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Tricia Barker
The Magnificent Tricia Barker

IAM so happy to introduce to all my friends ‘The Magnificent Tricia’. Tricia has been blogging on WordPress for just over a year, sharing her Near Death Experience with everyone and is now revising her words as she puts all her memoirs together to publish her first book… Healing. I was delighted when Tricia contacted me to ask to be included in this great joint venture and be featured as my Guest Blogger/Author. A new Divine sister to follow an amazing journey and like so many of my friends, Tricia has dedicated herself to service… serving herself first by loving herself completely and allowing her example to radiate out into the world for others to discover their own love within. She wants everyone to know that it is possible to find true happiness and healing without going through the suffering she has. Tricia wrote a wonderful post that sums up everything she stands for… Love, Compassion, Unity & Community sharing with us how she teaches the world, in everything she is, about Divine Love…the essence that we each are at our core.

I just love Tricia’s commitment and fearlessness in this part of her post…
I live to protect the innocent and to heal the wounded.  That is the meaning of my life.  Stand in my way of working to heal this world, and I will gather a crowd of loving human beings together, and we will counter all hate and darkness with a brilliant light that cannot be denied. God bless our right to protest with love.  God bless us all in every country and every place in this world.  I’m here to make the world great in a way that it never has been and that starts with changing the minds of many of my fellow Americans.

It’s been a few years since Tricia’s Near-Death experience and she’s given herself plenty of time to heal and put everything that happened to her into perspective to be able to stand tall now smiling with Divine confidence and introducing herself as Professor, Author, Blogger, NDEr, Lightworker and Activist. Tricia lives in Fort Worth with her partner in Texas and allows her passion to drive her. Teaching her college children, marking their work, writing her memoirs, poetry, magazine articles, blogging and walking in nature with her beloved dog. She loves to drink lots of water and eat healthy fresh organic vegan food. I’m sure in the future we’ll get to hear more, but in the meantime please go over to Tricia’s blog and introduce yourself.


Tricia’s feelings on Compassion
Go ahead and work hard to manifest every single one of your dreams.  Build the company you wanted to build.  Start the non-profit.  Win the awards you dreamed of winning, but don’t forget compassion.

Go ahead and marry the guy or girl many others wanted.  Travel to Cozumel, Tahiti, and Rome.  Get a new home every decade and move up in your company, but don’t forget compassion.

Go ahead and train for your first race.  Win and keep training.  Take your efforts to their maximum and beyond. Smile for the cameras as everyone watches as you blast into fame in those blessed 500 meters of your life, but don’t forget compassion.

Go ahead and write the novel that gets a big publishing contract.  Get the movie deal and the house in Encinitas, but don’t forget compassion.

Because…the business can fail, the non-profit can flounder, and awards can be a thing of the past.  Divorce, sickness, and disaster is the rain that falls into many lives, and athletes whose faces were known around the world in their twenties sometimes have trouble getting out of bed in their forties or fifties, their bodies wracked with pain.  The writer who was the envy of all his or her peers sometimes dies alone with a television or a cat, so extend compassion to everyone like it is breath.

When you judge another’s weaknesses, you judge yourself because we will all succumb to frailty.  The flower blooms, but even when we are green, we are also dying.  Even when we are dying though, we are sometimes simply learning what it means to live with compassion for all beings.

So, why not learn the lesson now?  Why not live as if you are already home?  Have compassion for everyone on God’s green earth and everyone who has come before you and everyone who will come after you.


During my near-death experience, one of the aspects of the divine love of God was compassion.  There were many aspects to this megadose of love, but compassion was one of the feelings.  To simply feel God’s acceptance and love as I was without judgment seemed way out of the ordinary for me.  In my life before my NDE, I encountered people who were often judgmental, and I didn’t always extend compassion myself.

The longer I live, the more I realize that one of the most important things we can do is to extend compassion both to ourselves and others in all moments of life, even in small moments when we are frustrated in traffic or unable to sleep.  Try showing yourself a bit more compassion.  The very act of showing compassion for yourself seems to free up space and allows things to shift.

Tricia’s Biography
I experienced a profound near-death experience during my senior year of college, and this experience guided me to teach overseas, in public schools, and at the college level. Currently, I teach English and Creative Writing at a beautiful community college in Fort Worth, Texas. Many of the classrooms at Trinity River Campus overlook the beautiful Trinity River which remind me of images from my near-death experience. My memoir in-progress, Healed, chronicles the moment of my accident, my near-death experience, and other moments of trauma that affect many women. The book focuses on being of service to the world as one way to heal from trauma.  My poetry has been published in several publications including The Binnacle, The Paterson Literary Review, and The Midwest Quarterly.

Excerpt from Healed:  A Memoir About a Near-death Experience and a Life Informed by the Other Side
No one, except possibly the most committed atheist, could have been more surprised than me at the onset of my near-death experience.   The first moments outside my body felt exciting and electrifying, and my spirit danced a bit of a jig realizing that there is more to existence than the physical.  I felt like a child again, happy to see what came next and glad that my spirit body retained the essence of who I am; though obviously I was a little concerned about the physical body on the table.

Soft rock music played on the radio, and my back had a long, bloody incision.  Surgery appeared more brutal and gory than I had imagined, especially from that vantage point.  My vision outside my body was 360-degrees, so I perceived the operating room differently than if I had been physically standing beside my body.  I could see above the doctors and the entire operating room all at once without blinking or relying on eyes.  There, in that space with the doctors, nurses, surgical technicians and others, I felt incredible joy and awe as I realized all does not die with the body.

After rejoicing for a moment, I noticed two of the most intelligent beings I had ever encountered.  They were very large, approximately eight or nine feet, androgynous with shoulder length hair, and composed more of light than solid form. I refer to them as angels only because I have no other terminology that befits what I saw.  These angels were part of an enhanced reality and nothing like a dream or a hallucination.

I’ve experienced thousands of dreams, but this was more real than any waking moment in my lifetime.  In dreams, the dreamer may be caught up in a scenario that feels real, but during the interval I existed outside of my body I felt like I was seeing the whole picture, or at least a vast intelligent connection that I had been missing while in form.  In college, I dropped acid on a couple of different occasions, and the hallucinations were minor, more shadowy; nothing like this vivid experience.  I had a complete awareness that this vantage point was more real than any reality I had ever experienced in my physical life.

If you want to read the beginning blog posts about her near-death experience, here is the first post and more excerpts from her novel. You can connect with Tricia and ask to be put on her list to be one of the first to hear about the date she publishes her book.

Connect with Tricia
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Thank you Tricia for joining this great venture, for sharing with us your feelings on Compassion and having the courage to present Your Magnificent Self to the world. It has been great getting to know you, reading all about your inspired work, bringing love and peace to all and look forward to expanding our friendship.

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Thanks, Barbara, for featuring the wonderful Tricia.
Thanks, Tricia, for sharing your journey here on WordPress. I find it very inspiring how you shine your light after the trauma you went through. You are such a courageous soul.

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May 16, 2017 at 14:09
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Hello Karin… it is my pleasure to feature Tricia and get to know another Divine friend here on WordPress. Thankyou too for making sure she found her way to me and this great venture. Love barbara x

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