The Importance of Detaching and Releasing Old Human Roles…

We talk about releasing old programmes, patterns, beliefs and fears but what about the old roles we’ve played, become attached to and built our identity upon?

Baby, Daughter, Toddler, Explorer, Child, Playmate, Teenager, Rebel, Student, Young Adult, Beauty, Independent, Girlfriend, Employee, Imagineer, Middle Aged, Carer, Wife, Mother, Dependent, Teacher, Employer, Retiree, Wise Owl, Free Spirit, Hag, Independent. 

Looking back I remember all my roles I’ve played, experiences felt… good and bad. I can sense the natural flow as it has all changed me, allowed me to grow, to explore, discover and experience more of life. I know all the unnecessary pain I caused myself to feel, as I identified myself with my roles.

An attachment with a role… with an experience… with pain… lives on within, there is no separation… the pain is all very consuming. Until one realises… IAM the awareness; the everlasting Divine light experiencing life in each moment.

IAM not the baby, the child people took advantage of, the rebel teenager, the dependent wife nor the retiree. I have never been these roles… they have only allowed me to explore, experience life and discover Who IAM.

The realisation of Who IAM… allows one to detach self from all roles and experience, and in turn the energy is released. The Mental or Emotional tensions dissolve and one can live life fully in each moment experiencing the joy, love and harmony IAM.

Recently I’ve noticed that as we realise the importance of detaching and releasing roles… we flow through life in ease and grace, unattached to our roles, to our relationships… and allow our roles with each other to change. There is no judgement… only a loving presence, which observes new interactions… new connections… new potential.

IAM blessed to have experienced so many roles of being dependent and cared for… and being independent and caring for others… AND IAM sure this beautiful flow with continue in all ease and grace.

This summer I’ve enjoyed caring for my mother. Helping her through rough times, reminding her to shine her light, to trust her Divine journey and know she is loved by her family. She continues to recover slowly but surely AND I know for sure at 83 she still has much work to look forward to… if you can call, helping Humankind through this #GreatShiftofConsciousness and #Ascension process, work.

It is a sacred mission… like mother… like daughter.

I’ve also enjoyed exploring Derbyshire with my Dad and Husband… visiting my childhood homes and countryside. Please enjoy the following photos.

My first childhood home that backed onto Chaddesden Park
The beautiful surroundings at Dovedale.
Break Farm, our old family weekend home with Nan & Grandad in Ashbourne. Enjoying Duffield Carnival.
Sacred Site at Arbor Low, Derbyshire.
The magical gardens at Chatsworth.
Chatsworth Estate, Derbyshire
Beautiful Derbyshire cottages and country life.
Tissington Wells

After 6 weeks in England we had to venture back home. We stayed an evening in Holland to catch up with our family and enjoyed travelling back through France… discovering 2 great Bed & Breakfast gems we highly recommend… clean & good quality bedrooms, charming old French homes, friendly owners, great service and food, wine or coffee to die for.

Stayed at a lovely French chateau… Highly recommended B & B if you’re passing through. Le Belvedere des Remparts, 33 rue Lombard, 52200 Langres, (Champagne-Ardenne) France
Highly recommended B & B AND dinner cooked by the owner/chef Manuel (Michelin standard!) L’Escampe, 2 av de la Chicanette, 34400 Saturargues, (Nr Montpellier) South of France

Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
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August 17, 2018 at 18:34

Hi Barbara,
I thoroughly enjoyed this post and loved seeing all the fabulous places you visited on your vacation. Hope your mom is recovering nicely. I always look forward to new material from you because you have such a positive and unique perspective. Roles can define identity if we let them. IAM certain I have learned more about this topic while being unemployed. It is always a challenge when we undergo change, but it can also be quite exciting and illuminating.

blessings with love,

Barbara Frankenreply
August 18, 2018 at 09:04
– In reply to: Anonymous

Are you commenting in disguise Linda? Most people think it’s normal to define self with their roles and that’s why we have an epidemic of mental and physical illness… as you well know. AND then you and me appear to help people understand the untruths fed to gullible Humans. Thanks so much for your lovely comment… I appreciate being called unique❤️ much love x

August 19, 2018 at 14:13

What an absolutely lovely post. Your pictures brought such calm to my spirit, Barbara. Thank you. And speaking of roles …. lately many revelations have been revealed to me how I’ve brought patterns unknowingly from my childhood right smack into my present day. Once seen, I tell them they are no longer serving a purpose in my life, let them go, and visualize good to replace that pattern that has followed me. Bless you for being you!!! 🌹

Barbara Frankenreply
August 27, 2018 at 10:35
– In reply to: Anonymous

Ah Thankyou so much for resonating with my words… we can all be grateful for realising an old pattern… trusting this happens at the most appropriate moment to solve them in our own way… for each to journey on and fully blossom. Much love x

Share your love ... thank you x