Guest Blogger/Author Feature… The Magnificent Georganne Spruce

IAM honoured to introduce you to my new WordPress friend… the Magnificent Georganne Spruce… who blogs over at Awakening to the Dance to share her own Spiritual Awakening experience with us all. Georganne is a keen explorer who has allowed herself to dive deep within and face her shadows and discovered her treasure. She loves the fine arts, especially dance… that has been a physical practice as well as a spiritual one for half her life and therefore uses dance as a metaphor to teach and inspire others to journey inward and face their fear… as she herself discovered… it is what blocks our natural innate joy that each person is at their core.

IAM sure you are going to love getting to know Georganne and reading her beautiful spiritual tales on her blog that will help us all stay anchored within during this great time of transformation we are all going through.

As a keen reader and writer Georganne has also published her memoir in 2012 to share how she chose to define herself rather than follow society’s stereotypes and discovered on her journey inward her own authentic identity and creative expression.

Inspired in the 80’s by Gladys Moore, Georganne teaches a workshop Release Your Fear that I just love and wish all primary schools would implement it. She covers the topics…

*How Mind Power Works023
*How Fear Affects the Mind
*Identifying Fears Masquerading As Other Thoughts  *Survival Patterns
*How the Universe Fills Your Needs
*Living in Love and Joy Free of Fear



Below is part of Georganne’s 4 part series Being The Right One that I would love to share with you here.

Fear Can Block Joy

When we believe joy resides outside us, we are always looking in the wrong place.  But sometimes we do not realize that joy is within us because it is buried deep beneath layers of disappointment, anger, frustration, and other negative emotions that can be heavy to lift.  All negative emotions are caused by fear, so in reality our fear is what blocks our ability to experience love and joy.  Only when we release our fears and clear the mind can love and joy flow to the surface.

The Effect Of Fear On The Mind

We all experience fear sometimes, but what is important is that we learn not to let it control us.  As long as we experience fear, it will block our mind’s ability to pull through information that will help us solve the problem that has created the fear.  Fear will only pull through information that helps us cope with the fear.

How To Release Fear

When fear arises, we must direct our minds to release the fear, and if we are willing to let it go, a peaceful feeling will replace it.  As I direct my mind to release the fear, I often take a deep breath and exhale in order to feel the release throughout my body as well as my mind. When the fear is released, the mind will be clear to pull information from our memory and the spiritual realm that will help us solve the problem that stimulated the fear.  We will always be given the guidance we need when we need it.  If a clear solution does not appear immediately, just know that it will come in time.

By using meditation, practicing gratitude and releasing our fears, we can become more spiritually conscious and awaken to a calmer, more joyful life, empowered from our centers.  When we are the source of our own joy and feel good about ourselves, we become “the right one” and draw to us those people and experiences that will enlighten and enliven our lives.  Learning to release our fears allows us to have access to the wisdom of the Universal Mind, Spirit.          © 2011 Georganne Spruce

Georganne shares her feelings on Awakening to Act with Compassion…

Have you ever had the experience of a person telling you how sorry she was that you were ill or experienced misfortune, but you could tell from her demeanor that she didn’t feel sorry? She was just going through the motions saying what was expected.

“Where’s the compassion?” is a question I ask often these days as I listen to our president and others who say they will help those in need, then act in the opposite direction. It is difficult to feel secure when one can’t take our leaders’ words seriously. What is lacking in the connection between words and actions? Can’t they see the harm some of their decisions have done and will do to large numbers of people? Where’s the compassion?

Having Compassion May Conflict With Gaining Power

Obviously, the decisions politicians make are often based on their needs to retain or gain power. Some lack compassion and value power more than humanity. They see the people who elected them as pawns in a game, and they manipulate their constituents by saying what they want to hear, then do what will benefit themselves.

But there is a deeper level to this conversation. What is missing in people who act without caring how their actions affect others? Where is their compassion? While it is obvious that politicians may put money and power first so that they can retain their positions, the lack of compassion in them and others may have its basis in the inability to fully know themselves.

To fully know ourselves, we have to be willing to look at our whole selves and that may not always be pleasant. It’s so much easier to just look at the parts of ourselves that we like than to examine the ways we need to change. When we are uncomfortable with our flawed selves, it is difficult to accept the flaws in others.

