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We are certainly experiencing the blossoming of the Summer Solstice here in the northern hemisphere, as we reach the peak of the longest day of light, tomorrow 11.00 GMT (and the shortest day of light in the southern hemisphere). It is a great time to celebrate the changing of seasons and to prepare for the coming times of great change.

Have you allowed yourself to sit quiet lately and feel the vibrations of Mother Earth? She is certainly charging up her frequency for all to feel her. I have and she is inviting us all now to lie with her and prepare for the coming times. I’ve decided to dedicate todays live chat to lying with Mother Earth in an Inner Journey. You can join me later on our facebook group New Earth Community at 5 to 5 Madrid UTC +2 or watch the reply on Facebook or my uTube channel.

In the meantime I have found an old post I wrote about freedom and how it’s time for each person to make the choice as to their own destiny.

Now more than ever, everyone must make the choice if they want to be free from the Human game and live innocently like a child… in the unknown… without fear… jumping with joy… playing make-believe… creating new… moving on… having no limitation. AND so it is.


The beginning of January 2015 feels lighter and the energy, more open (compared with the heavy energy that led up to the closing of 2014)… but all I still feel is a dense, closed and hectic energy… I feel as if I can’t settle or concentrate for long and instead have to be extremely alert.  Someone I listened to the other day summed up my feeling quite nicely…

You feel like you are walking in a tunnel of whirling wind and you are the light of a candle that is trying very hard to stay lit.

IAM a master of peace and IAM spending much time listening to the sea’s ebb and flow from my home, taking many walks along the seashore and spending time consciously breathing, relaxing and being the light.   The hum in the air is keeping me ALERT AND AWARE of the upbeat of turmoil that is playing out all over the world.  The polarity FEAR vs LOVE is escalating as more and more people are becoming aware of how important it is to stand together, no matter what religion, politic, race or class and honour and respect each other’s unique difference.  It is also making more of us question the line we may cross when we don’t agree with another’s belief, opinion or law.

SATIRE was born many moons ago when people wanted to expose, criticise and ridicule corruption, hypocrisy, foolishness of ‘powerful’ individuals, groups and societies that threatened humanity… the Artists and Writers, hoping that their ‘humorous reminder of their ways’ would help them overcome their weakness and change their harmful way.

Satire has helped us through many horrific times with powerful leaders of ill will… standing up for our best interest on our journey to our civilized life.  We have experienced and learned much and most of us have come to the understanding that we are all unique and equal and that there is no one ‘right’ way, but many ‘right’ ways to live a happy life, believing in what ever we choose ‘as long as it is not to the detriment of ourself or another’.  Surely then, there is no more need to continue our ridicule of religious, political and cultural differences?

So why do we continue to do this?  Why can’t we allow ourself to focus on our own life and leave others to focus on theirs?  Or do we remain fearful of not being the best or the most important and fear the difference of another ?  

Our own fear is what attracts the fanatics who choose to repeat the patterns of their ancestors in the game of survival and in their ignorance, boredom and despair they come and fight with us to find out who the greatest is.

FEAR will never win because of the LOVE that is expanding quickly now among us… but the fight will continue until our individual and mass fear is understood, embraced and each chooses how they want to live.

IAM very sensitive to what is happening now… not only in real life but the TV drama’s and films are stepping up the ‘bloody fight’… I feel the fear of others around and I have to be so alert and aware to anchor myself in my own safety and love otherwise my light will blow out and the wind will sweep me away to a place that I don’t choose, maybe into a bloody fight being played out somewhere in the world.

So I’ll hang in here, being the light and love that IAM, deeply connected to my IAM presence and ALL Knowingness, trusting myself to be in the right place at the right time and hope that more and more fellow men/women open up to their own truth and choose how they want to continue living.

The more LOVE… the less FEAR and CONFLICT

It’s time for each to choose the side of love or fear, the love that sets you free or the fear that keeps you imprisoned. For me the choice is easy to make, but I feel that many people don’t realise they do have a choice, as they believe the world is all about others, when in truth the world is all about YOURSELF and all about claiming your own magnificent power and freedom… from struggle, limitation and fear and able to live a life of celebration.

It’s quite simple to choose the side of love… for yourself… and intentionally be aware of the connection between body, mind and spirit and keep yourself feeling great, in balance and anchored within the Environment around… otherwise the wind might just decide to blow you away into the next battle.

Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
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Writing to Freedomreply
June 20, 2018 at 16:39

Thanks Barbara for continuing to spread love and light!

Barbara Frankenreply
August 8, 2018 at 10:47
– In reply to: Writing to Freedom

Thankyou Brad for resonating x

June 21, 2018 at 09:02

Dear Barbara, thank you for this reminder. On my favourite island in the Orkneys, Sanday we would walk to the highest spot, lie on our backs, feel the rumbles of the ancient Caledonian continent and watch the clouds fly by. Such peace and vibrations of connection are still hard to beat, but to do the same in our tiny garden today comes a close second. Love & Blessings, David

Barbara Frankenreply
June 21, 2018 at 18:07
– In reply to: David

How delightful David, lying high in the sky! Good job we have memories and imagination! I feel today as if Mother Earth is giving birth, she truly feels wide open! Thankyou for resonating and Much love to you x barbara x

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