Book Review, Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom

A little book with a big impact, a real privilege to glimpse a little of the journey Barbara has been on though I suspect she’s not done yet. It will resonate with each of her readers in so many different ways wherever they happen to be as part of their individual journeys to acceptance of all they are and the freedom this brings. Barbara’s colourful, expressive drawings and short narrative guide us through the immenseness of what she has felt, absorbed, experienced – 9 elemental beings come and reside with her for a while throughout her journey, walking with her until a new level of consciousness has enveloped her, each one almost a facet of Barbara herself.

It’s a book to read in one sitting, revisit any number of times and ponder on for eternity. Barbara has dared to do what most of us spend lifetimes yearning for, experiencing joy above and beyond humankind, daring to believe we are more than this. It is so deep there is no end.

Samantha Bayley Dec 2015

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