What is Loving Yourself All About… Part III


Thankfully it has been quite a few years ago since I became my own best friend and changed the way I searched outside of myself for acceptance and recognition that made me instantly feel relaxed and stress-free. No more expecting that pat on the back, people telling me they were proud of something I had done, How nice they thought my hair, my dress was… even how I’d decorated my home.

Being my own best friend meant I could focus on me and my life and be the one who told myself I had done well when I felt I had excelled myself or even if I didn’t… I told myself it didn’t matter. I told myself when my hair or my dress looked good and also when I didn’t feel so cool, I told myself I loved myself anyway. I admired my own home, food I cooked and paintings I created AND if I wasn’t happy with something, I accepted it and changed it if I could.

Now… its not about others no longer mentioning my lovely hair (or not), but about not needing to hear their approval and recognition. With having no more expectation from others or myself, allowing myself to be, took away the judgement and stress too. Not only did I feel much more uplifted, peaceful and vibrant, I felt that others in my surroundings became more open and friendly, as if they took on my new happy feeling… and this is in fact what happens… Our vibrancy ripples through the air as happy or sad waves.

As I change, my Environment reflects back my change… Not only does my change of focus help me, it helps everyone else to. 

This doesn’t stop everyone from telling you you’re being selfish though, focusing only on YOU… Your Magnificent Self, but actually when you understand that life is only about you, your experience and expanding your awareness (consciousness), your connection with All That Is and you find out there is NO SEPARATION… It makes YOU the world. So loving, caring and giving attention to yourself is giving to the whole world too.

What you do to yourself, you do to others and the whole world.

Just by looking at the state of our society, our world with all its conflict and fear, you can see that it all stems from each one of us ignoring and disliking ourself. So if you want to change the world, you have to begin with yourself first…. the rest will happen automatically. Why not give it a try.

In times of doom and gloom be your own best friend
It is also in times of sadness, irritation and even anger when you need to be your own best friend… instead of echoing your hurts and woes to a friend, which only makes the drama/trauma bigger as you talk about it. Talking about how someone else got you into this state… oh poor me… victimised person… when it is never about the other person, its always about YOU. The other person only helps you by triggering grief in YOU.

Of course it is nice to have a friend, who loves you and will listen to you and your drama you have created, but it takes away your opportunity to be alone with yourself and observe the emotion happening within. Focusing on the waves of emotion coming up through your body, allows you to acknowledge the emotion… and see that it doesn’t matter per se about the reason behind it all, but to understand that its about YOUR lack of LOVE for yourself that caused these feelings to manifest in the first place.

Secondly it is about realising that LOVING YOURSELF is actually YOUR power because no matter what… you can always change how you feel in each moment. You can’t always change the circumstance, as YOU created it by your PAST thoughts/feelings, but you can change how you feel and act from this moment forward. So you can begin by embracing your sadness, irritation and anger, welcome it back home and allow it to be released and transformed and get on enjoying your day.

Remember life is not easy, we all have our moments of doom and gloom, but the question is do YOU want to get over it? Do YOU believe you have so much power to change how you feel? or do YOU enjoy being miserable and powerless and point the finger at the person next to you?


My secret ingredient… My Superfood for the Light Body/Mind
As promised last week I’m going to tell you about my secret ingredient, superfood I use to feed my light body/mind and a magic recipe that is helping me overcome some stress on my body.

Have you ever asked yourself what makes foods superfood?
My Elemental friend ORMUS reminded me a few years ago of ORMEs… Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements; natural non-metallic seeds of the metals that consist of one or more atoms in a high spin state giving them unusual properties as superconductivity, superfluidity, supercurrent and magnetic levitation. They are found hiding in tight spaces (icosahedral shaped molecules) in nature’s water, salt, air, rock and organic source materials and crystalline sugar. They are abundant in volcanic soil, seawater, spring water, from the depths of the earth and in the air, including cosmic stardust.

It is ORMUS that is present in volcanic soil and seawater that jumps into the foods grown here and makes them superfood. My No 1 secret ingredient has always been the ORMUS that is present in the air I breathe and comes into my physical body/mind and makes me superfood myself. I heard about the PRANA breath at the beginning of my journey but not until later did I put 1 and 1 together and make 11111100000 infinity… and understood the magic of the Prana breathe. It is ORMUS that is woven into the fabric of all living things and is the cause for everything to live. ORMUS is Spirit Incarnate… Consciousness, Pure Love itself and feeds my light Body/Mind in every conscious breath I breathe.

