Guest Blogger/Author Feature… The Magnificent Wendy Gillissen

IAM delighted to welcome the Divine and Magnificent blogger and author Wendy Gillissen as my Guest Blogger/Author today and share with you all, her mystic and magical self. Wendy is a fellow Dutch lady, living and working in the wonderful country of the Netherlands and since a young age… enjoying family holidays exploring the castles and gardens of the British Isles… she continues to intuit and connect with the magical energy of the elementals, the dreamworld and past lives of ancestors living long ago… or is there no time and space, everything moving through us and accessible in this NOW moment?

Wendy has built up a thriving past life reincarnation therapy business based on her passion to help others heal themselves from past trauma or by just allowing their curious minds to understand their personal history… the bigger picture, which allows them to discover their true self, their freedom and expression this lifetime.

Wendy loves to play the harp and write… it makes her feel at one with the creative flow, the strings and words singing to her, driving her to paint her master piece… be whole and reflect this out into the world. Wendy shares her heartfelt world with others on her blog thecompanyofspirits, is now writing her second book of a three part series and writes for a variety of magazines.

On the subject of Karma and Punishment which is deeply programmed in the Human psyche and causes much suffering in everyday lives, Wendy has this to say…

‘In the sixteen years I have worked as a past life reincarnation therapist, I have not seen evidence of a universal system of punishment and reward, a wheel of obligatory rebirth once. What I have seen, is that people tend to punish themselves out of guilt or shame, and can so choose a next incarnation in difficult circumstances’. 

Wendy continues to visit a Greek Island whenever she gets the chance, having first visited it back in 2009 and prompted her to start writing the story of Rom and her past lives. On her second or third visit, she visited the ancient acropolis of Same, an ancient Greek Bronze-age city-state that was taken by the Romans in the first century AD.

Wendy now knows she has lived at least 3 past lives there, at the time though she was still oblivious of the fact and standing before the only part of the 2400 year old Mycenaean wall that still remains, just minding her own business like a tourist, wiping her brow in the glare of the sun – and suddenly they were there. Many of them. People. She could almost see them, like air turned to glass, their voices ringing in her ears. ‘Welcome home, welcome back,’ and their love and happiness to see her was palpable. Tears sprang to her eyes.

She found it totally amazing, to be welcomed by loved ones of ages past that she wasn’t even aware of – spirit is a wonderful thing to be sure.

Wendy shares her feelings on Consciousness VS Artificial Intelligence…

The problem with AI
No matter what humanity gets its hands on, there will always be those will try and use it to control, dominate and manipulate others. It began when the first human picked up a stick, and it has been going on ever since. With the rapid development of AI, this tendency  is becoming a more imminent  threat to the safety, development and growth of humankind – and our planet.

Now, when AI is used in a way that respects and enhances life, it can be a real blessing. For instance, smart technology can help people who have lost the use of limbs or organs express themselves or have freedom of movement again. That way, technology is actually assisting spirit to express themselves through the vehicle of a human body. Computers and the internet have lead to an expansion of our world and increased possibilities to connect with one another.

However, when technology and AI are used to mimic and replace real life, we will face perhaps the greatest threat to life humanity has ever known before. One of the worst ways AI can be implemented is as an actual replacement for real lifeforms and connections. Because they have such a low threshold, it is also easy to get addicted to them and start using them as a substitute for actual contact. Furthermore, we are in danger of letting their algorithms control us, our choices and our behaviour.

We can already see this with the explosion of smart phone use. Smartphone apps stimulate the dopamine system in the brain just like a drug would – and people can’t resist them. This is becoming a real problem. For instance, in the Netherlands, the number of road accidents has increased for the first time in years – because of irresponsible smart phone usage. People are driving and walking around with their noses glued to their screen – not literally, but they might as well be!

Experts are noticing young people are experiencing more problems with eyesight, posture, and social contact because they are exposed to tablets and smartphones from a very young age. Children don’t learn to use their own imagination and initiative anymore. Teenagers are less and less able to establish eye-contact for longer periods of time. People don’t take time to connect live with one another, their children, even their pets. Smartphone addiction is beginning to drive people apart instead of bringing them closer together.

Robot companions: a dead end for humanity
But one of the ways I think AI will be the worst potential detriment to humanity, is the use of robots as companions.