Being in Touch With Our Darkness

It is not surprising that we try to avoid our “darkness within,” but healing the wounds that separate us from others can have an extremely positive effect on our lives. Our darkness is always based on the fear that we are inadequate or will be rejected. We often don’t recognize these fears because they masquerade as other emotions such as anger.

As spiritual practices and psychotherapy help us understand why we experience this negativity, releasing our fear also requires us to work with our minds. The practice which I teach is to direct the minds to release the fear the moment we feel a negative emotion and to affirm that the fear has no power over us. We then take a deep breath and feel the fear leave so that it will no longer block us from understanding and solving the issue that it has caused.

Engaging The Other Person

When we are unable to release our fear, the “child within” may respond wildly to a person who has disrespected us because the child reacts only to his fear without understanding the consequences of his behavior. Being aware of the darker side of ourselves allows us not only to feel compassion for those like us, it also helps us to make a wiser choice in our response to one who triggers our negative reaction.

As a woman, I am well aware of the ways that our female opinions may sometimes be ignored by men, so I was recently impressed with Nancy Pelosi’s handling of such a situation. At a meeting where she was the only woman, she began to answer a question when several men in the room blatantly ignored her by talking over her. With compassion for her own self-worth, she stopped and said, “Do the women get to talk around here?”

The men fell into silence. She did not tell them what to do, but her question asked them to become aware of their own behavior. Although they had been very disrespectful, and I’m sure must have angered her, she consciously chose a direct and respectful way to address the issue.

We Can Feel Compassion For Those We Don’t Know Or Like

There came a point in the last presidential election when I suddenly felt compassion for Donald Trump. Since I strongly disagree with his politics and especially the way he has treated women, I was shocked when this feeling welled up. I realized that anyone so eager for power and attention must surely feel deeply inadequate. He needs to always win no matter what it costs others. Anyone that insecure must not have been loved, for he clearly does not love himself. If he did, he would show more respect for other people.

In this country, we have had many opportunities to show our compassion in the last two years. Most recently with the devastation from hurricanes Harvey and Irma, so many people have lost everything they owned and some have lost their lives. What touched me most deeply is the way compassionate people did not wait for the government to rescue those who were stranded.

In the Houston area, one of my nephews, among many others, took his boat out into the water almost immediately to find those who needed help. I remember when he was in high school, he often read self-help books, exploring who he really was and the kind of person he wanted to become. No doubt that helped him become the conscious, loving person he is today, someone who has compassion for many.

Feeling Our Pain Helps Us Feel Another’s Pain

Pema Chödrön points out that “Compassion…is a relationship among equals.” When we acknowledge the hurt and fear inside, we understand the pain others feel. This recognition puts us on the same emotional level in a way that allows us to care and share, to sit with those in distress, to listen to another’s anger without judging, and to know that we do not always have to know how to solve the other’s problem. We just have to be present and care.

It takes courage to explore who we are in the deepest sense, to face our darkness, to find ways to be more loving and more aware. When we can see our humanity in its fullest sense, we may also find more to love. When we love ourselves, that love flows out as compassion for others. © 2017 Georganne Spruce

Georganne’s Biography…
I am the author of the memoir Awakening to the Dance: A Journey to Wholeness and write an inspirational blog at I have an MFA in dance, danced with Choreo 18, a modern dance company, and have taught dance in colleges and community programs. Also previously a teacher of high school English, I write poetry and essays and have won first place in the 2015 Writer’s Workshop of Asheville Poetry Contest. In addition to writing, I teach classes on how to release your fear.

Awakening to the Dance: A Journey to Wholeness By Georganne Spruce
Book Description…
What does it take for us to become our authentic selves? In her memoir, Georganne Spruce, a woman who chooses to define herself rather than follow society’s stereotypes, searches for an authentic identity, creative expression, and a spirituality that uplifts her.  On this journey, this dance of life, she learns to release her fear, express her deepest thoughts, stand strong in relationships, and find her spiritual core.  She explores the mind/body connection through dance, meditation, and law of attraction principles. This book is more than one woman’s story, for Georganne shares the tools, practices, dreams, and insights she has used to transform life’s challenges into a life she loves.

Book reviews…
Deborah Lloyd, author of Believe and It Is True says, “Awakening to the Dance is more than a memoir, it richly describes a spiritual awakening. While the author details the challenges of living an artistic life, dealing with demanding family members, and developing honest love relationships, the reader soon relates to the underlying emotions – emotions experienced in everyone’s life. If your goal is to awaken and become whole again, I highly recommend this book!”

