A Series of Awakening Stories…

As YOU find yourself amidst the seemingly chaotic world, not just in your own relationship, your job, your country but the whole of Earth… I want to tell you it’s all part of the magnificent plan that we all agreed to be part of!

Everything that is happening now is inspiring you to wake up, out of the dense dual reality you have comfortably lived in for so long! The Human life that has been built on untruths; of how you were born in sin, how there is a lack of everything and how you have to be your best to survive in this cruel world.

The truth is, it has all been necessary for everyone to experience life and bring each to this now moment to be able to choose, quite easily, no longer to play in the game of success and failure and instead rise above with your head held high as your Magnificent Self.

Each weekend, IAM re-publishing our Awakening Stories we wrote a few years back, for you to read now and be inspired to wakeup from your Earthly struggle and live your life in all ease and grace as the multi-dimensional magnificent being of light you are!

This week’s True Awakening Story has been written by Julianne Victoria who shares her journey into the labyrinth…

January 5th is the Twelfth Day of Christmas, followed by the Epiphany on the 6th, the day the three Magi (wise men or astrologers), who after studying the heavens and following a specific star, visited the newborn baby Jesus. This star became known as the Star of Bethlehem.

The Magi brought gifts to their new-born king, the son of God: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Gold symbolizes kingship, value, and virtue. Frankincense symbolizes God, deities, and the Divine. Smells, perfumes, and incense are used in many different religious and spiritual practices. Smell is also the sense (of the 5 senses) that is related to the element of earth and the root chakra, Muladhara. 

This may reflect that the root of our Being, of our divine essence, of our souls is with the Divine of All. The third gift that the Magi brought was myrrh. Myrrh is a tree resin used as an oil, and it symbolizes mortality, death, and suffering. Ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians, used myrrh as a preservative embalming oil for the dead.

These three gifts, though they are fittingly symbolic for a human-deity king, can also be seen as symbolic for all of us, for we are all part of the divine source, the One. The gold represents the golden light of virtue within all of us, and that each of us has value and worth. The frankincense represents the divine within each of us, which is connected and interconnected to the divine in every single one of us and everything. The myrrh represents the experiences of suffering, growth, learning, and joy that our mortal bodies and minds experience, but our souls, our divine selves, will be preserved and live on after the death of the physical.

In resonance with the Christmas Season and the New Beginnings of the New Year, I’d like to share an awakening experience, or more of an annual re-awakening or further awakening practice, that has become a tradition for me since New Year’s Eve 2005 – I do a labyrinth meditation practice. This has been a very powerful silent contemplation practice that clears and opens the way for continued and new growth each new year.

On the journey into the labyrinth, I think about all that I wish to clear out, cleanse, and both want to and need to let go of from the past year. This can be physical, material, social, mental, emotional, and energetic or vibrational. When I reach the center of the labyrinth, I stand still, either in complete mental silence or I say a prayer or chant in my mind depending on the year. I stay there as long I feel I need to, until the old that I am releasing disperses, and I feel lighter. On the journey out of the labyrinth, I meditate on all that I wish to keep, continue, expand upon, grow with, and bring into and receive into my life in the coming year.

I realized during this year’s labyrinth meditation, that the journey of the Magi might also have been an awakening experience. The Three Magi are believed to have travelled a long distance and must have had much time for silent meditation and contemplation on their journey.

On their journey to the baby Jesus, they had time to contemplate all that life on earth had been, and what they hoped would change and be released. Meeting Jesus would have been like coming to the center of the labyrinth, where they stopped in prayer and adoration to the Divine. On their journey away from the nativity, they must have contemplated on how their world would soon change, and all the good they hoped would come into it.

