Choosing to REUNITE Body, Mind & Spirit…

I can’t really get my head around how we are already in June… a couple of weeks away from the summer solstice and the count down for darker days! Maybe it’s because living in Southern Spain, I’ve not really experienced the glorious warm weather yet. Oh yes it continues to be scoldingly hot in the sun, but in the shade the wind blows a chilly gale that keeps my body covered up in wooly’s!

Times are certainly changing… life is becoming unpredictable and extreme… have you noticed?

All our old predictable patterns are falling by the wayside AND duality is singing louder than ever. Too many, who follow the trends and advice from others to reap their reward, to keep the roof over there heads and food in the mouths of their children are left confused and imprisoned in a chaotic state of wondering… how do I manage?

Everything out there is falling away… screaming… to drive everyone within!

No need to worry though, as the intense light from our solar and galactic sun is naturally opening hearts, for everyone to realise what the hell’s going on!

It’s a choice YOU make, to allow yourself to take a quiet moment, breathe and be aware of YOUR connection to Our Magnificent World. To be aware of YOUR essential, unique and powerful part of… the world, universe, consciousness, love.

You can choose for ‘the Human’ to expand beyond the small mind of predictability and duality and reunite with ‘the Divine’. Not the Divine out there in god, religion and spirituality… but the Divine that flows as consciousness… as love… through YOU. Who is not separate from your Human BodyMind, but waits patiently for YOU to choose to come back to  wholeness… to your natural multi-dimensional self. To come back into balance as one Body Consciousness and begin YOUR next adventure beyond everything ever known.

It’s time to quantum leap into Unity Consciousness and Multi-Dimensional Living right here on Earth.

How to begin?
By not resisting how life is taking you within and just breathe, just be with yourself, all of yourself and allow yourself to love, care and nurture YOU. By remembering and being GRATEFUL for all YOUR experience, all that you have and all that you are AND live each moment simply in-joying life in every moment.

I promise you, everything will fall effortlessly into place.

So instead of choosing (yes it remain your choice) to waste all your energy on worrying and being concerned about the world, everyone else and yourself (last)…  You can choose to focus your energy on YOURSELF first, to reunite BodyMindSpirit and emanate your loving presence out into the world that will bring ‘a happy ending’ into existence.

In the meantime… I observe how life is changing… how many people are naturally awakening, integrating BodyMindSpirit… which brings me much joy and remain grateful for all my great times celebrating life with family… who live overseas… that I’d love to share here with YOU again.

IAM so cute
Love Fishing with Alexander

Princess Juliette’s birthday breakfast… an abundance of fruit and chocolate cake…

Celebrating with Juliette & Joss on the white beaches of Anguila
Another delightful day

It is always a delight to be with my beautiful grandson Alexander, observing him growing into such a wonderful person… teaching us all how to live and enjoy each moment. He is a well mannered child with a great sense of humour and knows exactly what he likes and doesn’t like… we do have to be quite clear though with our own boundaries, to ensure his respect and tames any mardiness that children like to play at when they don’t get their own way.

There is certainly always something to celebrate each day… being with our children, especially in the warm Caribbean is a joy and who doesn’t enjoy waking up to such beautiful views!

We’ve a few more months before we’re off to be with them again and this time celebrating with our gorgeous son Richard in Aruba. Now we’re enjoying our new home, admiring our gardens and pools… Life is sure wonderful and we remain ever grateful!

If all flows well, I will be releasing my ‘love song’ I’ve been working on with my friend Rashpal, next week… to help inspire and support these changing times.

Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
Inspiring Multi-Dimensional Living

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