IAM excited to LAUNCH my ONLINE MasterCreator Class…

Online MasterCreator Class

Do you wake up most mornings wishing you understood how to solve your daily challenges, know the answers to heal your fears and pains… or at least how to keep your doubts and judgements from occupying so much space within your mind? AND do you feel deep within a drive to prepare for the grandest celebration ever to take place on Earth?

You’ve properly heard about ‘The Natural Shift of Consciousness’ that is taking place now… The extreme light frequencies that continue to pour down on Earth and all Humankind, AWAKENING hearts and souls to realise their true Divine light essence?

Everything other than LOVE is being brought into the light… All Human suffering, fear and pain is rising to the surface… for acknowledgment and a loving embrace before its release and transformation into NEW potential.

Although you feel at times challenged, sad, angry, anxious and hopeless, YOU seem to know deep within that this confrontation and discomfort with your darkness is part of your natural INTEGRATION that you’ve read and heard others talk about. YOU know it is all part of healing yourself, becoming whole and is allowing YOU to be aware of the non-physical part of you that has always been there; standing behind you, at your side, in front of you and within you…

AND now it is possible for you to truly feel and perceive the loving embrace and encouragement of your Magnificence, Divine and All Powerful self, to OWN all of yourself and allow your unique and free creative expression to unfold in the heart of life.

It is truly a magical time to be alive, no matter what is happening in your life and around YOU. It is a grand opportunity for YOU to choose to fulfil your new role as MasterCreator living a life of embodied ENLIGHTENMENT, here on the physical plane, creating all you’ve ever desired… for the good of all. NO… its never been done before… YOU and me are the new standards, the new DivineHumanBeings who are co-creating a New Earth.

Note: It doesn’t mean that you don’t continue having human challenges, but you do know how to deal with them. 

This Halloween weekend is a very special time, where the veils between the multiple dimensions are at there thinnest and allows us all to celebrate the DEATH and REBIRTH of our Human selves. 

So what better time to Launch my new MasterCreator Class ONLINE.

This is YOUR Invitation to join me on Tuesday Nov 1st 2016 for the launch of my new MasterCreator Class ONLINE.

Please go to my Facebook Business Page tomorrow between 10 am and 10pm (Madrid Time) and help me create awareness for my new ONLINE MasterCreator Class… I’ll be giving away 3 FREE online classes and 3 FREE digital versions of my book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom. I’ll also be posting more information about the Great Shift of Consciousness, the affects we are experiencing and tips to make ourself more comfortable during this ride. AND celebrating life in a fun and playful way as a MasterCreator knows.

OnlineMasterCreator Class

MasterCreator Class
My MasterCreator Class is for all the Hearts that LOVE themself so much and Souls that are READY to celebrate their MasterCreator self; their DivineHuman Beingness and prepare themselves for the grandest celebration ever to take place on Earth.

I have created a safe space within my ONLINE class for all SacredHearts around the world to be able to participate on your own, at your own time, from the comfort of your own home. Its a class all about YOU, all you have to do is create abundant Quiet Me-Time for yourself to relax and allow yourself to receive this great gift from YOUR Divine self.

Its an intense ‘five week’ class (that is available for you to complete online within 3 months). It is filled with creative pursuits… Dancing, Singing, Acting, Painting, Writing, Expanded Inner/Outer Journeys and Celebration… for YOU to experience your excitement, joy, confidence, passion and POWER, to allow yourself to express your ‘spirit voice’ and BE the MasterCreator who creates an abundant and happy life in each moment… No matter what.

I ask for a donation of 33 euros (or equilvalent) for this online class. All money raised from my book and classes fund my ‘Creative Art Project’ that I bring into local schools to help inspire our young children about ‘The Magnificent Consciousness’ we are all a part of.

If you happen to live locally on the Costa del Sol I hold the five-week MasterCreator Class each May, in  StudioMindBody, Fuengirola.  I ask for a donation of 65 euros. You can register here to make sure you have a place. (Maximum 12 people).

Barbara Franken
Creative Visionary… MasterCreator… Transformative Mentor
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness


I published my book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom to share my journey Awakening and Integrating All of myself and be able to create a life of celebration as my Magnificent Self. Inspiring others to resonate with their own magnificence, their own natural state of being.

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For the ones who need extra help to get un-stuck and quantum leap beyond the mind… I offer a one on one 2 hr consultation,  in person or via skype. Contact me…

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Sue Dreamwalkerreply
November 3, 2016 at 23:31

Wishing you well dear Barbara with your masterclass.. I know all you touch will succeed.. Love and hugs my friend..

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