Guest Blogger/Author Feature… The Magnificent Tricia Gunberg

Tricia Gunberg

IAM so delighted to introduce my new friend… the Magnificent Tricia Gunberg… who I’ve been recently introduced to by the lovely Diane from Divine Notebook. Tricia is another Divine sister who is active in her service to Loving Herself AND all Humanity from her home on the beautiful big island of Hawaii. She is a sea goddess like myself who enjoys swimming, surfing and snorkelling in the ocean and walking along the oceanshore as often as she can… indulging in its magic that cleanses and vitalises the body, mind & spirit. Tricia embraces a fitness and healthy lifestyle… that includes her love for preparing organic food for her family.

With the help of her love for numerology and her natural intuitive senses she has created over the years a ‘healthy garden’ for her own true self to thrive in… turning her worst days into her best days. She shares her wisdom with others who are looking for support on their own wellness journey, through her blog, her book Say YES to Who You Are and 1 on 1 services.

Tricia will tell the ones who ‘think’ their sensitivity is a weakness… that it is actually a super-power… and will encourage you to tune into your own heart and soul desires and not that of others, which can only be a distraction to your wellness.

Enjoy reading about her, visit her on social media and check out your life path no… Mine is a no 5 with a challenge of Excitement of which I have learned over the years that you don’t have to live on the edge but allow self to be exciting in everything you are AND yes always be aware of the temptations that just don’t serve you. Thanks for the reminder Tricia.

Tricia shares her feelings on Compassion…
My first time.

The first time was awkward.

Laying fully clothed, looking up at the poster on the ceiling, I was completely unsure of what to expect. The yearning for a new kind of release lead me here and I was determined to go through with it.

I was in an intuitive therapist’s office, in the fall 2010 when I had my first ‘reading’. The visit was inspired by some health problems and the inner ramblings of the depression I’d fought so hard to overcome more than a decade ago.

A friend recommended an intuitive healer. “You are blocked energetically and need to be cleared,” my woo-woo friend said. Although, I didn’t have a clue what she meant, it felt accurate and I needed relief. In the past, counseling seemed to work (or did it if I was seeing the depression again?). I didn’t want to go the traditional route nor willing to go to a doctor to be medicated. I had recently been impressed by a kinesiologist, so why not get a bit more into the woo?

At the appointment, I was directed to lay on a massage table with my clothes on. Donna, the intuitive, was going to ‘put her hands over me and read me’. What? The rest of it gets a bit blurry. I recall one thing she said when I left, “You need to open your heart. You need to be more compassionate.”


It was the nicest way anyone has ever told me I wasn’t nice. So, naturally, I was pissed. Mostly, I felt she was wrong because I had spent my life in service of others. Doesn’t that show my sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others and an open heart?


It took me a while to figure it out. Luckily, I had a numerology book the kinesiologist directed me to and I was studying it more deeply. While doing numerology for people I knew, (especially my alcoholic father) their challenges became clear to me. We all have challenges: sensitivity, insecurities, and deep-rooted fears but, numerology helped me see specific ones for each person. For the first time, other peoples’ shit made sense to me. Through this method of understanding, a natural forgiveness began to unfold. Not long into it, I become aware of my own shit. Most important though, began to forgive others, even myself.

Now when I experience others being sarcastic, blaming or unforgiving, I totally get it. I completely understand where it comes from and how hard it is to overcome. Bam! Compassion! Sometimes when I am near someone going through it, my heart aches. Holy crap, empathetic compassion! This pain I feel has lead me to look for ways to help others since I have been successfully navigating this compassion business for myself. (Thanks Donna!)

I truly believe that a willingness to be vulnerable is the key. So many of us are closed down, not wanting to ‘go there’. I get that. I used to be that. Trust me when I tell you it is so worth the reward. I just heard a quote, “If you are not changing and expanding you are comfortable and motionless.” Think about it, like a pool of water that doesn’t change and remains still, it becomes stagnant. No one wants to be near stagnant water, let alone in it. Yuck!

