Celebration… Pain and more Celebration

As Earth and Humanity continue to journey from third dimensional to multi-dimensional reality… more and more hearts are naturally remembering and blossoming. Awakening from the imprisonment of the mind and physical reality… AND I realise many of my posts remain relevant to read and inspire again. IAM therefore updating and bringing back some of my older blog posts.

Today as I feel into the energy of now, IAM inspired to write about Celebration and Pain that IAM experiencing again.

Holland Celebrates Kings Day… 

Each year at the end of April we celebrate our King’s birthday. What superb examples of being real, being amongst the people and enjoying a great celebration together… the Royal Family of Holland remain… coming out into the streets year after year to celebrate with all the people the Kings/Queens birthday.

Ever since I arrived in Holland in the early 80’s, I have enjoyed going out in the streets to celebrate this day with thousands of happy, smiley, laughing, dancing, singing people. Over the years Holland has made such a big impression on me, it is a country that is open, direct, tolerant, easy going and friendly. The uniqueness and magnificence of each person stands central in life… in this way there is less violence, addiction, teenage pregnancy and illness than most other western countries.

So THANKYOU Holland for your wonderful presence in my life.  Here in Benalmadena, Spain we celebrate our life each day… AND on Kings day we find our local Dutch community and celebrate too.

Britain Celebrates a Prince’s Birth & Wedding

At the beginning of this beautiful month of May, Britain celebrates the birth of Prince Louis.

Welcome dear one… I hope you are ready for your great task of helping to bring Great Britain back to a vibrant nation and more importantly bringing a smile and happiness back to its people.

AND the country and world is getting ready to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and the American Actress Megan.  IAM sure they’ll put on a good show and many of us will enjoy the distraction from our woes!

The following question comes to mind… Is it the people that make a country great or is it the country that make a person great? I know my answer… whats yours?

So how are you celebrating YOUR life? 

When IAM not celebrating and being grateful for the simple things in life, I find myself enjoying Quiet Me Time…. time to get to know more depths of myself. I also spend time feeling the energy around me… simply by intention and expanding my consciousness around me. It’s been many years now that I have been overwhelmed with pain… not my own, but that of mass consciousness. I sense how so many people are suffering with chronic pain, tiredness, forgetfulness and confusion. The doctors clinics and hospitals are over flowing and there seems to be no cure or release for the ills of the world.

Earth is a great playground in which to play, learn and gain Human compassion and wisdom. Our life is for experiencing and discovering what we like and love, how we want to express our uniqueness and finally… realise who we truly are!

Unfortunately most of us have been captured by the promises of pleasure and gain… by others… by the powerful ones and remain caught up in the game and belief of survival, success and importance. Even though our bodies hint to us that something is not right… and mentally, emotionally and physically our body’s are breaking down.

It is because of old age, it is because of the chemicals, it is because of our past and families… It is either our fault, someone else’s or gods punishment!

We seem to know no better, and as energy serves consciousness… everything that we believe comes to pass and the Human suffers and eventually dies.

How can we change these beliefs that are deeply imprinted within the cellular structure of the Human body and mind AND bring about our healing and wholeness?

We can reunite with our spirit, who has never forsaken us. Our spirit that is not out there commanding… but lies within, loving us compassionately. It is the part of us that is Divine, infinite and the source of all life… it is the raw and powerful force of LOVE that is not separate from us.

When we give ourselves Quiet Me-Time to feel into our own truth, what feels good, we can allow a new friendship to blossom within and begin to understand the lessons our suffering and pain want to share with us… and remember the powerful and magnificent beings we all truly are.

Nobody out there can cure our ills. It is for each person to remember our creative source and how it is time now to choose to come into balance and be whole… to enjoy and celebrate living a new adventure beyond anything known.

It was back in 2015 when I first asked myself the question… Why are more and more people feeling the intensity of pain in their physical bodies now? This is what I intuited…

Humankind is coming to the end of a long and hard Human experience. A new energy is now in play (that we have created) to help us open, awaken and expand our consciousness… awareness… perspective. To allow each heart to feel into the truth of our past experience and choose now to live a happy, healthy and abundant life in cooperation with each other.

We can only experience this happy ending, if we choose for it in the present moment. But because we are so stuck in the mind and our long Human experience of conflict, resistance, chaos, duality, patterns, control and pain we deny ourself this freedom.

Our ancestors and ourselves have lived many lives… living the different roles of poorman, richman, gentleman, lady, sickman, goddess, king, vampire, murderer, victim. Numerous roles for us to experience all the Earthy sensations. This long experience is now coming to its end, as we have all called it forth, in answer to our cries for no more suffering, control, greed and violence. Therefore, everything we have ever experienced is coming up and out into the open… even the darkness, our fears and pains that have been hidden away… for recognition before its ultimate release.

The pain and fear that we are experiencing now is not ours… it is the collection of all the roles we’re played… coming to its head and coming out through us…as the last in line. 

The pain is calling our attention… bringing us to a place within ourself and within the moment, where we can be aware that we are so much more than our Human self and experience. For us to recognise the pain for what it is…  we are tired of living in a limited world, being captive in an old energy that no longer serves us. It is coming up to be recognised, accepted and embraced before its release and transformation. We can allow simply, through our awareness… our consciousness, the pain and fear to take a step back from its long service and transform into new potential to help us to celebrate live once again.


Now it is time to celebrate… Are you ready to celebrate your new adventure as a whole, healthy, loving and powerful person?

Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
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Writing to Freedomreply
May 14, 2018 at 13:03

Nice perspective on pain Barbara. May we understand its lessons and grow into more awareness and capacity as loving spiritual beings.

Mark Lanesburyreply
May 14, 2018 at 20:53

Ah, to sing and dance in the rain again Barbara 😀
It has been a big journey, but as you said, a very compassionate one to show us our hearts and its ability to give to us and others, each time its flower opens to another understanding.
A beautiful share on a part of us that seems to be forever fixed in pain, but is truly showing us a great love <3

Barbara Frankenreply
May 31, 2018 at 22:34

Thanks Brad, yes May many more people readily the message and stop the pain. Much love x

Barbara Frankenreply
May 31, 2018 at 22:36

Singing with you, smiling through it all… Thankyou for your kindness, much love x

Share your love ... thank you x