Channelling YOU… A FREE Taster to my MasterCreator Class

MasterCreator Class Taster: Channelling You

Channelling YOU is a small taster to introduce you to my MasterCreator Class. NEW Energy or NEW Information for you to read and listen to AND allow your consciousness to expand and balance within your Body Consciousness (Body, Mind & Spirit). This will help you resonate with your truth, relax, embrace all of yourself, begin to release everything that no longer serves you and prepare for your New Role as MasterCreator, living a life of celebration here on the physical plane.

In the Beginning of TIME…
In order to experience All That Is & everything you are, you purposely helped set up The Human Game of Duality, but first it was necessary to forget everything and allow yourself to play in a new Environment, exploring and discovering life as a unique individual. Over the Millenia, you have perfected the game of victim and aggressor, manipulating and disempowering another, in order to survive in this very limited and linear life… until the day you realise the illusion of the game and are able to step out.

Like a contagious laughter, many are waking up from this long nightmare to realise who they are and in-particular of how a select few continue to keep Humankind in the dark and steal their power.

Religion, Spirituality and Politics are all part of the game
Religion is used to make you believe you have been born in sin and therefore must forever repent your ways. You must follow, tow the line or be punished on Earth and in Eternal Life. Almost all women down the line of history, who have practiced natural medicine, have been persecuted and condemned as witches and hoers for tempting man with their evil.

Politics in the western world has supposedly come a long way with democracy, but you see the depth of corruption as intricate patterns of deception are uncovered in governments, public services, police and prison systems and you ask the questions: Who is being favoured? Where is all the money? and Who is actually pulling the strings behind the scenes?

Spirituality continues to point ‘to the special ones’ who have special qualities and power… who can sense non-physical energy… (with their special senses: see, feel, hear, smell, taste and know) and channel messages. You are told they are the chosen ones, psychic… in comparison to you, who have no power. Fair enough, at one time it was important for a few to be able to sense and channel energy, to help Humankind stay connected to the stars above and the depths of Earth below. Otherwise there would have been no whispers from spirit of hope.

It is enough now…. it is time for you to follow your passion and compassion that you have discovered during your long Human experience and resonate with the truth of who you are… A Pure Being of Light… All Magnificent and Powerful… here to experience beautiful physical sensations. You can no longer pretend not to know, you are a powerful Creator being, it is time to create a NEW game and walk together with sacred friends.

Do you remember the story of Aladdin and the Genie of the lamp. You are the genie of the lamp and intuitively know how to create magic. You are the sacred vessel that flows with Love, Joy and Abundance and creates your life, you just haven’t remembered, until now.

Be aware of what YOU are Channelling
As you awaken you are able to sense more clearly how you naturally bring or channel energy into your life as the expression of how you feel.

Are you aware of when you feel deeply passionate, whether it’s speaking about a subject you feel strong about, creating tasty dishes in your kitchen, reading or writing a great story, painting a picture, knitting a garment, walking in nature, embraced with a loved one AND even imagining your grandest dream. You feel calm, joyful and alive, of time flying by and feeling one with all life; no separation and life giving you everything you desire.

You are translating how your feel/what you desire into a unique expression in the physical world. You are always channelling your passion, yet you have been taught to focus only on your goal or a material product… a book, a garment, a picture, a dish that brings you happiness or in the case of not getting there, makes you unhappy and miserable. This is a fundamental manipulation that keeps everyone tied into the illusion of lack and misery.

Are you aware of your passion/happiness within that you channel into the world or is your focus on searching for your happiness outside of you?

As you allow yourself more me-time to play, have fun, be creative, act, love, imagine and relax doing nothing… you begin to become aware of the infinite passion that flows through you and intuitively know that this is your natural state of being and your way of bringing your unique expression into the physical world. You begin to realise you are not separate from passion… YOU are the passion. YOU are the flow of source consciousness that keeps you infinately excited, joyful, free, compassionate, confident and powerful. YOU are the infinite cycle of passion in motion.