Robot pets
For instance: some years ago I saw a commercial for robot dogs for children. How convenient: they don’t shed hair, you don’t have to walk them because they don’t pee and poo, they are obedient at all times and when you get bored with them, you can simply turn them off.

A world of difference
But growing up with a robot isn’t the same as growing up with a real dog. When you grow up with a real life pet, you learn taking responsibility, healthy leadership, fostering a loving bond, having real connection with real live being. You learn to respect each other’s boundaries, are exposed to unconditional love, and communication on more levels than just human language.

Learning and the magic of a soul
When you live with an animal companion, there is the opportunity for learning on both sides. There are challenges and opportunities for growth: to your intellect, your personality, even your immune system (which needs that to function properly).

With a robot, you get none of those things, plus: you miss out on the magic of a connection to a real being with a soul. I have had dogs in past lives who STILL visit me in spirit every once in a while. With a robot pet, you only get empty convenience and pre-programmed responses. I would get bored with a mechanical dog within an hour.

No ghost in the machine
For those of us to whom only the material world seems real, the replacement of real people, animals and even reality with ‘’smart’’ machines and electronical illusion would not seem like an issue. They might even get excited about their new ‘’toys’’. But for an aware person who knows they are spirit having a human experience, is sensitive to energy and is tapped into the realms above and beyond 3D, uses intuition, energy, touch, body language and telepathy as a means to connect, it is a different matter. For those of us, the manifestations of AI are hollow, empty shells.

Empty world
Imagine a world where pets, cashiers, receptionists, nurses, friends are being replaced by synthetics. Why bother making a connection with a silicone puppet you can’t connect with heart to heart, joke with, enjoy a meal with, laugh with, even have an argument with. There is no meaning or satisfaction in that. Furthermore, and that is scariest of all: robots don’t come with a conscience. They can be programmed any way you like. Image the possibilities for those who would do harm…

Nature v. Technology
With the development of technology and AI there is also the continuing disconnect from Nature. But we are spiritual begins in an earthly body, and the body has its own wisdom. Connecting to the earth via our bodies is essential for our health, happiness and sanity. I have met people who had completely disconnected from their bodies and emotions, and only functioned on an intellectual level – talking intellectual gibberish ungrounded in reality, it was impossible to make a connection with them.

For those of us who are in process of living and growing psychologically, spiritually and emotionally, the introduction of AI and robots is a worrisome development. Robots, however sophisticated their programming, have no consciousness, no feelings, no life force, no heart, no soul. They are well-built fakes. Essentially they are not much more evolved than a talking doll or a ‘’smart’’ vacuum cleaner.

As with all things in life, we as humans will be able to learn and grow, and evolve, not only despite challenges, but because of them. AI will be no exception. To my mind, the great challenge for people in this age with fake news, fake people, fake experiences, where illusion reigns, the challenge is to learn discernment, cut through illusion and choose all that is real and true. The development of AI will jump-start that need even faster.

People will be faced with questions like these: do I want empty perfection without effort OR do I choose real life, messy connections and experiences that take time and energy? Do I want the illusion of happiness, an easy substitute, OR do I want to put in effort to achieve the real thing?
There is no substitute for the joy and rapture of a true connection with our own authentic self, with each other, the divine and the earth. No plastic person can compare.

The way to use AI intelligently for us as consumers is to only use AI to enhance life, not as a substitute for life. For humanity as a whole, the challenge will be to use AI responsibly, for the enhancement of the human potential, for advancement, growth and the good of all.

Wendy’s Biography…

I grew up being very conscious, even as a child, of being a spiritual being having many, many lives. Despite being a down-to-earth Capricorn with a fiery Leo Moon, I cannot see and experience myself other than a multidimensional being with lots of lives and their stories, many of whom I do remember. They are all part of me.

I remember sitting on a swing, being five years old thinking about a partisan past life of mine that was a little like an iron age Robin Hood. It took me about thirty years to get ready to write this autobiography in the form of my spiritual adventure series ‘’Curse of the Tahiéra’’. The first book was the first story I had ever written at all. It grew into a 444 page book. To my surprise it won three awards for small press / independent authors.

What I only realised after the book had been published, was that I had actually written the story of one of my own past lives! The story moves on as I deal with much the same challenges as Rom, my protagonist did, healing them, and helping others heal as a full-time past life therapist.

