Healing Yourself Naturally…

Healing Yourself Naturally

I’m sure you’ve been there… feeling the pain and distress of your Body/Mind… trying to get your attention about it being time to change your life-style. A young body can take a lot of abuse, but as the body matures your life-style will catch up with you. Life seems to be getting more complex and limited, and this is putting everyone under more pressure. Instead of enjoying everything in moderation, knowing what is best for yourself and how you want to live your life; most people feel hopeless and fear the future and escape into excessive drinking, smoking, eating, pleasure seeking and working. Society has become obese, angry, violent, lost and chronically dis-eased. Society seeks answers from the governments, doctors and teachers… but the truth is, no-one out there can help anymore AND unless you want to join the many people who are dying right now from some form of dis-ease…

It’s time to stand still and ask yourself a question. What is best for Me? 

It’s time to choose to stop working and partying too hard, eating heaps of cheap processed foods and fizzy drinks that you know have been stripped of goodness and tons of sugar, salt and colouring added for taste… and instead give yourself equal time and space in which to relax and rebalance yourself, feed yourself with small amounts of quality fats, low carbs (fruits & veg) & protein and drink enough still water.

It’s time to understand you are unique and that you hold all your own answers. It’s time to begin researching and communicating with people who are living a natural and vibrant life and choose to form a loving community together, regain your natural magnificent power and remember how to dissolve your own traumas and wounds, worries and fears.

Tom and I have had many warning from our bodies/spirit to slow down and change the way we live. From a busy and stressful life, we now have a relaxed and balanced life and continue to listen and give the body/mind /spirit what it needs each new day. Over the years I have blogged about my research about healing naturally and have met others who have healed themselves naturally. Today in this blog post I thought it would be nice to put some of these posts together for you.

Healing Yourself from Diabetes II
2014 was the year Tom was diagnosed with Diabetes that sent me into a frenzy of research that I wrote about in my post …and the secret is out

Naturally Healing yourself from Parkinsons
A few years ago Tom and myself played a lot of golf and on one occasion we met Mike and his go for life on the Golf Course, he had parkinsons disease, but his attitude for life really impressed us and brought me to research more about it. I came into contact with Howard Shifke who had changed his lifestyle and cured his own parkinsons disease. He continues to blog on his WordPress site Fighting Parkinson DrugFree and has written and made videos about his Parkinsons Recipe for Recovery.

A recipe for parkinsons recovery

Naturally Healing yourself from Mental Illness
As we become aware of our old feelings of safety and comforts falling away around us… seeing everything disappearing before our very eyes that we have worked so hard for… knowing we cannot fix or control it…  sends us into a slow downward spiral of panic and fear and eventually deepens into depression. You can read more of my feelings on Mental Health and the natural healing research I found.

Naturally Healing yourself from Chronic Dis-ease
You may visit the doctors with your fears and pains, alternative ones too, but when they have no answers, only labels of a new chronic dis-ease of the Body or Mind… that come together with a pill… you can best begin looking within and give yourself the gift of quiet me-time. A sacred space and time to relax, breathe the conscious breath, open your heart and surrender into the depths of your own compassion and spirit presence that will embrace you, empower you and take you further on your journey to freedom. Free from limitation, struggle and pain. You can read more of my post on Chronic Dis-ease.

The Root Cause of Dis-ease
I have found a familiar root cause that comes up in most of my research about Dis-ease of the Body/Mind and that is the over-activation of the adrenal glands, (the fight and flight hormone) that stops its normal function and eventually shuts down the immune system.

Our Immune system only has two modes… it either allows our body/mind to grow or to protect… in the latter it will eventually shut down all our organs. 

It is therefore each persons responsibility to make sure YOU are always in the growing mode. It is therefore essential YOU communicate with yourself and look at what lies behind your unhappiness, excessive eating, drinking, working…etc and is influencing your suffering now. We hear a lot about past trauma work and digging up past abuse… It doesn’t have to be the ancestral pattern of sexual or physical family abuse though, it can be something as a baby being left in an incubator or in a cot alone crying, being told a child is not to be heard or being told you are not good enough.

All small children need love and nurture and when we feel anything else, this undesired emotion; energy becomes trapped in our body/mind and we carry it with us all through our life unless we look at it. See it for the experience it was, perhaps a misunderstanding, a similar pattern being played out by the parent and acknowledge that you are still living despite it all and embrace the trauma and allow it to be released.

Once you make peace with a past trauma, you free your physical body/mind up to be able to move on and feel happy, powerful and magnificent. #MeMyMagnificentSelf


Part of my Mission in Life

Is to tell YOU that the destruction of our old fearful and limited reality, including our ego identity is a crucial part in the Great Shift in Consciousness that allows Humankind to return to our true origin as Divine Light Beings, except a lot wiser for having experienced unconditional Human Love and are now able to move into a NEW physical experience that has never been done before…  Embodied Enlightenment…  living a life of celebration here on the physical plane as our Sovereign MasterCreator self.

It is time for each of us to fully awaken and integrate with all of our selves… Human and Divine and create our own safety, comfort and abundance in a new way. But first we have to release all our old beliefs and patterns… which is what most of our dis-ease is all about. Unfortunately we are not openly taught about how powerful we each truly are, how dis-ease is a chance to blow away the layers of dust that reveal our Divine Light and be the vibrant Masters and Creators we truly are.

Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

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