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From Anna

August 12, 2015

I feel like you and I had such a good connection. Both of us so very in tune with the same things. I really enjoyed all our Thursday mornings together with the group. We covered such a range of topics. I know we all had our own different opinions but I felt that we all made a lasting connection and all our energies blended together really well. You and I had such fun when we created the Master Creator Classes together and I think we all got such a lot out of it when we completed it and achieved so much.

I’ve learnt such a lot from you and continue hopefully to pass that on now to the people who I’m working with but in my own unique way. I am really looking forward to reading your book and wish you all the very best in your future wherever it takes you. Thank you so much for everything , your love, your truth, your friendship and just for being the person that is totally you.

All my love. Take care. Anna xxx

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