The Art of Walking in ‘The Unknown’…

Me, My Magnificent Self!

Wishing everyone a Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening where ever you are.

IAM visiting my wonderful mum in beautiful Derbyshire, who IAM delighted to say has turned a corner in her healing. She’s feeling much better in herself since she broke her hip back in March… and is now focusing on bringing her physical body into harmony with the rest of her. My mum has always had a strong will and faith to live a great life each day.

We never give up! Yes, we moan and have doubts on occasion, but we have a loving family and friends who come in, in times of need, to nurture and remind each other of our inner power and strength, and our dream of defying normal life expectation!

For many of us it’s been a tough 2 years. For myself the beginning of 2016 began full of optimism, enthusiasm and creating magic… I was flying high, even with experiencing a few set backs in 2015. Then suddenly life around me started to change… as if I’d stepped into another world, certainly another experience… that began to test my optimism, enthusiasm and passion for creating… magic!

Circumstances took me once again deep within, to explore the depths of myself, embracing many old patterns and beliefs that surrounded me and discovering important truths to ensure I walk confidently in the land of ‘the unknown’, experiencing a vibrant and harmonious life of celebration. Apart from my passion for writing, painting and family, I haven’t been very social… AND for once IAM not sorry about it.

Then… since this summer… I have felt my world shifting again… into a much vibrant and joyous place. I shared a glimpse of it in my post at the end of August and I continue to feel a new empowered optimism, enthusiasm and passion to create magic… walking in freedom, not knowing any outcome… only trusting Divine Grandness to reflect in my physical reality.

After a couple of days in England, the cooler winds and Jack Frost found a way into my body… calling me to rest in bed for a while and allow the old energy of my patterns and beliefs to be released.

Our physical bodies are all going to take the time each person needs to detox and upgrade to our multi-dimensional crystalline DivineHuman selves… in the meantime its essential we stay open and receive the magical impulses that are leading us into a new adventure… into the unknown.

This Sunday morning I sprang out of bed and dressed up warm to explore my mums home village of Hulland Ward in Derbyshire. It felt like a sparkling and vibrant day to walk where I’ve never been before! Unknown territory that I know is always full of inspiration and magic.

Please walk with me and lets enjoy prickling our senses together!

Beautiful Derbyshire Dales… Lazy days, just being, laying around, eating, drinking and being merry…
Standing strong, naked, vulnerable but trusting this new cycle is bringing us further into wholeness…
Enjoying the contrast of dark and light, in perfect harmony…
Freedom to be with each other…
Nettles are so powerful… they sting to get your attention! They mean business! They have antihistamine and anti-inflammatory qualities that help detox the body/mind… helping you to release toxins and bringing your body/mind back into balance. In particular they help with urinary infection, Arthritis and Joint pain, Allergies, Bleeding and Eczema. Read more from Dr Mercola
Nature naturally manages itself beautifully…
Each is individual, Sovereign AND interconnected with all the Environment…
Paths beckon to take us into unknown pastures…
Hedgerows neatly cut, homes well maintained, all a unique part of ‘Our Magnificent World’…
An abundance of colour and fruit, fearless of the change that is being experienced…
Cosy Derbyshire stone cottage and nurtured flowers radiating joy, love and peace…
Embracing the old, merging the old and the new, welcoming transformation…
A closed door daring us to open up further into the depths of ourselves. Revealing only magic… BUT do YOU dare?
A magical castle, a great sacred and quiet space to anchor and nurture yourself… AND remember…
Playing with Nature...
You are an essential and unique part in ‘Our Magnificent World’… here to play, have fun and fill your heart with the love, joy and peace YOU truly are… Click on the picture to enjoy walking with me in the crisp autumn leaves… Do you remember loving to do this when you were small?

The Art of Walking in ‘The Unknown’
What a magical time I’ve had… I hope you sensed the magic too. It’s when we have no expectation nor particular outcome in life, we allow ourselves to open up to a whole new experience of wonder and magic… and can trust we come upon just what we need.

So let us all remember as we take each new step forward… to leave behind everything old, controlling and limiting, to know that now is the time to fully emerge from all our trials and be open to experience new harmony within and without in total freedom.

AND so NewEarth is born.

Our October Writing Challenge… A Selection of True Awakening experiences Part III

IAM enjoying so much reading each day our published personal stories of our Awakening/Ascension experiences. I thank all my Divine sisters and brothers who continue to inspire me to be Me, My Magnificent Self.

We’re nearly at the end of the month… but if anyone would like to join this challenge, we can flow into November. Please read this post for more info… and find the links to read all our amazing stories.

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October 29, 2018 at 15:19

I do love the countryside over there…My father was born in Surrey and what beautiful country that is as well…Glad your mum is doing better and you were able to spend time together. Thanks for the stroll through nature…Well done….Stay at peace within….VK <3

October 29, 2018 at 21:21

I am glad to hear that your mother is improving. Your photos are lovely. Europe is such a beautiful diverse place with so much history and charm. I hope to spend more time across the pond before too long. IAM still working on my post which will be ready for publication at some point tomorrow.

Take good care of your body and spirit,
love Linda <3

November 1, 2018 at 06:45

The photos are so amazing, and I feel as if I am right there experiencing those beautiful places, thanks, Barbara for sharing your joy and light, Maria

November 2, 2018 at 11:48

Wonderful, thank you for sharing.

Share your love ... thank you x