Guest Blogger/Author Feature… The Magnificent Alhana de la Torre

Alhana de la Torre
The Magnificent Alhana de la Torre

Since moving to live on the Costa del Sol, Tom and myself have chosen to surround ourselves with happy and balanced people that help hold our own essence of wellbeing in place. Especially now amidst the great change and cleanse we all find ourselves in…  orchestrated by the high vibrational energy of love and light that is moving ALL Humankind into a New Energy Consciousness of unity, joy and compassion. We find ourselves facing our demons, the results of our Human existence; living a life of lack & fear vs love & abundance and the need  to embrace & release them before we can leap into an unknown, unpredictable and timeless space of freedom.

Alhana de la Torre is a Divine sister that has recently walked into our life here in Spain, a fellow WordPress blogger, author and dedicated catalyst of change who assists the ones who are ready to awaken and transform. IAM delighted to introduce you all to the amazing and gentle being… Alhana… please take the time to absorb and enjoy the Magnificent light she radiates.

Alhana was born in Scotland but has been living in Spain for more than 30 years. After a career as a teacher and translator and mother to her family, she began an intense process of spiritual transformation and joined a spiritualist circle mentioned in Return of Truth. She practiced her channeling and healing abilities and after seven years of dedication she was asked by Soul Unity (the group’s spiritual family) to “spread the message well”.

Alhana’s personal motto is “Never Give Up” and after many lifetimes of service to the Light she is fully committed to the return of Love, Peace and Joy to the Earth in this New Age of Enlightenment.

Alhana shares her feelings on Compassion…


To understand compassion
An image came to me
Of people skating round and round
Linked for all eternity
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow
It all depends on where you go
Today you work the hardest
On the outer edge of time
But then the pattern swirls and turns
And you are on the centre line
Where all slows down
But still continues round and round
If one should stumble, tire or fall
The incident affects us all
And so we strive to keep the pace
And succour them with warm embrace
Round and round for ever more
Perfecting our skills
Learning the score
The music of life
On a cosmic scale
Teaches us truth
In an endless tale

When I wrote this poem I had no idea how much my life was about to change and how compassion, expressed through unconditional love, would become the very cornerstone of my being.

Though one may assume that compassion is shown to others I first had to find that compassion for myself as I let go of all that had informed me of who I was and plunged into the murky pool of birthing a new version of myself.

Not only did I let go of husband, home and security, I also found the reason for doing so slip from my grasp. With nothing of my former life or future dreams to cling to all that was left was the here and now.

Everything simplified and survival became paramount. At the same time my already developed intuitive side grew and I started to reinvent myself as a healer and channeller.

But first I had to heal myself and this is where compassion became so important; feelings of inferiority, lack of self-esteem, inability to cope had to be overcome or accepted.

At times I was in limbo or barely with my head above the waterline. I had no idea where I was going as the past dissolved and the future retracted.

All was in the now and so I started to enjoy the simple things that had always been there but sometimes overlooked. As I looked in the mirror at the start of each day I sensed that the greatest challenge was to love myself.

My guides, higher self, inner-voice or whatever you care to call it reminded me: Love thy neighbour as thyself, but start with YOU!

And so began a process that led me to this moment in which I am able to express my true self that neither judges nor condemns, but rather seeks to understand. For in the understanding of myself, of my own weaknesses and strengths, I have found compassion, deep and true, for others and their particular journeys into the light.

There is no one way; rather there are multiple pathways, each as valuable as the other. I own my own truths, including my darker side, the part of me that has known envy, greed and anger. But also I acknowledge that through these experiences I have learned to love, enjoy and create.

For without the darkness we could not see the stars. And so in this process of self-discovery the greatest discovery I have made is unconditional love which truly is acceptance of others` choices and decisions whether I understand them or approve of them. Who am I to judge?

And this is my understanding of compassion: a sense of sharing divine experience in whichever way it chooses to express itself for we are all equally valid, all equally important, all expressing in our own ways and sacred truths.

Alhana’s Biography…
IAM a medium, healing channel, spiritual counsellor and author who lives and works in Andalusia, Spain. I give talks both in English and Spanish about spiritual teachings and conduct group meditations and development circles with a focus on personal empowerment. I give personal readings via email or in private sittings.