When cooking or when my body feels unwell I consciously transfer ORMUS, my Consciousness, my Love into the food and space and trust it to balance and transform it into a loving and flavoursome vibration that continues the cycle of nourishment for myself as a whole and everyone around me.

In my book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom I dedicate a chapter to my Elemental Friend ORMUS and the findings of The New Energy Alchemists and how it ties into my awakening, integration and enlightened life. Throughout my book I recall many of my Expanding Journeys within that begin with the Conscious Breath… Nourishing my Light Body/Mind. 

Barry Carter is one of the men behind this New Energy research and you can read in detail about all his experiments collecting ORMUS in concentrate from natures hiding places on his website www.subtleenergies.com. Last year he wrote about an easy method of how ORMUS jumps from sea salt to edible oil in a jar and can be consumed and applied on the body that assists in accelerating the nourishment of our light Body/Mind.

From time to time I have suffered with very dry skin on my face and scalp (caused by the transformation of my physical body to its NEW crystalline self. Using Live ORMUS Oil has saved me from much grief… AND helps accelerate my rejuvenation.

With deep gratitude to Barry Carter, I share with you now this magical recipe I consume every day in some way.


Take good care of yourself… I do hope you have enjoyed my series of how important it is to Love Yourself. If you missed my other posts you can read Part I and Part II here. IAM moving home so I’ll be reposting older posts for a couple of weeks until I get myself sorted.

Barbara Franken… MasterCreator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness


I published my book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom to share my journey awakening and integrating All of myself and be able to create a life of celebration as my Magnificent Self. Inspiring others to resonate with their own magnificence and remember their own natural state of being.

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Writing to Freedomreply
August 26, 2016 at 14:19

Thanks for sharing how you switched to taking great care of yourself. I’ve heard of ORMUS before, but not from prana breathing or sea salt. Light on! 🙂

Barbara Frankenreply
August 27, 2016 at 13:08
– In reply to: Writing to Freedom

Hello Brad… Isn’t it wonderful how we each keep inspiring each other… ORMUS is certainly getting around to be modern topic… I found it quite magical how I perceived my Elemental ORMUS and the first place he sent me to look at was Barry Carters website… I was astonished by what I read and it helped me fit all the puzzle pieces together… Barbara x

Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Naturereply
August 27, 2016 at 16:35

So great how we have everything we need. 🙂

Barbara Frankenreply
September 3, 2016 at 09:55
– In reply to: Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

Hello Dear Mary… Everything we can imagine is already created, its just about allowing it into our lives… but first we have to understand this… my elementals took me on a journey to remember. Love to you Mary x Barbara

Ka Malanareply
August 28, 2016 at 11:47

Excellent information and sharing Barbara, xx Ka

Barbara Frankenreply
September 3, 2016 at 09:52
– In reply to: Ka Malana

Thanks Ka for your presence here and loving words x Barbara

September 3, 2016 at 18:10

i’m encouraged to love
myself, inside
and out 🙂

Barbara Frankenreply
September 6, 2016 at 13:03
– In reply to: smilecalm

AND your presence encourages me to smile, be calm and know everything is ok. Love Barbara x

September 4, 2016 at 19:42

Barbara, when I hike the hills in a rugged forest, that is all there IS, breath. I am breathing straight down to my toes as I need every atom of energy to keep breathing as I climb up and down extreme trails. And in breathing I feel my spirit lift and soar and my everything within heal heal heal. In embracing all of you, you bring yourself back HOME and it just feels so darn good. I am so proud of you, dear friend!! So proud!!

Barbara Frankenreply
September 6, 2016 at 13:06
– In reply to: AmyRose????

Aah the conscious breath is part of who we are and allows us to dance the cosmic dance here on earth… We are reborn anew in each breath and IAM so honoured to have you as my friend x Much Love to you Dear ArmyRose, Barbara

September 16, 2016 at 00:18

I love this, Barbara. Seems I am transitioning into that space you so beautifully describe here. It’s been many years seeking the validation of others. It is a wonderful feeling. Much love! Aleya

Barbara Frankenreply
September 17, 2016 at 07:45
– In reply to: alohaleya

Dear Aleya… Isn’t it wonderful floating in the space that we have spent a lifetime travelling too… Now we are canoes floating beyond… in love and trust. Love to you x

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