Magnificent Guest Blogger/Author Feature 2018… Consciousness vs Artificial Intelligence

Consciousness vs AI

In the beginning of 2018 I was inspired to deeply connect with my core message and discover new ways to express and inspire myself and others about the Evolution of Consciousness that is naturally taking place now on a grand scale. One of my new ways was to challenge myself and fellow bloggers to write about our feelings on Consciousness vs Artificial Intelligence… creating awareness for the different potentials we are all creating with our Human/Machine technology.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are all naturally expanding consciousness with each breath we breathe and orchestrating grand change in the world.

Today IAM publishing my thoughts on Consciousness vs Artificial Intelligence.

In the beginning of my Awakening journey, I imagined the high frequency of the light would excitingly wake everyone up (just like myself) and perceive the big picture, which allows them to experience being free, powerful and sovereign Beings.

However, in my observation I have realised that many people are instead, reinforcing their blinkers and digging their heels in, in their pursuit for perfection and to survive in the ever increasing insanity of mass consciousness/the world.

It’s all ok. The great polarisation of love & fear we are all creating… is reminding us to honour each choice of experience. No judgement. When we accept all, we can fully focus on our own unfolding story of experience, sense our consciousness growing as we perceive more of the big picture and feel the love and joy flowing through our bodies, radiating out brightly to inspire others to open up and sense the many potentials that are waiting to serve humanity.

Hearts of Love
So on one hand we have many Human hearts awakening to perceive the grand tapestry of life and their essential part in it. Allowing each person to sense and realise the ever expanding consciousness that flows throughout All life is not separate from who they essentially are.

As consciousness, each person attracts energy to serve them, they know this and are clear about how they want to feel and what they want to experience in their multi-dimensional reality… of course, for the good of all and bring in new creations and experiences of freedom, unity, joy, love, peace… and abundance.

There is no longer anything to pursue or be afraid of out there. Each person knows he is the power and intelligence, is sovereign and self sufficient and allows energy to serve him in each moment.

Fearful Minds
On the other hand we have the Human mind, out of the fear of lack and annihilation searches for a way to be the best, the fastest, most perfect and survive in a limited and violent world. We are using technology for this… Artificial Intelligence and nano technology is allowing the Human body to be fixed and repaired, to predict genetic predisposition and treat it with a medical protocol and pill to extend life a little or maybe a lot if lucky. AND so much more in our pursuit to live in happiness.

BUT what about the mental aspect? Of the insanity that is increasingly evident? Pills are already being found to repress thoughts and emotions and evoke explosive and violent reactions which may land you in a physical smaller limited space. AND what about the effect pills are having on the body’s natural systems that balance our wellness?

As many find themselves temporarily fixed with all kinds of spare parts and living longer… they may wonder how to fill up their time as they see more and more jobs being taken over by machines, life moving faster and everything becoming more expensive! How does one keep up, earn his way, be successful and happy? Life seems hard and the concerns and worries about fitting in and achieving mount up and don’t make him feel good at all.

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence
Each conscious person knows that all life flows with consciousness… awareness to experience itself. Everything has the potential to evolve so why not AI. This is why it is essential each person asks… What is the intention of AI? What is our place and that of robots in life? How do we want them to serve us? AND join in the discussion regarding the advancement of AI.

A happy destiny is determined by mindful choice or left in the hands of only the ones investing and programming AI… who may or may not be of sound and mindful mind… could cause the destruction and the end of Humanity as we know it.

One individual can change and make a difference, many coming together creates a strong voice and can change things too.

IAM not personally affected either way, as I create my own reality, joining many DivineHumans on NewEarth, which we all first create within and reflect in our Environment. Our light protects us from any darkness, we can’t be seen but we can see how Humanity chooses its destiny. We honour each choice made. (I invite you to read my love story Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom, that shares my vision I hold of NewEarth).

However, saying this IAM interested in all realities of life, in each person and ask YOU now to be interested in yourself too, to know and feel your magnificence and be responsible for yourself and your children that you have brought into this world. You are responsible for teaching them their true essence of love.

AND please let us all remember when one focuses on building bigger, better and faster machines of intelligence… creating powerful machines… one simultaneously disempowers their own Human intelligence of imagination, intuition, creativity and bodymindspirit wisdom.

At some stage in life, you have to choose where you want your life to go… otherwise someone else will make the choice for you.

Articles on Artificial Intelligence of Interest
I have been reading many articles this last year about AI and noticed these last couple of months many people are getting involved, writing… which makes my heart swell with joy. Below is an excerpt of an interesting conversation between 2 Artificial Intelligence scientists about what’s to come.

SO: I would like to see us being very conscious about what it is we’re trying to create. The technologists are pretty much excited just about the technology. The businesses are excited about making money. But we need somebody holding up the highest values of humanity to say, “This is a vision for where we would like to end up.” For me that is the karmic aspect: what are our intentions as we move forward?

NM: Exactly. And whether we’re technologists or consumers, we do have a say as voters. By starting to think about what we want our society to look like—which is not so different from the thinking that we need to be doing anyway—what do we want to manifest in the world? AI makes things more intense by orders of magnitude, so the impact that people can have either as individuals or as societies in general is amplified. We could have a wealthy person controlling lots and lots of AI soldiers. Or we could have lots and lots of AI nurses.

I found a great resource of articles about Artificial Intelligence in Futurism that is well worth delving into. They introduce themself as follows:

From predicting and identifying disease to revolutionizing the way we work, the next few decades will tell the story of the rise of machine intelligence. We’re already having intelligent conversations with our cell phones, and in the months and years to come, artificial intelligence will materially change our world. We’ll be here to track it as it happens.

I resonated, in particular with Bernardo Kastrup and his thoughts on Consciousness, Artificial Intelligence and the future.

Here is a recent article for Scientific American in which he lays out his argument that consciousness is a fundamental aspect of the natural universe, and that people tap into dissociated fragments of consciousness to become distinct individuals. He clarified that he believes that even a general AI — the name given to the sort of all-encompassing AI that we see in science fiction — may someday come to be, but that even such an AI system could never have private, conscious inner thoughts as humans do.

Last Note
Before I leave this subject I have these questions to ask you: Do you realise you are Consciousness itself and Energy serves you? Do you realise you have the power to choose? What do you desire to experience? How do you choose to live?

AND the following thoughts: If everything flows with consciousness, machines must too and as we give them brain networks to make them intelligent, what is to stop them evolving into however they desire. If this isn’t enough for machines to evolve in the name of love or fear, maybe souls one day will want to choose to experience embodying a machine/robot… just for the sheer joy or hell of it!

May I remind you that there is nothing to be fearful about out there… there is only life to experience in anyway you choose. It’s your choice… love or fear… You are the Master & Creator of your destiny.

You are invited to join my writing challenge this year, writing your thoughts about Consciousness vs Artificial Intelligence that runs until end of November. You will be part of creating a Free E-Book I will publish in December, to create awareness on this subject and about how essential each person is in the whole tapestry of life. Contact me with your interest and I’ll give the next available date. Read all about this challange in my post here. Thankyou.

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