My spiritual family “Soul Unity” commissioned me to write Return of Truth as a means of presenting a wide variety of information to assist in the “awakening” process that`s happening around the globe. With chapters on Atlantis, contact with ETs, Healing, Meditation and much, much more, I`m sure everyone will find something of interest that makes them want to enquire more. When a light goes on that`s the beginning of a beautiful journey…

Return of Truth by Alhana de la Torre
If you’ve ever wondered why there’s so much suffering in our world and why technological advancement not only hasn’t brought about peace but seems to have incremented illness, wars and conflict then Return of Truth has the answers. This is a book based on spiritual teachings that joins the dots between Atlantis and the Pyramids, the Holy Grail mysteries and contact with Extraterrestrials and the loss of vital knowledge in the Dark Ages and the repression of the Divine Feminine, as it explains the way forward into a New Age of Light addressing the challenges now facing humankind. Some of our most respected historical figures, including Jesus, Joan of Arc and Leonardo Da Vinci, received wisdom from higher beings. Join with them and become part of the Army of Love that is overcoming the darkness to show that the power of love is greater than the love of power.

Author Testimonial & Book Review
The first time I met Alhana I was struck by the beautiful aura that surrounds her and by the warmth and kindness that resonate from her. The tranquil way in which her words trickle out calmly and evenly is totally captivating. You want to listen all day.   .

I felt totally at ease during my readings and healing. The information given was so accurate and at times almost surreal. It has enhanced me so much in my journey. Alhana is always positive, genuine and encouraging. She has given readings for my children which helped immensely in the understanding and recovery from illness.

Alhana has also helped by giving the names of certain Bach flower remedies for the whole family which have been very accurate and helped a great deal. She is so generous with her time that you never feel rushed.

A must read is Alhana`s book Return of Truth. It`s a real page turner and wrote in a very down to earth manner, which is easy to grasp. It opens your mind to things you may never have considered and gives acknowledgement to issues you believed to be true but were told they were in your mind or just your imagination. Amanda Jane Samways

Alhana’s Book, Return of Truth is available to buy from Amazon as a digital or paperback.

Connect with Alhana…
WordPress Website:
Facebook: Alhanadelatorre

Thank you so much Alhana for joining me here on this adventure, for sharing with us your feelings on Compassion and for your continued support to others as they seek help during their transformation.

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May 22, 2017 at 10:34

Hi Alhana
Absolutely beautiful piece. Thankyou for sharing. Love Kirsty x

Maureen Jackreply
May 25, 2017 at 15:20
– In reply to: Anonymous

Thank you Kirsty for your words of encouragement x

Barbara Frankenreply
June 2, 2017 at 07:38
– In reply to: Anonymous

Thanks Kristy for resonating with Alhana’s magnificent feature… another divine sister amongst us… Much love to you x Barbara

Ka malanareply
May 22, 2017 at 11:41

Sweet 🙂 Welcome ~
Easily I could feel that softness cultivated,
Nice to meet you here.

Maureen Jackreply
May 25, 2017 at 15:24
– In reply to: Ka malana

Thank you for welcoming me Ka Malana x

Barbara Frankenreply
June 2, 2017 at 07:40
– In reply to: Ka malana

Ka… Thanks so much for welcoming Alhana to our sister/brotherhood… isn’t it a great feeling that we are so many holding the energy of unity and harmony… much love to you x Barbara

Christy Breply
May 27, 2017 at 17:47

Ohhhh what a wonderful guest post! In particular, this line is so powerful: “I am able to express my true self that neither judges nor condemns, but rather seeks to understand.”

Barbara Frankenreply
June 2, 2017 at 07:42
– In reply to: Christy B

Hi christy… thanks so much for your kind comment and resonating with the true expression of compassion. much love to you, Barbara x

May 28, 2017 at 19:29

Thank you Christy. I hope always to honour that line x

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13 Magnificent Blogger/Author & Words on Compassion … – Me, My Magnificent SelfMe, My Magnificent Selfreply
June 26, 2017 at 18:41

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