From Gill

It was one of those strange, fateful happenings when I retired and moved to Spain, as Barbara was about the first person of any significance that kept popping into my life, and, in the nicest possible way – didn’t go away.
So I succumbed to her ‘charms’ and being inquisitive, couldn’t resist going along to her weekly circle and creative workshops and giving it a go.

I can honestly say its one of the better moves I have made in my life.

She opened my mind to all sorts of wonderful experiences that I wouldn’t have thought would be me. Barbara made me realise that you can do lots of things you didn’t think you could, and I enjoyed doing things which I thought were ‘not me’. I met like minded people, and we had lots of fun at our meetings, lots of discussions, and I feel that it made me a more open minded person, and a more compassionate and calmer person.

Good Luck. Love Gill xx

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