Guest Blogger Feature… The Magnificent John Eaves

IAM delighted to introduce you all to the Magnificent John Eaves in today’s Guest Blogger Feature. I initially met John’s lovely wife Debbie online, and arranged last year, to meet up in my home town Benalmadena, a place they both love to come for extended holidays.

John is a charming and gentle character who loves to express, all of himself through the creative arts. He has a beautiful voice, plays musical instruments and loves to sing and act, giving his audience fruitful words and sounds to savour.

When John’s not entertaining his public or travelling on holiday, you’ll find him in his garden in Whitby, England and out walking and exploring the beautiful English countryside. John does find time to work with things close to his heart. He promotes health and wellbeing as a distributor of natural and functional beverages, supplements & more… that support the BodyMindSpirit connection stay in balance and enable one to live a more peaceful and harmonious life.

You can find more information about the products below with links to his two websites.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received John’s email about him wanting to participate in this writing challenge… as I remembered, his passion for writing wasn’t flowing as it once did. So after reading this magical prose, IAM sure you too, will be thankful he took this opportunity staying home to write this beautiful story, sharing his humour about his most magnificent self, his perspective on life and being the change.

Your passion is certainly flowing John, this could be another great facet to add to your beautifully created life. Magical NewEarth! I must add that WordPress is a great space to create a blog, meet passionate writers and poets and share your inspiring words worldwide.

So sit back my friends, relax and enjoy John’s story.

John shares his Story… My Magnificent Self

I am me.  My object is to create an awareness where each part of me, whether it be emotion or personality, sense of being or intellectual ability can exist in harmony with each other.  I use those words rather than integration as I believe that the latter strategy can lead to one or more of the many parts of me being diluted.

I live in Whitby, a town which, two hundred years ago, was bustling with people, their sights, sounds and smells.  The sights were of whaling ships from which trade Whitby made its original money and made it the second busiest port in England in its time.  The sounds were of street traders shouting their wares and the sailors returning from sea, in some cases finding their ways to the taverns before they found their sweethearts.  The smells were of raw fish from the boats and human urine imported from London for the alum industry making dye for fabrics.

Whitby in the twenty-first century has the same hustle and bustle of tourists, eager for their fish and chips, savouring the stories of Dracula.  Some of the shops that were founded two hundred years ago still exist, battling against the drive of “progress” in a world where the sound of the waves of the sea is less familiar than the hum of the microwave.  Families walk through the crowded streets in leisurely fashion as if tomorrow will do.

But we don’t know what tomorrow may bring……………..

Then came The Virus.

We had become used to viruses over the years.  The first major one introduced us to the concept of “social distancing”, to a world where to come within two metres of each other was as frowned upon as smoking had become many years previously.  We became so used to keeping our distance that it became the norm in the home such that the thought of man and wife sleeping together was bordering on the pornographic. New houses were advertised as having “two bedrooms and a self-isolation room”. Firms stopped manufacturing double beds.

As, each year there were new viruses we became used to the wearing of masks and the consequent inhaling of the carbon dioxide that we had breathed out caused a deterioration in our general health.  Those people who had, years before, objected to the wearing of the niqab by Muslim women donned their masks like everyone else, under threat of an on the spot fine, either from the police or as a result of being caught on the ever-present cameras.  The masks were ”sold” as fashion accessories, the must haves of that era, in different colours and shades, some beaded to match a woman’s earrings.  For young boys, with the revival of cowboy films, the mask was essential wearing for games of riding at full pelt over the dusty plains.

The waves of viruses also brought restrictions on our movement.  We were fist urged not to travel in case we came across someone with the virus.  We were then given apps for our phone so as to protect us from any such person and this had the effect of  reducing further our social interaction as we were so busy steering clear of everyone that we were not close enough to talk to each properly through our protective masks.  But, as we were assured, we did not need to speak to each other when we could communicate perfectly well by message on the phones which were our constant companion.  This had the added advantage, we were told by the authorities, that, if you wanted to recall part of a conversation, it was recoverable, either by you you, or upon application to the authorities who had a record of all conversations held in that way.

Travel was gradually restricted.  First it related to travel abroad with people’s temperature being taken and approved before being allowed to board a boat or plane.  Then came the vaccines, a new one each year with the advent of the next virus.  It was amazing how the scientists were able, so quickly, to identify the next virus and how to deal with it.  It was not compulsory at first but, after characters on Coronation Street, Emmerdale and East Enders, soap operas of the time, were shown queuing up for their jabs, it became the norm to have one. 

