She Heals His Wound… A FREE Taster to my MasterCreator Class

She Heals His Wound is a small taster to introduce you to my MasterCreator Class. NEW Energy or NEW Information for you to read and listen to AND allow your consciousness to expand and balance within your Body Consciousness (Body, Mind & Spirit). This will help you resonate with your truth, relax, embrace all of yourself, begin to release everything that no longer serves you and prepare for your New Role as MasterCreator, living a life of celebration here on the physical plane.

In the very Beginning of all creation… in order to experience seeing and knowing yourself, you chose to separate yourself from All That Is and begin an individual experience here on Earth to explore and discover who you are…. Many, many years later you find yourself sitting here in this sacred space NOW. Reading and Listening to this story She Heals Him.

Most of us here in the western world have a good life, we have a lot of freedom… but more and more the world around us seems to be escalating out of control… there is lots of chaos, craziness and extreme polarity that is creating greater separation in the people and causing more fear and lack.

We are left wondering how is it all going to end? How do we stop the violence? How can we heal the world and make it harmonious?

Maybe first we have to look back at our Human story and understand the underlying cause of our despair? AND if we are quiet and look within, maybe we find an answer.

Our story continues… hearing the whispers of old myths of the Goddess Isis and of times when there was peace and harmony on Earth… They were known as The Golden Ages… where the Divine female Isis was Creator and Birther of a peaceful, loving and harmonious life. She was the Lover, Priestess and Mother of Intuition, Magic and Natural law. And we read the modern fairytales of Cinderella, SnowWhite and Sleeping Beauty… about her disappearance.

There have been many ancient civilizatons before us, but 2 great ones stand out… Lemuria… a race of great spiritual advancement and Atlantis… a race of great technological advancement… They were androgynous life-times… having balanced female and male energy in one body. It was the Divine female energy, that remained connected to the stars that lead the people, she was the Mother, Creator and Birther of all life. The masculine energy connected to the Earth, was the protector, honouring and supporting a new way of living… Until one day some souled beings began to feel restless and began to play with the masculine energies… some of them became forceful and dark and eventually destroyed both Lemuria and Atlantis.

We can imagine how the Divine Feminine energy felt as she saw her world fall apart on Lemuria and Atlantis by the dark forces… destroying all her people and land. Feelings of deep sorrow, shame and regret. Blaming herself for not being able to fulfil her role, loving and caring for her people…. AND in an escape we can understand the need to search for her own forgiveness and find solace by diving into the depths of herself. In the absence of the creator and nurturer… we can also imagine the loss felt by the Masculine energy and his choice to follow her into the depths within.

The story continues many many years later… in the beginning of our own civilization today… where we hear of the emergence of Adam and Eve… a golden age of sorts as we read about the freedom of the early days, free trading across the world, native tribes whose women knew of their natural healing powers, her dream time prophesies and them being crowned the natural leaders of most tribes.

An Introduction to the MasterCreator Class... She Heals His Wound

However, even though she felt the dedication, honour and love from him, she felt his love and adoration wasn’t enough for her, there was something missing. She felt incomplete and knew she had to find out how to love herself first… before she could continue to be true to another… to him. She chose to allow part of herself to venture deep within, in search of her own love. She arranged for him to take over her role as creator and lead her people further.

It was with deep longing and many tears… he cried out… Where are you? I need you. What more can I do? He walked around with his broken heart… he didn’t know how to find her. He didn’t know what to do. He was truly lost. AND the physical wound of man began. Each morning he would wake up and wonder if she would come back to him and wondered if she would need him anymore? In his deep misery, wishing she would come back… he began to distract himself, managing, directing and controlling all the people.

In her search she wondered… Am I being selfish? Is his love not enough? Is there a deeper love that will make me feel complete?Feeling fulfilled would I still need him? Would I still feel passion and desire him? She missed him dearly… yearning for him… to be together… calling out his name.

This separation happened around the time of the suppression of Paganism in the early Christian era. When the masculine energy took over the power. We all know what happened in the years to follow… Man’s wound only grew deeper, as he pushed himself harder… to convince her to come back and make her realise he was her great love. But in his distraught… in his craziness and obsession… He became addicted to domination and control… and all his insane focus became her persecution, he portrayed her as a prostitute and slave… condemning her to live as a second rate citizen until this very day.

Yes, today Humanity walks the Earth in hypnosis, both male and female carrying the original deep wound, the tragic love story of heartbreak and separation of the Divine female and Earthly Male.

As we remember our completeness in the beginning of time… Of how we chose to experience separation… with the intention to return home a little wiser after our Earthly experience. We can understand how this story of heartbreak and separation is a misunderstanding and allowing ourself to ponder on the questions… all can become clear.

Does the women discover her own love and feel complete? Does the man realise he can love himself too?  Does she return to him? Desire him and make her home with him? Does he allow her in? Can she, the Divine Feminine heal his wound? 

AND then looking deeper within ourself, we can ask ourself the questions…

Can I acknowledge my wound? Can I feel my wound? Can I bring light into my wound?

The next part of this taster is a 30 min podcast for your to relax and expand into an inner journey.
Enjoy the quietness, looking into yourself, feeling the wound and answering your questions…

Can she, the Divine Feminine heal his wound? Can you bring your feminine and masculine energies into a harmonious balance?

Find yourself a quiet place in which to relax and close your eyes and breathe the conscious breath.
Click on the image and enjoy listening to an Expanded Inner Journey She Heals His Wound.

As part of Shambra and the Crimson Circle, IAM grateful to Adamas’s continued insights into integrating all of Self and being able to experience Embodied Enlightenment now.

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April 22, 2017 at 17:19

Thank you Barbara for your beautiful Wrighting… I enjoyed..,,,

Barbara Frankenreply
April 27, 2017 at 06:57
– In reply to: Anonymous

Thanks Kristy? So glad you resonated to this powerful balancing of the feminine and masculine energies. Love barbara

Sue Dreamwalkerreply
April 25, 2017 at 14:52

A beautiful share from your beautiful heart Barbara… May we all heal All past wounds as we embrace each other as we Unite and come together as ONE.. <3

Have A Blessed Spring.. 🙂

Barbara Frankenreply
April 27, 2017 at 06:49
– In reply to: Sue Dreamwalker

Thankyou sue, Each time we close our eyes and embrace our wounds I feel the ripple of love expanding and touching others who always benefit… love to you sue, barbara

November 7, 2017 at 15:07

Hi Barbara! I loved the story of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. It resonated with the old stories but also showed a totally different aspect of it. Thank you for sharing!

Barbara Frankenreply
November 11, 2017 at 09:44
– In reply to: anitashree

So glad you resonated with it Anita… did you listen to the inner journey at the end? Its important we all begin to understand why we feel these big wounds… and how easy we can each heal ourself through understanding, breathing and allowing everything to transmute that doesn’t serve us.. much love, Barbara x

Share your love ... thank you x