Journeying to the center of the labyrinth is symbolic to me of journeying deep into the golden essence of my Being, to connect fully with God, the Divine, Source, All, and the One that is within. It is an awakening experience in the clear light of awareness, that allows me to look at my life with the clarity between what Is and what is impermanent, empty, meaningless, and mortal. In walking the labyrinth, I receive the gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Whatever your religious beliefs, spiritual practices, or none of these, we all can strive to follow the light of our inner essence and wisdom, and allow it to guide us to ever more awareness. Like the Magi following the Star of Bethlehem, let us all follow our inner star, the light within us, and may it guide us all to many new and wondrous things in the new year and beyond…

You can read more about Julianne’s Journey on her website… http://juliannevictoria.com

Introduction to Awakening

One heart at a time, people are naturally Awakening after a long and hard Human experience. You are remembering that you are so much more than your physical Human body, mind and the five senses you use. You know that this Awakening is part of a natural cycle that at times you think you are going nowhere, even backwards but you trust the Divine part of you has everything perfectly worked out.

You are part of a grand natural Awakening of Humankind, part of an expanded cosmic happening. The integration of your Humanness and your Divineness, allowing the full blossoming and Enlightenment of you…  the DivineHumanBeing to come together and consciously live on Earth as a Sovereign and Magnificent Being; a Living Ascended Master and Creator.

Affects and Changes of the Awakening Earth and the Human Being

The Earth and Humankind are all part of a Natural Shift of Consciousness that is occurring now. Our solar system finds itself surrounded by a higher vibrational energy; a new energy that we have called forth in our declaration for no more fear, greed and power-mongering. It is an energy that resonates with LOVE. Love that Humans have learned to FEEL here on Earth. A love that creates DivineHumanBeings, allowing them to live in a peaceful and harmonious surrounding on Earth. This new energy, of intense light actually affects the magnetic make-up of our whole solar system. Creating intense magnetic storms on our sun, where strong solar flares reach the Earths orbit and interfere with the magnetics within the Earth and the Human Being.

The Human body contains millions of tiny magnetic particles that interconnect through Human antennas to the Earth’s magnetic field, enabling the Human to receive and transmit consciousness which influence the physical body and all its internal systems.

The interference of the magnetic field is causing a cleansing effect on Earth, physical shifting and shaking the earth and her inhabitants, creating unusual weather patterns and within the Human Being; cleansing people from all their fears and yesterdays. It is actually the most beautiful gift that we can receive. 

Intense light to naturally awaken our consciousness, changing our DNA and crystalising our molecules. Our inner light, our being is being ignited anew, clearing our body of past debris, burning away everything that no longer serves us, leaving nothing but pure love and passion within each Human Being and the Earth.

During this shift in consciousness… our Awakening is affecting our mental, emotional and physical bodies, pulling us all ways and putting us through some uncomfortable and painful times. Not only are we integrating and releasing all our own past life patterns and karma that no longer serves us, but that of all our ancestors that have lived before us. Our Body Consciousness; Body, Mind and Spirit is finding a new balance.

It is most important neither to fight nor to give in, but to trust that everything is all so perfect. This is our journey that we have chosen to live now so let’s enjoy the ride and allow our Embodied Ascension to happen quite naturally.

Awakening Symptoms

Physical… Aches and pains in the joints, especially neck, shoulders and back, heat sensations beyond the menopause, feeling hot and cold, feeling dizzy and shaky, vertigo, ringing in the ears, nauseous, itchy skin, red patchy skin especially the face, exhaustion and feeling tired, waking up a lot, headaches and migraine, stomach aches and indigestion, no appetite, extremes of diarrhea and constipation, eating a lot, heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat 

Emotional… Crying, deep sadness, confused, nervousness, passionless 

Mental… Anxious, intense dreaming, loneliness, not thinking straight, losing words, depressed 

Barbara’s suggestions for more comfort

Consciously breathing in the new energy, especially in painful areas, 10 mins. a day, healthy daily eating of protein, good fats, lots of fruit and veg,
drink plenty of fresh water, moderate use of caffeine, coffee, tea and alcohol, positive and loving self talk, soaking the body in Epsom salts and lavender oil, walking in nature or some form of gentle exercise you enjoy 20 mins a day, sleep a lot… napping through the day if possible, trust yourself… even when doubt tries to creep into your mind

Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness & Multi-Dimensional Living

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