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is tricky. I’ve written several blog posts about it in attempts to embrace it myself. In a blog post titled Vulnerability I tie together compassion and vulnerability:

Numerology has taken me far in creating compassion but, its birth place was during some self-actualizing exercises to strengthen my heart chakra. I had come across that word: vulnerability. It had created such a burdensome physical response that I needed to give it some attention.

What does vulnerability have to do with sympathy for the suffering of others? What is the connections? To trust others, we need to trust ourselves. We need to open our heart and take emotional risks. And get this; we need to share feelings. Yikes! When you share your own suffering; others feel more inclined to share theirs. You begin to see that we are all going through many of the same things, thus creating compassion.

All those little exercises of understanding, like for my father’s drunkenness, prepared me for the more important things that required compassion. On a side note, my father was a very sensitive man with a Life Path 29/11 – explaining his nature to me and his use of alcohol was a way of blocking out all the things that affected him. My mother’s inability to show compassion or vulnerability created issues for me as well but those too, have (So You Think You’re Intuitive) been resolved.

Having these insights were so very helpful when I began more mindfully dealing with my own. One big difference was that I could recognize what was going on in myself and allowing it was going to require some vulnerability.

The Spirit Junkie Gabrielle Bernstein tells us the universe has our backs. (Bernstein’s DOB of 11/1/1979 makes her a Life Path 29/11, just like my father and she too, is a recovered alcoholic!) I like the more expansive word of ‘universe’. Some might say ‘god’ or even ‘spirit’ but, I like to be reminded that I have friends, family, pets, angels, bloggers, radio show hosts, and a ton of other things helping me. Bernstein is right and we just need the courage to start on the self-actualization journey. I am well aware this makes us feel vulnerable but have faith and remember what Bernstein says, the universe really does have your back.

If you would like to take a step towards self-actualization that connects you to who you are through numerology see the special reading I have created for you below.

To discover your one digit Life Path number, add up all the digits of your birthday until you get a single digit. Example: August 4, 1969 is 8+4+1+9+6+9= 37, 3+7= 10, 1+0= 1. This is a Life Path 1 birthday.

Life Path 1- when there is an opportunity to take the reins, you must do it. You are a leader and over time you will see how this serves you. If you lack the confidence right this moment, search your mind for past successes to buoy yourself. Start small. Most likely people have asked you to step into this roll and you passed it up, no worries, tell the universe you are ready now.

Life Path 2- you need to get yourself out of the pattern of asking what other people need and asking yourself what you need. I know this is hard but, if you are tired, stressed, resentful, or overwhelmed- are you really being the person you want to be? You need to be selfish, in order to be selfless. You will be able to offer your loved ones so much more if you give to yourself a bit more.

Life Path 3- being quiet and still may not be the right advice, you’re going to resist it. Your creative energy, on tap all the time, creates this “I can’t sit still’ sensation inside you. If you absolutely cannot be still and quiet for a few moments a day, here’s another suggestion. Expressing yourself artistically a minimum of one time per day- your job doesn’t count. You can doodle, write, color, write, paint, write, sing, make jewelry or write. If you don’t, eventually you are going to explode. Maybe you already have. No worries, now you know what to do.

Life Path 4- being the queen/king of getting stuff together feels good, doesn’t it? So, what excuse do you use to not apply this tactic on yourself? You are really good at organizing everyone else. Yet your life might feel a bit messy. Why is this? Well, that’s somewhat rhetorical, but like the 2’s you don’t really like to focus on yourself. #1) Decide which part of your life needs a bit of organization. #2) Ask the universe for support. #3) Expect the support to be there and apply it.

Life Path 5- you are chomping at the bit to have a life of excitement. Although living on the edge may not appeal to you, you certainly get yourself in some predicaments. An exciting relationship, a rolley-coaster job, crazy friends, living check to check. No judgement here! Where in your life can you eliminate those exciting things that do not serve you and add in those that do? For example: if you love to travel- stop spending money on 5 minute thrills and save it for a big trip. If you need an exciting relationship, find someone who loves adventure and stay away from those ‘going through some stuff’ or drama queens.

