2014-2015 Lunar Eclipse Cycle… A Time to be Truly Balanced

2014-2015 LunarEclipse Cycle... A Time to be Truly Balanced

The Natural Galactic cycle that is bringing in New Energies…

For a few years now we are observing the world around us literary ‘heating up’ and expanding, as high intensity solar activity and photon energy (the latter being a magnetic flow of light on the galactic plane, along the Milky Way where there is a great concentration of stars that give birth to ‘photon light particles’) influences the magnetics and core make-up of Mother Earth and all of Humanity. It is a natural galactic cycle bringing in new energies to expand and transform our old 3 Dimensional World of Duality, Fear, Limitation and Separation… to a Multi Dimensional World of Unity, Compassion, Cooperation and Authentic Power.

We observe our weather patterns changing, the uprising of people under dictatorship, the power and greed of governments no longer being tolerated, the foundations of our financial, economic, religious, spiritual and education systems wobbling, unbalanced relationships exploding and the limited and ego-minded physical body and mind becoming sick.

We are seeing and feeling all the past trauma, pain, wounding, untruths, secrets and darkness that have been passed down our ancestral lineage, being penetrated by intense electromagnetic light that is naturally releasing all the cellular memories that have been stored on Earth, within each person and all our creations. Our divine consciousness that we have totally ignored for many lifetimes is being woken up. The ancestral lineage ends with us and we now have a choice whether or not to allow the release of all the cultural and family patterns and beliefs of fear, conflict and darkness and come to a new understanding that our *temporary pains we are experiencing are part of this natural cycle and our transformation.

*temporary pains… We feel in some parts of our physical body and mind, both our own and our ancestral trauma, pain, wounds, untruths and darkness being released from our cellular memory. We can consciously breathe in and out of this physical area and allow the stuck energy to move out of our body and into a neutral state… pure new potential for us to play and create with. To remain ignorant and resist this transformation will ensure further suffering until the death of our physical body and mind.


We have the opportunity to choose to open and expand our body, heart and mind, to resonate with what is happening and allow ourself to create a balanced space of love, peace and calmness around us. A space in which we can consciously breathe in the flow of new energies that are here to support us in the integration and crystallisation of our divine soul, human body and mind and release everything that no longer serves us. We can allow ourself as DivineHumanBeing, that we truly are, to ascend and walk consciously here on earth, steering ourself through the chaos (that we understand to be the natural restructure of Mother Earth and Humanity) and enjoy creating in the now moment… Creating together with fellow sacred hearts a new peaceful and harmonious world in which to thrive and bring in new potential to serve our hearts desire.

2014-2015 Lunar Eclipse Cycle…

Full Moon

Today Monday 14th April 2014 is the eve of another natural cycle, 4 consecutive full lunar eclipses with the last one taking place on 28th Sept 2015… During this time we have the extra influence of the full moon as she represents the flowing feminine, the waters, the emotions, the east, the negative, the darkness, the mystery. She, the full moon will be helping us all to fully open up and face our woes and fears. It is therefore so important to understand what is happening, not to be afraid, but to embrace everything, all our broken and hurt wounds of the past, to love them unconditionally from a balanced space of being and allow everything that no longer serves us to be free. It is all going to be OK… humanity is moving on… we are going to be living in each moment, experiencing new potential and have no need to go back and compare our past or project ourself in a limited and probable future anymore.

Embrace Change

Divine Consciousness is now awakening and wants each one of us to claim it as our own, to allow the integration of the DivineHumanBeing that will walk as an embodied ascended master here on Earth. It’s never been done before… we are the new standards… Lets go for a new experience…

More interesting information about the four lunar eclipses and blood moons… http://spaceweather.com AND interesting reading about how the christian church try and provoke more fear out of this event… http://www.christiantoday.com


How Solar Flares Help you to Evolve…

How solar flares help you to evolve
My friend Heather Carlini has written a wonderful and powerful E Book about the shift we are going through and how the solar flares are having an affect on Earth and Humanity… It truly helps us to understand in a simple way what is happening… Please go to her website to purchase the book. http://www.carliniinstitute.com/how_solar_flares_help_you_to_evolve_book

A Free E Book… A Selection of True Awakening Experiences


The Earth and humanity are naturally awakening, consciousness is expanding, you are changing, the Earth is changing… It is time to find that sacred and quiet space within you, to keep you balanced and safe in the coming times of CHANGE… Together with 33 other wordpress friends we have published A selection of true awakening experiences… A Free E Book for you to download and read… to be inspired… to let you know that it’s all going to be ok… You can also download it from my homepage side bar…

Take care, stay balanced and enjoy it all… until next week…
Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

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