Who AM I…

IAM Barbara Franken 

A Writer, Artist and Consciousness Pioneer… inspiring and supporting the ones who are now choosing to experience more than their Human limitation, being ready to expand and explore beyond everything known. To integrate and embody all that they truly are! Both Human and Divine, the darkness and the light and the physical and nonphysical.

We find ourselves amidst a most natural cycle or process of great change. An evolution of consciousness, which we can call Humanities Awakening or Ascension, a time to explore and experience new terrain as our most Powerful, Sovereign and Free DivineHuman self.

Who AM I were the words I first heard from within at the age of 17. It was an inner passion to go out in the world, to explore and discover Who I AM and What Life is All About!  I left my birth home in England to travel Europe, what became the beginning of a beautiful journey that I now look back on and call my Awakening and Ascension Journey, which allows me to fulfil my Divine mission. To be a new standard, a New Energy Consciousness Pioneer, builder of NewEarth. (A world of unity and harmony) 

Awakening and Ascension means to expand one’s awareness or consciousness through experience and remember the truth of Who Each Person Is, which naturally raises your vibration from fear to love and allows you to move from a world of struggle, limitation and fear to one of ease, freedom and love.

After a short time travelling in Europe I settled in Holland, meeting my late husband Tom and his two children. We spent many happy years together, working and living the good life in Amsterdam. In 2007 we retired to a more relaxed and warmer climate in Spain, enjoying the tranquility of the Costa Calida for 7 years before moving down to the Costa del Sol in 2014 where I still reside and enjoy everything Warm, Loving and Spanish!

IAM a Creative Writer

My Awakening and Ascension Journey, has stretched over 45 years, and continues to be nothing less than magical. In my excitement to record and share my experience and truth discovered… that quite literally blew my mind away and helped me understand my life, I sat down in the Spring of 2015 on my balcony in Benalmadena and wrote, Illustrated and published my story; Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom

Of course my journey expanding into All That IAM continued since 2015 and she my passion and life on my blog here. 

I have also published a children’s book, IAM a Sparkle of Love to inspire our older children to embrace their true magnificent expression. Another story, a novel is being woven into creation as I type these words… but seemingly I have fallen down a few rabbit holes and am doing my best to find the balance that will intuit this new story of true love travelling through time and no-time.

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IAM a Creative Artist

My passion to fully engage in creative playfulness and joyful expression, inspired me to create and publish my MasterCreator Class, (available to join locally and online) for like-minded friends to come together in a safe and sacred space and experience their own Journey, expanding beyond the known into a space where you fully remember and celebrate your true Master and Creator Self.

Through passive and active creative playfulness… dance, song, act, art, writing & inner journeys, you lovingly express and observe yourself naturally integrate and embody your DivineHuman Multi-Dimensional Self. You commit to and celebrate you being a new standard, a Consciousness Pioneer who lives joyfully and peacefully, inspiring others by example to move into this new space of love, unity and harmony.

Asociación Conciencia Magnifica

I founded my non-profit business/charity… Conciencia Magnifica or The Magnificent Consciousness, and from donations given for my books and class, I fund local Creative Art Projects with collaboration from Benalmadena’s Local Council, to inspire our children  7-12 to realise their unique and essential part in life and be able to express themselves in all freedom! 

How can YOU help my Charity

IAM extremely grateful for you purchasing my books, participating in my MasterCreator class, donating money, donating painting materials and sharing your time helping me organise & hold Creative Projects locally in Benalmadena.

You can also subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel to receive updates for all my work.

My Vision

I hold my creative vision high for…  Hearts to AWAKEN to their highest potential, to INTEGRATE with their multi-dimensional self and EMBODY their truth right here on the Earth plane, for each to live a life of celebration as no other than their Magnificent Self.

What’s Going On

Humanity finds itself living in extra-ordinary times, it is a great shift of consciousness. A most natural cycle of time and opportunity for all humanity to expand consciousness and bring in New Energy to serve in new and wondrous ways.

Hearts are opening wide to receive new truths of who we are and what life is all about. Hearts are choosing to step out of old enslaved and dramatic lives to embrace a new multi-dimensional reality in all freedom and celebration.

We are the new standards, multi-dimensional DivineHuman’s who are ready to live a most sensual and magical experience right here on the physical plane.


This natural transformation turns everyone/thing upside down and inside out… detoxifying & cleaning up everything that is not aligned/balanced in love, harmony and unity and upgrading your system in preparation for a new quantum existence and magical adventure beyond everything ever known.

Your body/mind, identity, relationships, home, work and your outside world will be no exception to feeling the chaos, dis-ease and destruction of everything built on fear and lack.

My Message is Clear and Simple

YOU are magnificent, all powerful, unique and an essential part of ‘Our Magnificent World’… living now, being Your Magnificent Self, gifting yourself to the world.

After a long Human experience of duality… there is nothing more for the Human to fix, better or learn… but relax and get to know All of yourself. In quiet moments journey within, observe, embrace and love everything about YOU… yes your pains, fears, judgments and doubts too.

Become your own best friend, doctor and spirit guide and allow all that you are… Human, Divine & Aspects to come back home within your beautiful physical body/mind and lead YOU into a new adventure beyond everything known.

Allow yourself to flow through this natural transformation in ease and grace… despite the chaos, struggle and limitation you may sense within and around you AND be able to live a life of celebration as Your Magnificent Self.

It is all a matter of CHOICE, for the Human to surrender… or not… to your core Divine essence, the pure loving consciousness you essentially are and allow this part of YOU take you beyond your fearful limited physical existence into a loving life of freedom… as the Multi-Dimensional Being you truly are… creating heart and soul desire in each moment.

How are you CHOOSING to live through these days?

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Barbara Franken… MasterCreator & Creative Visionary
Inspiring YOU to be YOUR Magnificent Self