It’s time to consciously channel the vibration of your heart and soul desire.
It is no longer about channeling information from others, (spirit guides) or paying attention to your goal to help you survive and be happy. It is time to be your magnificent & powerful self, to embrace, clear and release everything that no longer supports you and leap beyond everything known. It’s time to be consciously channel your heart and soul desire into life and live a life of celebration… here on Earth.

So what is your heart and soul desire AND what are you going to channel? 

12 Tips to Channeling You and Living a Life of Celebration…

  • Accept that you are part of The Magnificent Consciousness all around you.
  • Be aware of your focus… is it outside of you, in search of happiness or are you aware of the passion that flows through you?
  • Give yourself time, get to know yourself and your place within the world. Know you are always connected with All life, physical and non-physical.
  • Know you are made up of both physical and non-physical matter and energy… each atom of your being is made up of consciousness that is not separate from the energy of a tree, an animal, the Earth and the sky.
  • Make the most of walking in nature and be with animals, be aware of how you feel. Do you feel pure source energy radiating out connection, goodness and protection?
  • Imagine inside your physical body is pure light, fitting tightly within you… like a hand within a glove. This is your light body, your Divinity, your consciousness that has always been with you, you just never knew it.
  • Allow yourself to communicate with your divinity, embrace and love this part of yourself.
  • Allow the natural integration of your Divine and Human selves to happen effortlessly and surrender completely to your Divinity, allowing her to take you beyond everything known.
  • Know you are always receiving energy, the expression of the non-physical world that you simply channel into a recognised creative format… bake a cake, write a poem, draw a picture, sing a song, dance… etc… etc… whatever you desire to experience in each moment.
  • Clear out all expectations and old information of how everything works. Allow yourself a clean slate to discover All of Yourself anew.
  • Intend in every NOW moment to be vibrant… to feel good and open, no matter your circumstances. This guarantees that you stay in a harmonious balance with your Divine Self and receive information.
  • Be aware and clear in each moment of how you channel your magnificent expression into the world.

The next part of this taster is a 30 minute podcast for you to relax and expand into an inner journey.
Enjoy the quietness, looking into yourself, feeling yourself, knowing yourself.

Find yourself a quiet place in which to relax and close your eyes and breathe the conscious breath.

Click on the image and enjoy listening to an Expanded Inner Journey Channelling You.

Join Barbara’s online or local MasterCreator Class
It is for each heart to realise their own desire to live an effortless and limitless life & create a life of harmony and freedom… AND give them self quiet me-time in which to dive deep within & discover the part of self that will take them beyond all understanding and able to live a life of celebration.

My MasterCreator Class is a sacred space in which to dedicate YOU to YOU in a quiet and safe space. Through creative expression… dancing, singing, painting, writing, acting, playing and expanded inner journeys, YOU remember your true origins, the truth about energy dynamics & how the world works, YOU discover All of Yourself & understand how essential it is to let go of old patterns, beliefs and programmes and trust yourself to take YOU further beyond all that is known.

Read more information of my local and online classes:

Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
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Writing to Freedomreply
April 21, 2017 at 15:07

Nice tips and reminders Barbara. May we embrace our magnificence.

Barbara Frankenreply
April 22, 2017 at 07:35
– In reply to: Writing to Freedom

Thanks Brad… Much love barbara x

Writing to Freedomreply
April 22, 2017 at 15:33
– In reply to: Barbara Franken

My pleasure Barbara. <3

Sue Dreamwalkerreply
April 25, 2017 at 14:56

Thank you Barbara.. may we remember this tip in particular
“Know you are made up of both physical and non-physical matter and energy… each atom of your being is made up of consciousness that is not separate from the energy of a tree, an animal, the Earth and the sky.”

When you understand this you connect in a whole different way as you take those next steps as we walk out in Nature.. 🙂
Wonderful Barbara..
Have a Blessed Week <3

Barbara Frankenreply
April 27, 2017 at 06:46
– In reply to: Sue Dreamwalker

So kind are your words and finally we may each understand how important a part nature plays in the awakening of humankind. Much love barbara ❤️

Sue Dreamwalkerreply
April 27, 2017 at 11:12
– In reply to: Barbara Franken


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