TRUST that everything is perfectly WELL just as it is… right NOW

IAM smiling as I look back 3 years ago when I wrote this post about my life’s ups and downs… I survived it all and am ready for my next adventure.

Much has flowed into my life since moving and settling into our new home in Benalmadena… and much has stood stagnant… putting me in a position of CHOICE… should I scream, declare things never work for me, that IAM stupid and throw the yummy cheese board I’d made across the room OR take a deep breath, look at what is happening, realise that it is all part of aligning with my passion and TRUST that everything is perfectly well as it is right NOW…  

I painted my vision of my ‘sanctuary of potential’ (paradise) at the beginning of 2013… Last week it dawned on me that my new home which overlooks a beautiful butterfly shaped pool, a landscaped garden and a vast ocean… is so much like my vision that I had painted of my paradise, a place where I could be at peace and allow the next stage of my being to naturally come about.

When I trusted my ‘soul’s passion’ to create my hearts desire… I could ‘trust that everything is perfectly well just as it is, right now’… No matter what… No matter that my laptop crashed with the last half of my book not saved... my website sacredheartsretreat not wanting to upload to the right place...  ear infection… red dry patchy face… dry scalp… no inspiration to write… I trusted that before my creation comes into the physical, things that no longer serve me will be released and cleansed.  Creating space for something new to come in and happen.

Looking around me I see a lot of people experiencing dis-ease of the body and mind whether it’s the rhythm of the heart, space in the lungs, deficiencies in the blood, expanding bodies, skin irritations, red sore lumps and bumps appearing, eye, ear and nose sensitivities, headaches… emotions, grief, anger and irritation.

It is all part of a normal cycle of CHANGE, the physical body and mind is undergoing intense reconstruction, changes from deep within are naturally occurring as the body releases old ancestral lineage, especially the old male lineage that has dominated and suppressed the feminine sacred creative powers.  The body is rebalancing, the male and female energies are coming together in a new balanced way.

The integration of the DivineHumanBeing is well underway.

The Earth also continues to realign herself to a new course and vibration as the intense solar flares and the incoming new energy cause the magnetics to change, creating new dimensions.  The Earth environment and our bodies are becoming crystalline… clear, pure love.  Our divine light body is coming in and absorbing the physical body and mind… Humankind is taking a quantum leap.  Integrating the body, mind and soul.

Once we understand what is happening we can begin to trust this process and allow our body consciousness (body, mind & spirit) to go with the flow.  Our body, mind and spirit know what to do, the human self just has to get out of the way and ALLOW.  With the conscious breathe we can let go of our need to control, go beyond the mind and just allow.  We can choose not to fight, not to panic, not to care what others think about us and be without fear.  We can align with our divine light body of pure love and trust that everything is perfectly WELL just as it is… right now.

When we live in trust and stay consciously aware of our life… we will find ourself experiencing less and less grief, emotion and pain.  We will connect with our passion and be aware of our MASTER and CREATOR self.

Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

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August 14, 2017 at 14:21

Thank you! I can’t tell you how much I needed this right now.

Barbara Frankenreply
August 20, 2017 at 08:10
– In reply to: EtherealHappenings

Hi John and Michele… Thanks for finding me… so glad you resonated with CHANGE and ACCEPTANCE… as life if heating up (literally now) we must stay anchored in our trust that everything is perfectly ok. much love Barbara x

Share your love ... thank you x