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June 29, 2015

Asociacion Conciencia Magnifica, The Magnificent Consciousness a Non-Profit Business Charity that inspires and supports, through creative expression, to explore, discover and express the Magnificent Consciousness YOU truly are and how YOUR unique and all powerful place in the heart of life is essential to the harmony of ‘Our Magnificent World’

From donations received from my book Your Magnificent Self…A Journey To Freedom & MasterCreator classes, IAM able to offer FREE local Creative Projects in Benalmadena, Costa del Sol.

Creative Art Project… Our Magnificent World, 2017/18/19

This project we undertook inspired more than 80 local children to explore and discover in a fun and educational way… the natural magical and harmonious world they live in and how their unique expression… how they love to play/act/be… creates the harmony within themselves and radiates out into the world around them.

The paintings were exhibited in May 2019 and to add another dimension to this project we put on a Royal Stage Performance Our Magnificent World to help further share our message…

You can see in detail the beautiful expressions of our children by following this link… Children’s Expressions of Our Magnificent World.

Some paintings are already hanging happily in bedrooms and Galleries along the Costa del Sol… if you are interested in decorating your home or business with one of these vibrant and beautiful paintings they are for Sale at € 50.00 each. Please contact me and we can arrange to meet up in Benalmadena.

Our Next Creative Art Project, Intuitive Painting… Autumn 2022

During 3 sessions of 2 hours the child/ren are shown how to create a layered textured acrylic canvas painting. They are guided how to intuitively draw, write and paint a happy painting to bring home and hang in their bedroom!

Intuitive Painting is an expression from the Heart, and has a few rules…

There are no mistakes as every stroke has a purpose AND it can always be painted over and changed if not desired.

You are asked to look, to read hidden images or messages that want to be  expressed to you.

We ask each child to participate a little in this project by bringing their own blank canvas (with approx. size of 65cm x 50cm).

This project is in English, we help each other out if anyone doesn’t understand (in Spanish).

Location: Parque Innova, Av. Federico García Lorca, Benalmádena 29630, Málaga

Duration: 3 x Saturday (4pm-6pm)

October 1, 8 & 15
November 12, 19 & 26

To register your child for one of these projects, please contact me via email barbara@memymagnificentself.com or facebook messenger or WhatsApp 650796579 and let me know the following details:

Name of Child:
Age of Child:
Parent Name:
Mb Phone:
Town coming from:
A little info about your child:

Spanish Translation

2022 Proyecto Creativo … Pintura Intuitiva

Durante 3 sesiones de 2 horas, se les mostrará a los niños cómo crear una pintura de lona acrílica con textura en capas. ¡Serán guiados a cómo dibujar, escribir y pintar intuitivamente una pintura feliz para llevar a casa y colgar en su habitación!

Pedimos a cada niño que traiga su propio lienzo en blanco (con un tamaño aproximado de 65 cm x 50 cm).

Este proyecto está en inglés, nos ayudaremos mutuamente si alguien no entiende (en español).

Ubicación: Parque Innova, Av Federico García Lorca, Benalmádena 29630, Málaga

Duración: 3 x sábado (17.00-19.00)

Octobre 1, 8 & 15
Noviembre 12, 17 & 26

Inscribir a tu hijo en uno de los proyectos, por favor mandame un email a: barbara@memymagnificentself.com, mandame un mensaje a traves de la pagina de facebook o watsapp 650796579 con los siguientes datos:

Nombre del niño:
Edad del niño:
Nombre de los padres:
Teléfono Movil:
Correo Electronico:
De que pueblo eres:
Háblame un poco de tu hijo:

How YOU can help me make a success of my projects? 

*Purchase my book locally or online, for yourself or as a gift for a friend

*Join my local or online MasterCreator class and allow your Divine Master within fully step forward and take you on a new adventure beyond everything you know!

*Share my project events via your social media and with your friends/family

*Donate paints, brushes, canvas’s, easels

*Donate money to help pay for the painting/creative materials

*Donate your time to help me with the children during the Creative Art Project (must be able to speak a little Spanish)

*Do you love to sew, we’re looking for dressmakers to help us create magnificent costumes for our next Royal Performance.

*Donate vibrant fabrics and clothes for our sewing team to create new magnificent costumes.


©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
Inspiring Multi-Dimensional Living 

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