My first Guest Interview… with JAKE

IAM republishing this first guest  interview as I have just ordered more stock of my book, available locally here on the Costa del Sol… Excitement continues since my launch and publication of my first book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom... and my local Master Creator Class that I will be rounding off this coming week. What a success it’s all been… So many people that are ready to choose to be Free and create their dreams here on the physical plane. Have a great weekend and you’ll be hearing more from me soon again.

My Elemental friends, aspects of myself, who I perceived along my journey and received messages of truth are lined up as I speak and are eager to be interviewed. So without further delay IAM going to share with you my first Guest Interview.

Jake is his name, he is small brownish/red squirrel with black strips. He carries 3 red balls with him that he plays with when sitting quietly and not flying through different dimensions with his majestic red wings.

Welcome to this safe and sacred space here on my blog MeMyMagnfiicentSelf Jake. It’s been quite a while since we last talked. How are you?

IAM so well and wonderfully occupied with my wise friend Axiel. We continue to spend a bit of time flying through the infinite dimensions, attracting your splintered parts back home, but most of the time we have fun throwing my red balls around and meeting all your new friends.

You know my new friends?

Of course, silly… Me and You are one, IAM part of you and you are part of me.

Yes, I remember, it just feels like we are separated when I see you here by my side. Anyway Jake what first brought you to show up in my life?

I watched you for quite a long while you were having fun with Magdalena and Jeremy when you first moved out to Spain and then Magdalena gave birth to Cordelia and Adamus from the Crimson Circle suggested to all Shambra they play with a totem animal. That was my queue to come in. You were alone one morning spending quiet sacred time on an inner journey, consciously breathing, feeling and expanding.

Yes I remember like it was yesterday. Suddenly you were there in my awareness, flying with me through the darkness and when I had finished my journey and fully focusing on my physical body and the present moment with my eyes open… you were sitting there, right next to me.

So Barbara my dear, you are getting on so well now… a few minor physical hiccups but you know that is all part of your continued integration of your crystalline light body and mind, coming into your physical body, mind and reality. Your conscious breath indeed helps you move stale energy and brings you to a place of peace… but maybe you can spend a little more time, embracing the parts of you that you don’t like. Everything needs to be loved and accepted. It is what it is and you know everything will indeed pass.

Easier said than done… as I know it’s also part of my caring about what others think of my appearance… IAM still very much Human and do get caught up in being perfect. Maybe there is some splintered part of me far away that was cast out for not being the perfect specimen.

Spend some of your Me-Time breathing into this, you never know what might happen. So before I go my dear, can you remember my most important message of truth I gave you?

I remember feeling into myself on our expanded journeys and understanding that IAM so much more than my history and my physical perception of me and my life… IAM all of my potential… an unimaginable reservoir of abundant potential.

Yes and this understanding, allows you to accept all of Self, all the broken and imperfect parts too and invite them back home to be embraced. This releases them from their turmoil and service and frees them to transform into what ever you choose to experience next. So be clear Dear Barbara about what you want to experience.

Jake… Thank you so much for being here. IAM not at all sure who was the guest here, but it is always an honour to be with you. To be YOU. Until we meet again.

Well that was quite wonderful. Jake and all my elementals never cease to amaze me. I hope you enjoyed reading this interview with Jake and brings you into our excitement about reading more of my magnificent and magical journey.

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Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Naturereply
May 28, 2016 at 14:33

This is so great, Barbara.

Barbara Frankenreply
June 14, 2016 at 18:04
– In reply to: Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

Thanks Mary… It was truly a magical experience meeting Jake and all my other elemental beings. Love to you x Barbara x

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