. A bigger picture of how we can acknowledge, embrace and release old energies that no longer serve, sensing the joy, love and peace that lie beyond the worries, concerns, pains, struggles, limitations and fear.

It is an opportunity for everyone to step away from the victim mind, recognise repetitive patterns, energies of past trauma, wounds and hurts, and allow self to feel that inner essence that has always been there, the core of self, the Divine self, who is… love, joy and peace. AND because of our concerns, worries and busy-ness we have buried this inner part of our true self with layers of pain, struggle and disease.

How to release your wounds and hurts…

Fully feel all your uncomfy and negative feelings. Recognise them as energy; part of your Human dual experience that needs to be recognised and embraced by you and embrace them with your IAM presence that infinitely flows through you as you breathe… in and out.

Try not to feel afraid when you feel something bad or painful and just recognise it as part of your experience that has got caught up in the drama of your mind and the illusion of feeling powerless, unworthy and invaluable.

Feel and recognise the loving IAM presence that flows through you, this is your loving power, which can transmute anything bad and negative, just by your Divine embrace. It’s like holding yourself, like a mother holding her child; with compassion and unconditional love.

Recognise the sadness you feel, all the emotions, the anger, the misunderstandings, the untruths. Remembering misunderstandings and untruths are not aligned with your magnificence, your richness and power. Remember, it is in believing that you are a victim, a poor me or missing something, that you keep yourself in this vicious cycle, loop of pain, struggle and limitation because you believe you are not a magnificent and powerful being, that you are not unique and a Sovereign Divine being of light here for a Human experience. You were never told or taught this.

How the LIGHT is serving your Awakening & Ascension…

This is an amazing time for everyone to recognise how the light we are receiving, is breaking down the illusion we have lived under and allows everyone to remember our origins. Yes, you are God too, originally perfectly balanced in good and bad, evil and good, female and male, black and white, warm and cold. You are balanced.

It is a time to feel it all, thoughts, emotions, even panic, to resist nothing and remember who you are… a being of light who is purposefully now bringing to the surface all your fears and struggles to feel, recognise and embrace before its release or transmutation.

It’s not about owning your fears, because it is not who you are. You are a light being, not the pain, limitation, nor the panic. It’s about embracing these dense energies, the traumas or wounds that visit you to be loved and accepted. It’s about allowing your love to dissolve all.

It’s about just being with yourself! It’s not easy because you cannot run away, take a pill to make it go away or find someone to resolve it. You must sit with it, with no resistance and allow love to be the game changer. Allow love to dissolve it all.

Allow yourself to always come back to the breath, feeling relaxed, being conscious of your breath and embracing everything you feel. No resistance. The longer you sit with the breath and your feelings, you can actually feel your love, your IAM presence dissolving the pain or the fear. Allowing yourself to relax a little bit more.

There is nothing for you to do, but just be aware and observe how your busy mind or emotions gradually get less… because when there is no resistance and only acceptance, they automatically transmute. Just loving you, recognising that loving feeling is always around you and knows you like nobody else. If you have questions or seek solutions, ask and in some way you will understand the answer.

While you are being conscious of the breath, it will help you practice to be aware of yourself and your life 24/7… in each NOW moment. Allowing your Divine spirit guide you, allowing the human vessel embrace all the feelings that are ready to be released, the wounds, the traumas, because you are what you have been looking for all your life.

We’ve been told to search for it out there but its always been right under your nose. The answer is you. Your love is enough, you are enough. However you are, is the perfection, the perfection of you, an essential part of our magnificent world. Your magnificent self!

Give those shoulders a shrug and take the opportunity of this time to receive the light, the powerful light and allow it to shift and shake up your humanness, your conditioning! It’s time to let go of all those patterns, concerns and fears.

Allow the love, the joy and peace within to appear. For you to feel that, to be joyous, no matter the circumstances. Allow the joy to seep through the situation of your human life. Breathing in the life you are. Being grateful for this opportunity to move from that fearful and dull limited reality to one of harmony. Allowing yourself to feel that.

The more you practice the more joyful, peaceful and loving you become and this attracts more like into your life and you will attract NewEarth, but first we must feel it within and before we feel it within we must release the woes of the past, the trauma and drama. To release it, or transmute, we must embrace it, recognise and accept all our feelings, thoughts, emotions, no resistance. Only love for everything that comes through us.

Breathing gently yet deeply, pushing that tummy out! Being there for yourself. being magnificent you, loving yourself, being ok. I thank you so much for being here, for listening to yourself, to being here for yourself.

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I’ve embedded 3 of my latest videos for you to listen and enjoy… supporting you through your Awakening and Ascension.

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August 18, 2021 at 20:20

Thank you Barbara for the timely reminders and good example of allowing our magnificence to shine.

Barbara Frankenreply
September 25, 2021 at 15:57
– In reply to: Anonymous

AND thankyou Brad for always finding your way here to shine your light! We all need encouragement during these times. Sending much love to you x

August 18, 2021 at 22:58

Barbara this is so timely for me.
“Allow the love, the joy and peace within to appear. For you to feel that, to be joyous, no matter the circumstances. Allow the joy to seep through the situation of your human life. Breathing in the life you are. Being grateful for this opportunity to move from that fearful and dull limited reality”.
As you know I’ve been travelling and all is going wonderfully. However currently we’re in quarantine having crossed a border and under strict police/government orders that we can’t continue our travels until we take a PCR COVID test. I have a cold at the moment but trust my immune system, however I don’t want to take a test (which as far as I know can’t differentiate between the two). Time to stand in my sovereignty?

Barbara Frankenreply
August 18, 2021 at 23:03
– In reply to: Miriam

Oh life is so so tiring Miriam… we spent 10 beautiful days indoors🙃 Find a saliva test, most places have them now, a little more expensive but much nicer❤️ I wish you a speedy recovery and continued journey breathing in the love, joy and peace❤️ much love x

August 18, 2021 at 23:15
– In reply to: Barbara Franken

Thank you Barbara. I have no qualms about recovery, it’s more the thought of a false positive and repercussions that concern me. I hadn’t heard of taking a saliva test. Will that suffice I wonder? Much love back x ❤️

Barbara Frankenreply
September 25, 2021 at 16:04
– In reply to: Miriam

Keep focused on being healthy and free of this virus… In Europe the saliva test is accepted thank goodness! Love Barbara

Mark Lanesburyreply
August 19, 2021 at 02:22

It is ever guiding us dear lady. Even the simplest things can have the most profound impact…a smile, the beat of a butterflies wings, and always the breath we take…as you mention with great love 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

Barbara Frankenreply
September 25, 2021 at 15:55
– In reply to: Mark Lanesbury

So much gratitude for your passion and trust in us all making a difference even with the simplest of movement Mark. Thankyou for breathing each breath at a time… sharing our journey forward into more and more love sending you love dear Mark❤️

Share your love ... thank you x