Are YOU being distracted from YOUR Ascension Journey…

For many years, my Divine friends and I have been diligently prioritising ourselves. Taking time to get to know ourselves, to explore and love ourselves so much, expanding our awareness. Expanding our consciousness as we intuit new insights of truth to realise who we are and what life is all about.

As our consciousness expands, infinite ripples spread out into Our Magnificent World and affect mass consciousness. As we bring in more and more light to embody, we help our fellow man wake up and be able to feel into their own truth and begin their personal journey of Ascension that is taking us all beyond everything know.

It’s Celebration Time…

Yes my dear friends, you can join me jumping up and down in your seat and dance in celebration as we birth our individual grand dreams that are now coming to pass… as mass consciousness awakens one heart at a time.

Waking up to feel how they are precious and unique parts of Our Magnificent World, a part of many natural kingdoms that live here on Earth. Interconnected together by a most magical weave of LOVE, of Consciousness. Allowing themselves to consciously choose to ascend, to be the change and experience a most sensational life.

Not only this, but through this lockdown we all find ourselves in, Earth and our natural kingdoms, (plant and animal) are able to accelerate their own healing!

It delights me to see parts of my vision of NewEarth coming into our physical reality, with dolphins and cows happily grazing in clean shallow waters along the Southern Coast of Spain.

The first paragraph of my True Love Story…

Gentle refreshing waves lap over my feet as I enjoy walking along the ocean shore, my feet caress the fine white sparkling sand as they gently sink into the Earth. I smell the fresh seaweed lying on the sand that has naturally drifted ashore, waiting for me to pick it up and lay in my basket. I look out into the transparent and turquoise ocean and see the rich and colourful coral reefs in the depths below, the fish swimming in and out of their home and playground and the dolphins taking their morning swim in the shallow waters.

You see… just by prioritising and focusing on ourselves, loving and trusting ourselves so much we are reeling in our dreams into the physical reality… IAM so happy!

Our Ascension Journey is not a garden of roses though…

Not only is this very personal journey a garden full of beautiful fragrant roses, there are many thorns too! Thorns that need to be seen, acknowledged, embraced and dealt with accordingly. 

Our Human life experience is always bringing us just the right experience we need to realise the truth AND now we find ourselves in the midst of the corona virus that is here to serve us. Or are we allowing ourselves to be distracted and fall under the spell of many magicians that really don’t have our best interest at heart!

For whatever reason we hear why the virus is here, how it’s all going to end or how safe we are/will be. It is a time to accept and be with this situation that is happening, and use it as an opportunity to explore and discover the deeper realms of ourself, of our truth.

In the beginning of our Awakening, we realised that everyone, depending on his/her perception has a unique view and opinion about something. Making something neither right nor wrong, true or untrue. Just different.

We also realised there are people who don’t want to loose their power and control we’ve been giving them in the past; allowing them to steal energy from the sleepy and lazy population we have become, and continue to plot their next strategic move to undermine us!

Are you allowing stories to distract you…

We’ve all heard the stories, the conspiracies that are re-surfacing now in a multiple way. Flooding our social media, trying to reel us back into the drama and deter us from fulfilling our Ascension journey.

It is important for us to remember these conspiracies have been purposely built on platforms of fear and drama; the highs and lows of duality. Ready to reel in the ones who have no patience, nor time to fully love and trust themselves, to realise and embody their own truth.

There is no doubt they will go to great lengths to steal energy/power from us, to ensure they keep their value and important position. They know they can only do this to people who remain blind to their own true power and magnificence… so you can imagine they are trying their best to interrupt our most natural Ascension journey.

What can you do to stop the distraction…

It is therefore essential we remain observant, aware and discern or feel into every potential we are faced with. We can ask ourselves… Is this my truth? Is this in my highest interest to know? But really it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not because we all have our own grand dream of NewEarth we are individually birthing from within… tiny steps at a time!

We truly are the Masters and Creators, the New Energy Pioneers of NewEarth.

What is our lockdown all about? How is it going to unravel? It all depends on how you love and trust All of Yourself, Body, Mind & Spirit, how you allow yourself to embody your realisation and be the change that changes the world one tiny step at a time.

My NewEarth is showing itself to me in many ways now and I have the utmost trust that everything will unfold most perfectly.

Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

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April 26, 2020 at 01:00

I am not allowing the multitudes of drama steal my energy, Barbara. I go about living yes very aware what is occurring yet knowing this is a smoke screen, an illusion, all with the goal to keep us prisoners of fear. I have been saying for years I will not bend my knee to fear and I am continuing to do so. I am seeing a huge awakening. I am witnessing it! I am seeing healing for Mother. I am witnessing it! My HOPE is the healing that is taking place in ALL sentient Beings, continues when life again begins to move forward. The fresh clean air is so pure making me realize how bad it used to be and that we all deserve to breathe clean air. I’m also witnessing miracles in the bird kingdom, in the animal kingdom and yes in humans. All is good. Your post is tremendous!! Thank YOU for being who you are. Bless you from the bottom of my heart!! xo

Barbara Frankenreply
April 27, 2020 at 18:17
– In reply to: AmyRose🌹

And bless you dear amy too❤️ enjoy enjoying your life, and I also join you in holding the potential for awakening hearts to see how each individual can keep Earth healthy from now on. No more going backwards. Only allowing our magic to unfold! much love Amy and thanks so much for you visit. Barbara x 🥰

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