Book Review, Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom

It is a small book with a lot of content. It has a size perfect for a handbag, so I can carry it with me, and read it whenever I have a free moment. But it could have been a much larger book, because there is so much information and threads (leads). However Barbara decided to leave them to our imagination and initiative to dive into our own consciousness and find our own truth.

The book can be read like a fairy tale, poetry or a self-help book, all three in one. It is the author’s story about discovering and developing sensitivity to her own new human IAM finding it utterly magnificent and being sure that that magnificence is characteristic for every person living on the Earth. In the process of that discovery she is welcoming nine Elemental Beings which are actually aspects of her own being, aspects that can’t be neglected any longer, need to be listened to and integrated. It is really a book about falling in love with oneself, something that is not very popular in our culture and society. But Barbara makes it very visual and obvious that this is a way to become truly free, happy and awakened Self. During this journey her life is expanding into light, creativity and love and she wants to share this way with us readers.
Language used in the book needs some explanation and Barbara supplies a very useful glossary explaining many terms she uses in the book.

The book is also illustrated with Barbara’s own colorful artworks, created intuitively. She is very modest about her drawings, but they are a perfect complement to her little, charming book.

Izabela Lewandowska-Sletner 3 Dec 2015

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