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Compassion is

We are half way through 2017 having just celebrated the summer solstice… Wow and what powerful energies have began to be truly felt by our physical Body/Mind that is naturally transforming from its dense carbon structure to a lighter crystalline one. At long last our Spirit/Divine self can be felt like never before… tickling us under our skin and prompting us to open up and receive the fullness of our multi-dimensional senses and all powerful and loving magnificence. Nothing can stop anyone now… each heart has a chance to clear the old programmes and patterns of the past, by embracing all the broken and abandoned aspects that are coming up to be released and transformed into new potential. This allows the physical body/mind to embody maximum light (our true being) and venture out on a new experience beyond everything ever known.

Guest Blogger Feature
IAM half way through publishing 27 Magnificent Guest Blogger/Author posts this year, having shared 13 of my Divine friends and their inspiring words on the meaning of Compassion from their perspective, how they have been inspired to truly love and serve themselves to make them whole… and share these experiences through Blogs & Books to inspire others. They are true parables… ripples in a pond, influencing all. I’ve linked their posts further down this post for you to re/read.

I have 6 slots available that take us to a total of 27 people by the end of November, when I’ll start to prepare our free E-Book to give away to others as part of celebrating the holidays at the end of the year. Please contact me if you are interested. 

My own feelings on Compassion…
My Divine self popped the word Compassion into my head this last January… after Ali Meeham, a dear friend and founder of Costa Women, suggested that we each choose a word that would inspire us upwards and onwards in our business endeavour this year.

My word Compassion has inspired me to dive deep into my being and expand my expression of Who IAM in quite wondrous ways, that I know my Human self would only be too shy to act upon. This guest blogger/author feature and my weekly Facebook lives are part of this new expanded expression that radiate my natural multi-dimensional presence to everyone who is ready to move forward on a new adventure beyond their Human experience.

This new expansion first began a while back when I remembered my mum telling me years ago, I should show more compassion towards people who are struggling with pain, life etc. This hit me quite hard as I have always made sure to go out of my way to be there for others, to be with them and listen to them; even at times, sacrificing my own time of taking care of my life.

Quite recently, I’ve heard myself say a couple of times, I don’t understand why this is happening to me, because I always go out of my way to care for them’! AND as I heard these words… out sprang the rabbit from the hat… I saw the old programme that was deeply embedded within of how, as a society we believe that it is everyones duty to take care and serve others… which also means others will serve us!

For me, this sense of duty can only become a detriment, as it breeds ill will between all concerned, not only because it takes everyone away from being responsible for themself, but it focuses on victimhood and how someone other than self can solve a problem. The only way another person can help is by just being present… shining their loving presence… that connects and awakes the dormant light of the person concerned (if they are willing) and enables them to see (if they choose to) how they can resolve their own dis-ease. For this to happen though, it is essential that everyone first maintains a happy and loving presence within themself.

A great saying that became popular by basketball coach Dick Motta of the Washington Bullets… It’s not over until the fat lady sings… came to mind as I looked back at how far I’d come in my own Awakening and Ascension; how I had realised how essential it is to love and trust myself first, embrace and release old fears, lacks and beliefs on my journey and choose to live a life beyond the Human game… on a new adventure as my Master and Creator self, a DivineHumanBeing incarnate.

Was I still not finished… Was I still dabbling in the old game of me versus them and identifying myself as my mind and body… or not?

I explained in my post Are YOU choosing Fear or Love about my feeling as if IAM falling deeper into an enormous black hole, with no support underneath me… as my old ways of support and dependency are falling away because it is essential for me to fully trust my own Body Consciousness (Body, Mind & Spirit) to sustain myself completely. This old programme of serving others as a duty is no exception and is here to be finally understood and released so I can own and embrace true compassion for myself and others that flows abundantly through Divine Light Beings who choose to realise who they truly are.

An image comes to mind of the space in-between everything physical, the atoms in my body/mind and the clouds in the sky… and the silence in-between a birds song and human words. It is the magical ingredient of All That Is… Unconditional Love… Compassion… the invisible presence of All life that is not separate from me or anyone, it only connects all together.

IAM Compassion in all of my being… Body, Mind and Spirit.

The ‘fat lady’ is ready to sing her love song to the whole world… she breathes deeply, embracing the presence of her own DivineHuman compassion that flows through her, from and into the world… she breathes deeper and surrenders to the new adventure she sees before her.

Yes IAM here… I Exist as an embodiment of loving compassion who affects all with each breath I breathe.


The NEW Compassion that flows through #MeMyMagnificentSelf


Enjoy re/reading the inspiring words of my Divine friends…

The Magnificent Author Kirsty E Green

Kirsty participated in a retreat with a realised man and had a drop in of conscious, followed by two more. Her life changed forever. The Earth opened more for her and the Divine started to lead her on. She now runs a healing, astrology practice…sometimes coupling this with retreats in the forest, ritual, rose petal ceremony and full body aura drawings.

Kirsty published my first book in January 2014… writing it from 20+ years working in the industry of alternative counselling and therapies. Pathways to Restore the Feminine By Kirsty E. Green available at Amazon


Leigh Gaitskill

The Magnificent Author/Blogger Leigh Gaitskill

Leigh’s spiritual journey began when a transpersonal psychologist introduced her to meditation, metaphysics and the principle that you create your own reality with your thoughts. You can read about her journey on her blog Bluegrassnotes.

