Snippets of True Awakening Stories on our October Writing Challenge…

A Selection of True Awakening Experiences… Part III

IAM posting today snippets of 12 of our ‘True Awakening Stories’ that we have published together up until today… for our October writing challenge and creation of Free E-Book…  followed by another week of inspiring true experiences we have all given ourself at these times of great change.

Please enjoy reading these stories that I know will resonate with your heart… inspiring YOU to remain on your path… to help you continue to be aware of yourself… your thoughts, emotions and behaviour… cause this path of Awakening… of Ascension… it’s not all easy… and very easy to give up.

Our stories will inspire you to trust yourself, hang in there, not give up and follow your own feelings that will for sure… lead you to wonderful new experiences and the rebirth of your Multi-Dimensional Self!

If you feel you would like to join us and write about your own experience during your Awakening or Ascension, just let me know in the comments, cause we can always flow into November. Please refer to this post for more info.

October Writing Challenge… True Awakening/Ascension Experiences

1 Joseph – Seeing the Whisper

Little by little, on my journey, I felt like I was being taken
care of, loved and protected.  In my silence, I was awakened
similar to a dormant seed in darkness ready to germinate and
ascended in silence where things grow.

2 Jan – Awakening to the coming of death

Awakening to the coming of death
Is a True Awakening experience.
Much as I love the colors of autumn,
I realize these leaves are on their way out.

3 Kimberley – MeMyMagnificentSelf (temporarily posted here)

Awakening is an opening unfoldment of each moment existing within, beside, between, before and after the next.  We do not march stepwise to our awakening, but rather come to the awareness that each moment contains the totality of All. 

4 Barbara – MeMyMagnificentSelf

Looking back, I can see how my initial Awakening was the beginning of a l–o–n–g Ascension process preparing me to incarnate aNEW on the physical plane. It has not been an instantaneous happening… a wave of a magic wand. My transformation is happening according to how I, Barbara the Human… allows my awareness or consciousness to bring me into a new form of harmonious experience… or not!

5 Ka – Fiesta Estrellas

your true nature shines free with the complete
view that all is now magic, laced in the fabric
of gentle thoughts, easy movements

7 Tomas – New Earth Heartbeat

My experience, after partaking of this mind-altering substance, demonstrated to me that there is “something else” happening here than I had been taught in school. I wanted to find out how to experience life in this way, free of the filters that distorted my perception –  without the use of any substance but purely using my own mind. Questions like these have fueled my inquiry into the nature of consciousness and the mechanisms of bondage for the last fifty-two years.

9 Gina – A lifeless lived blog

walking a path takes discipline, of mind
knowing what we leave behind, we may never again see
not knowing what we will find ahead of us, is scary
yet we follow the path dutifully, why?
because someone walked it, before us
and dropped their thoughts, along the way
little directional pebbles

12 CW – Sunflowerrosecw

“Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.” – Mary Tyler Moore
In these years, I have lost and gained. Some people left while the others remain. I stopped chasing for people who do not reciprocate even after much attempts. I stopped being the person who tried hard to please everyone and to keep everyone in my life because I know deep in my heart, some people come as blessings whereas the others are life lessons.

13 Balroop – Emotional Shadows

Wake up, nudged my muse
I grimaced,

And immersed myself
Deeper into the sea of
Self-judgment and censure
Self-scorn and regret

14 Brooke – SerpentGuide

Now, I am evolving to a third phase of my transformation in my life and soul path.  I have been told that I am coming to the end of the second phase of my evolution. It is now time for me to share my professional and spiritual knowledge as I will assume the role of teacher/educator, and pass the direct service work with college students to the next generation.  However, in order for me to evolve to this third phase, I must continue to let go.

15 Leigh – Bluegrassnotes

I’ve joked many times, if I’d realized at the beginning the journey would lead me into so many deep hollows and twisty byways I probably wouldn’t have started. Along the way, the spiritual tools my early mentors handed me wound up adding spirituality to the journey; I admit it was not part of my original quest. The spiritual side leaves me aware there’s a flow and life is easier when you connect with it. And I keep getting glimpses — “knowing”– or flashes of insight about where the current is heading, so I’m trying to interpret and understand.

22 Tania – Taniamarieartist

I reviewed and I delved, and the choice weighed heavily on my heart. In the end, I chose to explore a new possibility, to be open to potentials that might recreate things for me here on Earth, and to see if any of it called enough to my heart to make me want to stay.

24 Wendy – Thecompanyofspirits

What does Awakening and Ascension mean in terms of our experience of who we are, what we are, and how we experience the world around us? To me, it all comes around to healing ourselves, all of our selves so we can manifest the whole of our wonderful, loving, radiant, peaceful, wise true Being on this Earth in this lifetime.

AND more writings to come from my Divine brothers and sisters from tomorrow…

25 Michael – Embracing Forever
Sue – Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary
Edith – New Beginnings
Dace – Mywaytotruth
Aleya – Alohaleya
Linda – Litebeing
Joseph – Seeingthewhisper

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