Brad Swift, author of the Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life comments, “Georganne Spruce has written, not only an intriguing memoir, but has woven within many insightful lessons for anyone, man or woman, who is searching for what it takes to live an authentic life. One main point is how to release fear that keeps so many of us in its grip and results in our living inauthentic lives where we spend far too much time trying to please others. Spruce’s writing is clear, precise and engaging, all of which results in an entertaining memoir of a visionary nature.”

“Georganne’s journey to wholeness is an important memoir for women to read. Many of us depend on “soul mates” to come into our lives, sweep us off our feet and rescue us. However, through spiritual endeavors on our own, we give ourselves the ultimate Gift of being whole.” –Eleanore Buchanan

Purchase Georganne’s Book from: Amazon

Connect with Georganne
Facebook: Georgannespruce

Thank you so much Georganne for joining me here on this beautiful collaboration and share your compassionate story to help inspire the world to be their Magnificent and Powerful selves.

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Join the discussion and tell us your opinion.

Mark Lanesburyreply
October 2, 2017 at 09:49

The more we face our fears the more compassionate we become, for in that very act is the self love we had denied ourselves.
Well written Georganne, another opening to understand what is inside us all, and a path to guide us home <3
Another great share Barbara, more compassion with much to give, thank you <3

Barbara Frankenreply
October 4, 2017 at 14:32
– In reply to: Mark Lanesbury

Thankyou Mark for your kind words… it’s becoming more and more clear that we must all face our fears… if we want to move on in life and share the love & compassion that is so natural to everyone. Much love to you x Barbara

Georganne Sprucereply
October 4, 2017 at 15:24
– In reply to: Mark Lanesbury

Thank you, Mark, for your kind words. I’m grateful that the blog touched you, and I wish you well on your journey. Best wishes, Georganne

October 2, 2017 at 12:12

Wow, thats such an interesting piece. Thankyou Georgeanne.

Barbara Frankenreply
October 4, 2017 at 14:33
– In reply to: Anonymous

Thankyou so much for coming here and resonating with Georganne’s words of wisdom… Love Barbara x

Barbara Frankenreply
October 4, 2017 at 14:36
– In reply to: Anonymous

Hi Brad, great to feel your presence here and I can feel you expanding as you read each of these compassionate stories. Thankyou for your continued support x Love Barbara x

Georganne Sprucereply
October 4, 2017 at 15:25
– In reply to: Anonymous

You’re welcome. Wishing you well, Georganne

Writing to Freedomreply
October 2, 2017 at 14:06

Thanks for another fine interview Barbara. Georganne, I appreciate your tips on uncovering joy beneath fear, and that compassion requires empathy as an equal who has faced their own darkness.
blessings, Brad

Georganne Sprucereply
October 4, 2017 at 15:21
– In reply to: Writing to Freedom

Thank you so much for your comments. I’m so glad the blog was meaningful to you. Best wishes, Georganne

Writing to Freedomreply
October 5, 2017 at 13:22
– In reply to: Georganne Spruce

Thanks Georganne.

October 5, 2017 at 12:32

Oh yes the more we face our fears and overcome them, the more we become Compassionate towards others. I find myself in the Dark Night of the Soul and in so doing, must walk what is here now in order to gain the Flight of Freedom again. It’s as if just about everything I “knew” my life to be has come under investigation as I attempt to put back pieces to the puzzle comprising of me after huge chunks of me were taken away. I have been encouraged here today. Thank you. 😌

Georganne Sprucereply
October 8, 2017 at 23:57
– In reply to: AmyRose🌹

Know that each step you take in recreating yourself and your life is part of your spiritual journey, that being in the moment and loving whoever you are at the moment is a step toward healing. I am sorry for what you have lost. May you love and trust yourself to find the right path. I’m so glad my words have encouraged you. May you find all that you need. Love and Light!

Barbara Frankenreply
October 14, 2017 at 08:02
– In reply to: AmyRose🌹

AND with a new understanding of our human experiencedistill the wisdom in our soul and have the courage to start a new adventure journeying beyond… with a blank slate. Happy weekend Amy x barbara x

Share your love ... thank you x