Leigh published her first book back in 2013, to share will others important tips, from many spiritual paths, on how to deepen relationships and feel connected. Relating Heart to Heart by Leigh Gaitskill available from Amazon


Pat Cegan

The Magnificent Blogger/Author Pat Cegan

Pat first began scribing from Source in 2012 and shares her inspiring poetry on her blog Source of Inspiration.

Pat published her first poetry book, Source of Inspiration Volume 1 in 2013, the 6th book of 7 has now been published… and they keep on flowing. Available from Amazon







JosephThe Magnificent Author/Blogger Joseph Whisper

Joseph began blogging in 2015 to share his inspiring whispers of spirit on his blog Seeing the Whisper.

Joseph went on to publish his first book in 2016 titled Seeing the whisper... and his pen hasn’t stopped writing since… just over a year and he has published a total of 13 poetry books, which are all available here.






The Magnificent Author/Blogger Jacqui Malpass

Jacqui inspires others through her blogging and books to tell their story about who they truly are and their unique message to the world. You can read more from Jacqui on her website.

Jacqui has published her third book… Plan your Non-Fiction Book in a Weekend in 2014 available here and is planning more.



The Magnificent Blogger Edith Boyer-Telmer

In 2005 after discovering her inner passion for singing and connecting to her spirit voice, Edith headed to Guatemala to make her home and practice her unique teaching as a highly intuitive channel to guide the ones who are ready for their own transformation.

You can read Edith’s inspiring spiritual blog at EdithBoyerTelmer.




 The Magnificent Blogger Pamela Noble

Pamela found a special healing home on a crystal mountain in Andulusia, where she continues to learn and grow into her higher potential to serve as a conscious warrior of the light. She works with shamans and healers to deepen her earthly purpose and serve to heal and enhance the beauty of Earth’s creatures.

You can read more about Pamela and her holistic Conscious Living & Healthiness blog.




Michael MarkThe Magnificent Blogger/Author Michael Mark

Michaels writing adventure began in earnest when he began his blog Embracing Forever, as a platform to write about his experiences with A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love… and has since expanded into awesomeness.

Michael has since published in 2015/16 two books of ecstatic poetry, A Canon, A Heart, and Now This and I Place My Hand Upon the Sky available at Amazon.




Karin FingerThe Magnificent Blogger Karin Finger 

In 2006, Karin reached the point of overwhelm and propelled her on a quest to discover inner peace. The universe acted as her teacher and guided her on a spiritual journey home within. Karin shares her experiences of the phases of her spiritual journey and stories of divine guidance on her blog KarinFinger.

Karin was nudged by spirit to create a workshop to interpret the message of spirit. She offers her workshop at the moment to read for free.

TriciaThe Magnificent Blogger/Author Tricia Barker

Tricia’s near death experience inspired her to travel overseas and learn creative writing and to teach at college level. After fully healing from her trauma, she began her blog about a year ago… TriciaBarker to inspire others about true happiness and healing without going through the suffering she has.

Tricia has a memoir in-progress, Healed, which chronicles the moment of her accident, hear near-death experience, and other moments of trauma that affect many women.


Alhana de la TorreThe Magnificent Alhana de la Torre

After a career as a teacher and translator and mother to her family, Alhana began an intense process of spiritual transformation. She joined a spiritualist circle and practiced her channeling and healing abilities, after seven years of dedication she was asked to “spread the message well”.

She wrote her first book Return to Truth and published it in 2016. It is available on Amazon. You can read more about Alhana and her mediumship on her blog alhanadelatorre.



Diane BourgeoisThe Magnificent Blogger/Author Diane Bourgeois

In the early 90’s Diane had a car accident that changed the direction of her life and after many years rediscovering the love she is, she was inspired in 2016 to write and publish her first children’s book Aimee and Divine Inspiration, available on Amazon.

Diane blogs at Divine Notebook to inspire others to dance, play, explore and flow with the universe, to feel the Divine connection in their creativity and express the magic of their unique inner light during life’s journey.



Christy BirminghamThe Magnificent Christy Birmingham

Christy inspires and supports her readers on her blogs Poetic Parfait and When Women Inspire not only through her own true experience coming out of an abusive relationship, but women all over the world who are changing their own life and their Environment in positive ways.

Christy has published two poetry books to date… available here: Pathways to Illumination and Versions of the Self.

Guest Blogger Feature... Your Magnificent Self

Do you want to be part of my Guest Blogger Feature… Your Magnificent Self?

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I know this is an incredible venture that is deeply impacting the world we live in.

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You are making a beautiful difference in the world, all spurred on this year by taking on the word “compassion” to elevate your business platform! It’s great to learn more of your personal journey Barbara as you often kindly share the insights of those whom you feature here. I look forward to the free book you’re compiling and the motivation that it brings to all who read it, including myself <3

Barbara Frankenreply
July 10, 2017 at 13:22
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Thanks so much for your kind words Christy and joining in this great adventure we having together, learning more about each other and gaining more and more friends… as if by magic😘

July 3, 2017 at 11:14

Another fine post. I went to all the sites. Enjoy.

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Thankyou so much for joining me here and leaving loving words… love to you x barbara

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