People in the street would wave to each other, at a safe distance of course, proudly showing off their tattoos which designated the fact that they too had been “chipped”.  The chip, we were told was a safeguard in case we got lost or needed to find someone quickly in an emergency.  In that case we could ring the authorities with a person’s identification number nad their whereabouts could be instantly traced.  Of course it was also necessary to have a chip to spend money to buy food from the central store run by the authorities.  We didn’t need banks any more as the authorities took care of our money for us and helped us by keeping a record of what we spent and where.

It was decided – I don’t know by whom – that the majority of people did not need to go out to work and gradually people’s energy levels reduced.  It coincided with significant advances in technology with more and more centralisation.  A number of my friends died during this period, many of whom were computer geeks.  It almost seemed like there was a special virus to which they were particularly susceptible.  To get anyone to fix a technological problem without involving the authorities became more difficult than getting a plumber!

Then, as I said, The Virus came.

It was a virus like nothing that the world had ever experienced.  It struck overnight.  I thought that something was different when I forgot to put my mask on and the alarm on the house camera did not go off.  I stopped and instructed Alexa Mark X to make me a cup of coffee and nothing happened.  I sat down and pondered the situation.  What else could I safely do to try to find out what had happened?  I tried to message a friend but my phone would not work – I had not needed to switch my phone on as it was compulsory to carry a working phone at all times.  I called to my wife, Debbie, and she was as perplexed as I was  In other times I might have opened a window and shouted but all the houses were now built without opening windows to preserve the sterile environment.  

Gradually as the sun came up over the sea, people started to come out of their houses and flats.  Most were still wearing masks but some brave souls were showing their faces.  People started to talk to each other, something that would have been alien a few hours before.  Neighbours introduced themselves to each other.  It was initially thought there had been some kind of blip in the authority’s technology but, as time went on, and there were no repercussions from our actions people began to relax and realise that The Virus had killed technology. The people were fearful at first as they, particularly the younger ones, had been so used to being “guided” by the authorities that they did not know what to do. The technocrats had all died, killed by the radiation that they had created.  There was nobody to rebuild the system.  

What would happen now? I was comforted by the fact that it took society until the eighteenth century to reinvent some of the things that the Romans had enjoyed. Those of us who still had memories of the ”old days” were able to help to show how a better, simpler, life could be lived, a life of sharing and co-operation and so here we are today.

The world changes, as it always has done.  I, that is, all of me, has a chance to stop.    Someone has decided that this is a time for reflection.

Who am I?  I am the sum of my parts, moulded as I have experienced life.  I have found that the difficulty in having a good memory is that I manage to remember every mistake and every embarrassing moment in excruciatingly minute detail.  Now is the time to start to redress the balance.  My lovely wife and I are very fortunate in a lot of ways.  One of those is that we have a large garden.  It is an ideal space for reflection.

It is a sunny day, as it has been for the last couple of weeks.  The garden calls.  I am eager to see the progress of the seeds in the potting shed.  I study each one closely.  Has this one grown since yesterday?  Can I see something green peeping out form the jet black compost?  Should I water them now or should I wait until early evening?  I find that these thoughts, these acts, bring out a nurturing side of me that was not always apparent in my younger years.

 I come out of the confinement of the shed and into the vegetable patch.  I gaze at the soil, recently turned over and, in some parts seeded, and I muse over which of the seeds will come up first.  Which plant, magnificent in its own right, will win a race of which it is not aware?  A race in my own mind.  How will that plant feel when it has achieved the struggle to see the daylight.  Will it have a sense of achievement in doing so, I hope it will.  I hope that it will match the sense of achievement that I will get from having done my bit to help it grow.  I have, for most of my adult life, had a need to make things happen.  Some people will get immense satisfaction form eating the fruits of their labours.  It is sufficient for me to have had a part in producing them. 

I sit in a recently purchased seat – not for me the frustrations of my inadequacies, some perceived, some real, in the DIY department. and I see a droplet of water on a leaf.  I gaze at it for some time as the sun causes the water to evaporate and I wonder where it has gone.  How much water went into the leaf before it disappeared from sight?  How did the leaf feel?  Was it the same as I might feel coming out of the sea and the sun drying me?  Nature is wonderful and I am pleased that it allows us to share this planet despite the hurt that we cause it. 

