Book Review, Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom By Barbara Franken

My friend Sara, who lives near me in Benalmadena, has kindly read my book and has written the following review…

Congratulations on your achievement, the book is very imaginative and at the same time informative. The journey to discover your spirit has been made very interesting by your creation of many different characters that symbolise different aspects of you on the deeper levels of your consciousness and in the end you achieve to bring them all together in a harmonious way and become your DivineHuman self and have the answer to your original question WHO AM I?

I have found lots of information about loving positive energy and have really enjoyed reading about the elemental beings ORMUS and POTENT. I like your suggestion for everyone to create time for yourself, with ME-TIME for daily comfort, quiet meditation and creating a positive imaginary happy Environment. It was also very refreshing to feel the tranquility and the TIMELESS SPACE in your imaginary paintings and the positive point, to Love yourself first in order to be able to help others.

On the other hand, I think we have to remain aware of the harsh reality of the world we are living in and not to ignore the limitations of the Environment as some people struggle to survive each day and are even lucky to be alive. Their best scenario may be to have a roof on their head and food in their stomach. Unfortunately many people don’t recognise their guardian angel and have no chance for any ME-TIME. I am sure they would love to choose the light but are surrounded by darkness.

In summary, to have awareness is positive and happiness is not a charity, it takes courage and responsibility for the DivineHumanBeing to be the happiness and radiate it out into the world. In the end, your book transforms dark energy into light energy for an ideal world and I like your message to the world, ONE HEART AT A TIME. Good luck. Sara

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Sara has indeed brought up in her review a deep wound that continues to plague Humankind. As many parts of our world are very much in the news now and we are able to see just how some countries continue to live under cruel and uncaring dictatorships that only focus on having abundance for themselves and leaving ‘their people’ to literally fight for their survival. But is it up to me and you to go and save them? and in what way do we save them? As a ‘democratic western world’ we thought we were saving them by sending in our troops to put an end to the dictatorship but haven’t we done more harm than good? Weren’t our leaders only after the riches of their land and fame for themselves?

There comes a time for people in each cultural society to rise up and take what is rightfully theirs. Their freedom to breathe, eat, drink, work and play. We have fought our own wars in the western lands, protested our injustices and understand more of what works and what doesn’t now, at least a lot of us do, maybe not our leaders who still remain to be influenced by money and power. It seems to be the time for the whole world to declare individual freedom and this is what we are seeing all around us.

We know that fighting violence with violence and being fearful doesn’t work, it only creates more violence and more fear, we can only help others by being our best selves, communicating in word and action about our own experience and simply being examples of how to live a loving and peaceful life.

We are all indeed responsible for each other, but we can only change ourself and allow the journey and experience of others to unfold, as they find the courage to shine their own light in the darkness… shouting NO MORE as they declare their fearlessness, ONE HEART AT A TIME… choosing to be free of control and oppression.

Can we remember that to be Human is all about experiencing and realising who we are and about experiencing love? It is not our place to take away experience from another, just as much as it is not our place to take advantage of the richness within another country for our own benefit. We can shine our loving presence out into the world, letting others know we are here and we care.

Thankyou Sara for your thoughtful words and bringing up Humankind’s wound… It is time for us all to heal by being the light each of us truly is.

Barbara Franken… Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

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