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Consciousness vs AI
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Artificial Intelligence vs Consciousness… What’s Going On?

I know when you look around, you sense the great polarisation and chaos playing out all over the world as old, corrupt and unfair systems break down to make way for a new harmonious way of living, fuelled by the Power of Love and honours all life.

IAM wondering though, if you also sense the magnificent beauty and power of Our Natural World and realise YOUR essential, unique and powerful part in it? 

Only when you are aware of your own vital and sovereign part in the heart of Our Magnificent World… can you own your innate Power of Love; being responsible for caring for Self, having loving thoughts, words and deeds, being completely happy and able to honour all life.

Unfortunately I know this sounds completely foreign to most people and is very different from how most people live their lives now. Most people act fearful and powerless, having given away all their power to others. The governments around the world come to mind that are all having trouble discovering a balanced way of leadership.

That’s why my WordPress friends and I came together to write and publish this free e-book to share our feelings on a rather deep and tricky subject… Artificial Intelligence vs Consciousness… that we know you will enjoy reading, inspiring YOU to reflect upon what is going on the world around you… sensing your own essential part in it all and understanding how you consciously orchestrate change with each breath you breathe.

Remember it is never too late, to take a few moments out in nature, to look around, to breathe and reconnect with your Environment and feel the magic dancing in the air. Allow your perception to expand, quite simply and change the way you live your life… from being powerless to being powerful… which will ripple out and change the world!

IAM so grateful to all my Divine brothers and sisters who participated in this writing challenge and helped make this small and powerful publication possible. 

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