IAM a Unique Life Form…

IAM a Unique Art Form...

IAM an old and wise Willow tree
I love to live by the riverside
my roots deeply emerged in cool waters
My branches are flexible and hang low
creating shade for my Human friends
to sit and eat their delicious picnics
hide away and laze during school recess
and cover them from the rain…

IAM a vibrant and unique Art form
I observe with joy the ones who pass by
imagining for a moment
IAM a smiley boy expressing
a bright and jolly nature
with rainbow colours hanging all around me
receiving light and warmth from the sun
feeling free, limitless and able to give
the beautiful fruits of reflection…

We are truly all unique Art forms but do we ever look at ourselves with eyes of passion and see our true strength, playfulness, wisdom, sensuality and authentic power… When I look at an old tree, especially my favourite Willow tree, gracefully sitting along the riverside… I see such qualities emanating as unique Art form, but I never for a moment thought of myself being one too.

Until Danny came along a few years ago, he is one of my Elemental Beings that I perceived and write about in my book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom… He brought me the message of It’s Play-Time… and what better way to play than with children… my grand children.

We continue to have many adventures together and create, act, dance, sing, even sit quietly and shout out loud along the seashore. We have amazing times together, allowing ourselves to be unique Art forms. Acting childlike, real and foolish. Time and judgment are all forgotten and everything is possible, it makes us feel excited and deeply in touch with the natural harmony of all life.

Recently my friend Ka Malana over at Fiesta Estrellas asked her friends the following questions…

If you were a tree, what would life feel like?
What kind of tree would you be?
If you could choose to make artwork to honour a tree?
How old would you be, if you were a tree ?

Ka inspired me to create this collage of my grandson as a unique Art form and write this poem and post.. My grandson Alexander is very special to me, he has lovely blonde hair, his favourite colour is orange, I love rainbow colours and I make a collage each year using recent pictures I have taken to hang up in my home. So I have put everything together and created a unique art form, in honour of trees, my grandson Alexander and myself. My age is never ending… IAM infinity itself… Thankyou so much Ka…

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