Life Path 6- just as the 2’s and 4’s like to help others, help is your middle name. Perfection is also your middle name so those you help may not react the way you want them to. Adding these two rules may help. Only assist those that ask, no wait, only assist those who beg you to help. Second rule, when they do beg, make sure it is something you want to do. If you don’t want to do your sisters taxes- don’t. If you want to babysit her kids – do. When you attend to the things that bring you joy, your joy will spill out onto others, making your job easy peasy.

Life Path 7- you’re here to collect wisdom, well not collect so much as remember. The tricky part is not getting stuck in the learning part and remember it is your job to share what you have learned in some manner. This could be teaching, (especially if you have a 4 in your three-digit Life Path) writing a book or sharing your methods as a mentor. Where in your life do you need some attention? Fitness? Nutrition? Work challenge? Clue: we teach what it is we need to learn.

Life Path 8- sometimes you drive people crazy. Sorry this isn’t more supportive but these are the words you need to hear. Where in your life do expect things to go well? Do you notice when you expect them to go well they do? Stop assuming people/situations/activities will go bad and start assuming “all is well.” You can manufacture ANYTHING you want; with the POWER comes great RESPONSIBILITY but you can handle it.

Life Path 9- we need more nines in the world (you are multi-talented, fun and smart). Until they are born you are it. No, you need not take on all the burden. Let me repeat that; do not take on things to the point of feeling the burden. What is being asked of you is to Inspire others. This takes leadership and confidence – add the two together for a fierce concoction.

Tricia’s Biography…
Struggles with weight, body image, depression and illness propelled me to seek answers. Learning body-mind connection and Numerology became a life style. As a Wellness Expert, I combined that knowledge with my fitness background and pioneered a program to support my clients in my book, “Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness”. I am currently working on a series as well as oracle cards and soul journals to go with my first book.

With the help of sun and surf, Tricia enJOYs Hawaii with her husband and cats. Her “1” and “3” energy necessitate having writing, yoga, swimming, cooking, and art, as part of her life. According to Tricia; quiet, beer, her husband’s support, cat tricks, and baby animals can never be overrated. A spotless house, spelling and commas (Ha!), drama and fear are always overrated.

Say YES To Who You Are By Tricia Gunberg

In 2016 Tricia published her book Say Yes To Who You Are to help others through a simple adding of numbers, how to reveal their personalied wellness approach. This helps you use connect with your innate wisdom and make choices for your greatest and highest good.

A Book Review…
‘I loved this book. So much of it ‘just makes sense’ -and the way she phrases certain road blocks really spoke to me. I can’t wait to start implementing what I’ve learned. VERY easy read – lickity split great info!’

‘Don’t read this if you want to keep making excuses not to get fit. Tricia has made me see the biggest excuse I use for not working out is not really valid. I have learned some basics of numerology to tweek my fitness plan and put everything in a new light. I have renewed my commitment to fitness and feel pretty good about it!’ Andrea

Purchase from Amazon…
Tricia’s Book, Say Yes To Who You Are is available to buy from Amazon as a digital, paper or hardback.

Connect with Tricia…
Facebook: TriciasEnergyGarden808
Instagram: Triciagunberg
Twitter: Triciagunberg

Tricia would love to hear your comments or questions regarding her work. Enjoy her Facebook page and Blog for great examples of wellbeing, mindfulness and meditation. For high protein meal ideas follow her on Instagram and on occasion she tweets! If you would like to schedule a phone numerology reading, send her an email… she has a special offer for you coming from this blogpost at Me, My Magnificent Self!

Tricia looks forward to hearing from YOU…

Thank you so much Tricia for joining me here on this adventure, for sharing with us your experience of Compassion and for your continued support to others as they seek help during their transformation to being who they truly are.

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February 9, 2018 at 05:55

Tricia, you know me so well, or you know the “4” of me. It’s true, I love to organize for other people but have a hard time doing it for myself. It’s also true about asking the universe for help. Today I received a dresser that will help me organize my craft and writing supplies. Right on, universe!
Thanks, Barbara for introducing your readers to Tricia.

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