So these are my two great passions: writing from the heart, and helping others heal themselves by accessing the bigger story of ALL their selves and their connections through past life therapy.

To build a solid foundation for my work I got a master’s degree in clinical psychology, but if you were to ask me: where did you get most of your healing tools from? I would have to be honest and say I already had them with me when I was born. They are ancient. The challenges of life prompted me to find them and use them. Studying psychology did help me gain clarity, hone my skills and also learn how NOT to proceed… because in the end, people heal themselves. Healers such as me only help them access their own healing modalities.

I conduct past life therapy sessions fulltime in my practice in the Netherlands and am busy finishing the second book in my three part series, which is called ‘The Search for Tzanáta’. When I’m not writing, blogging or working as a past life therapist, I like to connect with nature or play the Celtic harp. And did I mention I love to hug trees? I love trees. And dogs. Oh, and cats!

Curse of the Tahiera By Wendy Gillissen…
A Review…

When Rom, a young man shunned for his Tzanatzi ancestry, crosses paths with Yldich, an Einache Shaman, the pair embark on a journey which will come to change their lives, and that of their people, forever. Dark forces are at work in Gardeth forest to the north, while in the south power-hungry nobles will stop at nothing to get what they want. Embattled on all sides, but with the loving guidance of Yldich, Rom must face his own past and that of the land to heal the wounds inflicted by centuries of persecution and hatred. A 500 year old curse threatens all in its path and Rom is the key – providing he can conquer his own demons in time for the final battle.

Wendy Gillissen’s wonderful début novel is a powerful all-engrossing epic, in which love and forgiveness are essential lessons to be learned. Dreams and past lives are central to the story, and I was not surprised then to learn Wendy is a past life therapist who specialises in dreamwork. This understanding of her subject matter results in a sensitively crafted and profound spiritual adventure for both the main protagonists and the reader. The rich history and cultures of the land in which the tale unfolds is entirely convincing, as are the story’s well rounded and sympathetic characters. I found the Curse of the Tahiéra very evocative of the myths and legends of the British Isles, particularly the Tuatha Dé Danann of Celtic legend.

For all it’s depth, Wendy has succeeded in writing a thoroughly enjoyable tale which never once becomes heavy going or dull (the curse of many fantasy epics I have endured over the years!). –Tangle Catkin, Fae Nation (Your Virtual Portal to Faerie)

Purchase Wendy’s book, Curse of the Tahiera at Amazon
Connect with Wendy…

Website: Reincarnationtherapy
Facebook: WendyGillissen

Thank you so much Wendy for sharing your joyful and magical self and creations with us and for writing about your thoughts on ‘Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence’. We are grateful for your insights that will help others who read our free E-Book we are creating together… to open their hearts and minds to greater awareness and live a happy life.

Consciousness vs AI

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Thank you so much for inviting me to guest blog Barbara, I loved participating! Looking forward to getting to know you and your work more! x ♥

Barbara Frankenreply
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It is my pleasure wendy to have you and our journey together just begun… Thankyou for your inspiring thoughts on AI❤️ much love barbara x

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[…] the wonderful Barbara Franken invited me out of the blue to write a guest blog for her website ”Me, My magnificent Self”. You can read the guest blog here: Guest blogger / author Feature Wendy Gillissen! ”The […]

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So much Intelligence we are reading in this challenge… inspiring the world… so what are we doing with AI? Much love to you x barbara

Mark Lanesburyreply
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To be honest I think AI is just built on greed. If they can get something ‘robotic’ to do the work they don’t have to pay them or bother with the ’emotional’ parts that go with humans. Time off, holidays, sickness, time off for children etc. interferes with their profits.
If we are replaceable by machines like in some production lines, and more and more in other industries, we become superfluous and treated accordingly. The current flow for mobile phones, tablets etc is the beginning of a critical mass for technology, each time increasing that ‘disconnect’ from each other and themselves…if they only knew it.
Great piece Wendy, your journey must encounter some amazing things. And thank you for sharing Barbara 😀

Barbara Frankenreply
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Love your thoughts on AI mark❤️ and Thankyou for enjoying meeting wendy and her amazing life! Much love to you x barbara

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Lovely words from a lovely lady, Thankyou… you’ll enjoy wendy’s blog for sure. Much love, Barbara x

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