I breathe in the air and think how different the air can be dependent upon the time of day and the weather.  I think about the difference between a cold frosty morning when you can feel the air travel through your nostrils and down into your lungs invigorating my body to move to keep warm and a languid summer’s day when the sound of the birds and the occasional drone of a bee entice you to doze in the sunshine and your breath is almost imperceptible.

I listen to the birds and try, unsuccessfully to count the different chirpings.  I wonder how many people actually stop and count their blessings

I think of those days of masks and surveillance and realise that perhaps we, as a society, needed that in order to appreciate what we had before and, thankfully, what we have now.  I am certainly more content.  The difficulties we have gone through have made me realise how self-sufficient I can be within myself, how I can be at peace.  That is not to say that I want to live in isolation but I feel better equipped to do so.  

I am me.

©John Eaves

John’s Biography…

I was, until ten years ago, a lawyer with my own practice and I now work, when needed, doing holiday cover for various firms in the area. I am also an occasional actor.

We have a large garden where I enjoy nurturing plants and watching them grow. My wife, Debbie, and I enjoy singing and we perform regularly, usually unaccompanied harmonies but occasionally I accompany on either concertina or guitar. I also enjoy watching football and cricket.

Both my wife and I have an interest in health and wellness and have become involved as distributors for an American company that supplies products designed to help the body do its wonderful job of keeping us well.

John’s Websites…

About Emulin Supplements…

Emulin, consists of a group of flavonoids, that is missing in our diet that is essential to our health. It is a vitamin-like compound that has a positive effect of carbohydrate/sugar metabolism. It is a patented, revolutionary discovery that took 12 years of research, and thus two Nobel Prize nominations. Both Emulin C and Emulin M support sugar management, the immune and inflammatory system. Emulin C is focused on sugar management and Emulin M is geared towards tackling out of control inflammation.

About Valentus Products…

Not only are they filled with natural beneficial and tasty ingredients it helps bring your body/mind/spirit back into balance.

Some of the natural ingredients used are: Garcinia Cambodia, Ginseng Extract, Chromium, Phaseolamin, Green Tea Extract, Chlorogenic Acid, Bitter Orange and L-Theanine.

Sometimes you may need support to get yourself back on track or stay on a new lifestyle change you’ve promised yourself! Valentus products help keep the immune system optimum, manage disabilities better and make you feel better without really trying.

Just replacing your coffee with one of Valentus’s coffees, not only protects your body from dis-ease with its content of antioxidants, it helps you to control your appetite, regulate your sugar and fat absorption, promote your brain focus and health, and elevate your mood.

ThankYou John…

Thank you so much John for being your most humorous and magnificent self, for your passionate creative expression you have most gracefully shared with us all today. We are grateful for inspiring us all to be the magnificent expression of Who we Truly Are… that creates harmony on Earth. 

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May 19, 2020 at 01:07

I thoroughly enjoyed reading John’s story, his unique perspective on the virus and life as it is now and his own musings on this journey. Thanks John for sharing your words and your world. I share your love of music, singing and gardening. Keep enjoying those simple things. Much love and blessings to you both from down under.

Barbara Frankenreply
May 22, 2020 at 15:25
– In reply to: Miriam

Lovely of you to drop in and read John’s story Miriam. He’s given us all food for thought, inspiring us with his humorous musings about life at large! Much love to you Miriam on your own journey through everything! love Barbara x

Sue Dreamwalkerreply
May 24, 2020 at 16:17

So, Sooo, enjoyed reading John’s story Barbara.. what a wide awake man he is… And his hypothesis of the future spot on… As my own Truth seeking resonates with much of his future thoughts..
Whitby is a beautiful place, We have had many a wonderful holiday in the Town, and walked many a mile along along its beach and I cannot tell you how many times I have climbed those famous steps or walked under the Whale bone.. 😀

Many thanks John for your wonderful post here with Barbara… So loved reading 🙂

Barbara Frankenreply
May 25, 2020 at 11:20
– In reply to: Sue Dreamwalker

Ah such lovely words sue, resonating with johns story… it must be the English air that is bringing in a most natural and magical future presence for the awakened ones to enjoy😊 Thankyou sue💃🏼🕺🌈

John Eavesreply
May 25, 2020 at 11:54

Thank you Miriam for your kind comments. Please forgive the delay in responding – I had not expected any comments. Whereabouts “down under” are you? Much love, John

John Eavesreply
May 25, 2020 at 11:57

Thank you Sue for your kind comments. Yes Whitby is a wonderful place to live and, whereas it is strangely quiet without the crowds, its magic is everywhere. Much love, John

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