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Guest Blogger/Author Feature… The Magnificent Patricia Cegan

March 6, 2017
Pat Cegan

Introducing the Amazing and Magnificent Patricia Cegan…

Welcome Patricia to my NEW Guest Blogger/Author Feature, it is truly my pleasure to have you stand on this platform of Magnificence and share your amazing light with the world. IAM honoured to have you amongst my Divine friends here on WordPress, to read your most inspiring poetry at Source of Inspiration that you scribe direct from source and to get to know the lady who leaves the golden life in USA; retiring from the pharmaceutical industry, to live in Brazil as a volunteer; caring for underprivileged people and being an observer and participant of Native Spiritual Healing.

Pat has created a new blog The Final Third and a book is underway for us all to indulge in, reading about her amazing adventure living in Brazil and her perception of seeing the similarities of our different cultures.

Pat has some wise words to share on her feelings of Compassion…

Most of us have been taught that we should be compassionate, help others, be generous, perhaps this is not always true. I have spent the past 14 years as a volunteer in Brazil working with special needs children from underprivileged homes…the perfect work to learn to be compassionate, right? Yes and no. What I learned is that sometimes my seemingly compassionate action, robbed another person of a chance to meet a challenge, to grow in skills and understanding. Sometimes my compassion stemmed from a need to feel good about what I was doing, not taking into account the “big picture.”

My blog, Source of Inspiration, explores various aspects of compassion in its poetry. Here is an example.

Compassionate Wisdom

One must merge
wisdom with love.
Excess compassion helps
neither the giver nor receiver.
Be aware that martyrdom
can be the ultimate
act of selfishness.

A paradox remains so
only until one comprehends
that unity resolves
all questions.

Truly we must be wise in our feelings of compassion and how we act upon these feelings. Often times, “the gift is for the giver” something that I had to examine carefully in the volunteer work I have done all my life, certainly in my time here in Brazil as a full-time volunteer. Remember, too, that pity is not compassion and often stems from a need to feel superior to our object of pity.

Doing good is tricky, indeed it is. Even if all our motives are “right,” helping someone do something that they could have done without our help makes our compassion unwise.

Another view of compassion from Source of Inspiration:

Have compassion
for those who hurt
who lash out at others
because of their own pain
for great is their suffering
with no solace in sight.
See them with eyes of compassion
for they do not know how to love.

Learning to be compassionate instead of judgmental is something we all struggle to achieve. Yet, it is a hard lesson that we get again and again so that we can understand it in greater depth each time. Be compassionate. It is a good thing to be, except when it is not.


A flower for Patricia

Pats’s Biography…

Source of Inspiration is a depository for more than 12,000 poems that have come to me in the early hours of each morning. Each morning, I quickly write the words to six or more poems and post them every four hours around the clock, seven days a week. Where do these poems come from? you ask. I can answer, “Certainly not from me. I had never liked poetry, didn’t read it, nor write it until I started this blog five years ago. I say they are from Source and let everyone explain it as fits their beliefs. The poems are not about me…they speak to all of us who experience what they say at one time or another in our lives.” I have published seven books of poems taken from Source of Inspiration and have others underway, including one in Portuguese for my Brazilian friends. All proceeds from these books are donated to a group who works with families in crisis.

Source of Inspiration Volume VI By Patricia Cegan…

I published my first Source of Inspiration Volume 1 back in 2013, this is my 6th book of 7 I have scribed from Source and they keep on flowing. What does Source mean? I believe we have the ability to tap into a creative pool in a variety of media and activities. Entering this creative flow is a process that one learns either consciously or unconsciously. It has been called many things, described again and again. Yet, it remains a mystery. I hope that you find something within my poetry that will speak to your heart and help you deepen all relationship and feel connected.

You can purchase from Amazon as an Digital or Print book

A Book Review…

‘Patricia Cegan is a poet and mystic. It’s so easy to open this volume at random and find just the message you need at the moment. You can tell that this poet has a wisdom that comes with experience and years and is open to sharing what she has learned with others. “Source of Inspiration” is not the kind of book you will sit down and read cover-to-cover in a few days’ time. It wants to be chewed thoroughly between bites and requires time for digestion and absorption. I discovered Ms. Cegan through her blog. Her writing makes me want to follow her to the remote areas of Brazil so that I also can drink in the sources of inspiration she finds in nature, in solitude and in the spiritual life. I am looking forward to volume two’. Victoria Ceretto.

Connect with Pat through her Social Media…

Website Source of Inspiration:
Website The Final Third:
Facebook: Pat Cegan
Twitter: Pat Cegan

Thank you so much Patricia for standing out in the world and shinning your bright light for others to open their hearts and feel the flow of LOVE that connects us all.

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