Does our Galactic History explain Original Sin and the Fall from Grace…


In the beginning there was nothingness…
One Great Divine Spirit…
One Single Consciousness…
Moving within itself… 
Creating great wonders…
An explosion of harmonious colour…
But it felt incomplete and lonely…
It wanted to experience the feeling of itself…
To feel the creations it made…
So it created companions for itself…
Millions of individual souls in its own image…
Pure white lights of Divine perfection…

Each divine soul was created to be complete and fulfilled within self, with equal male/yang and female/yin polarities to assure action and creation and to be able to experience and know self…  Three forces were created to work as a whole together, light (yin), dark (yang) and neutral (balance)…. Each divine soul was given freewill to be able to set self free and choose their own master, to bare witness to one another and bond together throughout eternity…  On behalf of Great Divine Spirit, Angels and Archangels (who were a neutral force) watched over the divine souls as they went about experiencing life and expressing their own individuality…

Over eons of time, divine souls co-created physical life throughout the universes and galaxies, making millions of planets home… There was ‘no time’ and life expanded and evolved … each planet having its own theme… Earth was created as a seeding planet, to make templates for new life to be shared out amongst all galaxies and universes… Many life forms were created, evolved and life was amazing… Teleporting between the planets was as common as we commute to work…  It was a wonderful playing field… Beautiful and harmonious creations were made but ugly and disharmonious creations too…

The light, neutral and dark forces actively created peaceful and turmoil times, planets and their inhabitants rose and fell with the migration and incarnation of souls… As time went by souls wanting to be superior and all powerful over others, created the experience of war and enslavement…  The dark forces wondered how far they could go…  how much domination and control could they have… but they had to remember… Great Divine Spirit had given freewill to each divine soul… so they had to come up with a method to trick incarnating souls, to make it look like they had freewill… but were actually under their domination and control…


Earth was a very fertile land, full of potential, a wonderful nursery where DNA artists created new skins and new life forms…  Over millions of years many civilisations rose and fell on Earth and a total of 72 species evolved from huge brainless creatures to perfectly balanced androgynous beings…

Lemuria was known as the Garden of Eden… Paradise on Earth…  where humankind lived in a state of perfection, balance and harmony… Their physical form was androgynous, equal male and female and they communicated telepathically.  Their balance and perfection was reflected in the environment, everything and everyone was honoured and cared for and there was an abundance of everything…

As with all civilisations the Lemurians became more adventurous, wanting more experience… and they chose to separate the female (yin) from the(male) yang and divided themselves… They gave birth to a new soul that took on one of the polarities, leaving them with the other… ‘Out of the rib of Adam, Eve was born…’  With this act of sexual division, humankind found itself separated from its other half… and FEAR of isolation, loneliness and more separation from the perfect soul balance which reflected Great Divine Spirit, was born… The fall of Lemuria was inevitable and the rise of Atlantis was realised once again…


With each of humankind’s fall, brought on by the dark forces of superiority, domination, control, enslavement… etc…  Humankind ‘Fell from Grace’ and were found guilty of ‘The Original Sin’ by GOD… or so we are led to believe today by our history books and Religious and Spiritual institutions…

Great Divine Spirit (GOD) gave us freewill and therefore left us to our own device. We could say our first mistake was creating WAR, but didn’t we have to experience it?  Didn’t we have to experience Superiority, Domination and Control… to know what we truly like, desire and how we want to be treated…

Today we are a multidimensional civilisation suffering from amnesia in a very dense and low vibrating world…because of some ‘multidimensional beings’ that planned and put into practise over many, many years the hijacking of our freewill.  They wanted supreme control, first over Earth and then the galaxy and all universes… and went to many lengths to undermine the rest of humanity…. Through propaganda they created systems of domination and control, distorted our incarnation process (by adding fine print that we couldn’t read)… to give the illusion that everyone had freewill and was free… but actually our freedom and connection to Great Divine Spirit was diminishing and was sending us on a descending spiral into the dense physical world we find ourself in now…

Hollow Earth

Thankfully Earth’s original soul family has always managed to stay on Earth through each rise and fall, by hiding underground… Hollow Earth… and together with light beings in the cosmos they are helping us to remember our true magnificence, our multidimensional beingness… Reminding us to claim our sovereignty, invite and integrate all our aspects that are scattered throughout the universes (light, dark and neutral soul beings) back into our physical body and ascend to our rightful place… as HumanDivineBeings… with our physical body… that has never been done before… so no one knows how and what is going to happen… Together we are going to create our hearts desire…


The balance of light and dark forces living on earth today is 70% for the light… This tip towards the light allows DivineHumanBeings to prepare for the best graduation party ever… in celebration of the physical ascension into a higher dimension of unity consciousness… and as we live our life, we radiate our balanced being out… for others to follow suit…

Meanwhile, even though the dark forces know they can never win, they continue to play their game, trying to cause as much havoc and chaos as possible…  Their FEAR MONGERING comes through the media and government propaganda, the banking system, fake dream time as they manipulate the truth so we remain under their domination and control…

We can best realise that without the darkness, light cannot exist… and therefore the experience continues… until… one heart at a time we recognise our divine sovereign light, creator self and the choice we have always had…


I have wanted to write for quite a while about religion pointing the finger and saying… IAM a born sinner and have fallen from grace and therefore need to go church and repent my sins… I actually researched a lot of religious and spiritual stories that all have different views about ‘Original Sin’ and ‘The Fall from Grace’ and wrote about it… but then, one morning as I was reading through some of my friends blogs, I came across a video that caught my attention… I didn’t really have the time to watch it… but after leaving the blog with a like… I felt I had to directly return there to watch it…

Well it blew my mind wide open… and I went on to U Tube and spent 10 hours watching the 20 episodes… read Andrew’s script of contract removal documents, pondered on this incredible ‘new’ information, uploaded it all to my website and rewrote this post Does our Galactic History explain Original Sin and the Fall from Grace…

Our history and our understanding of it just seemed so minute in comparison to the Galactic History… I felt like missing pieces were fitting together and explained so much… I truly felt and understood that everything is pure experience… no one is to blame or judge as we are all responsible… we are all part of everything… we have all experienced everything…

I had nothing to feel guilty about… and I felt free… the heavy ropes that had psychically held me hostage began to break and were released… What a wonderful feeling I was experiencing…  my body consciousness tingled with joy… 

I have written this post as I understand creation and galactic history… as it resonates with my heart, my divinity… so I do urge my friends to watch the videos and read the contract removal documents yourself… Allowing it to resonate with your truth… Andrew reads the akashic records in layers, so that each divine soul being picks up just what they need… I’ve put all the videos onto my website for easy access…

and you can download a pdf document I created with Andrew’s script ‘contract removal document’ together with links to go to Andrew’s website…

I would love to hear your thoughts about our Galactic History…
Barbara Franken…. Inspiring New Energy Consciousness


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October 7, 2013 at 20:36

cannot believe this did not make it to my reader!!! I LOVE this Barbara! I will have to check out the videos. But in the meantime, can you elaborate on the relationship and sequencgin of Atlantis and Lemuria?

thanks for this amazing post, Linda

October 8, 2013 at 08:47
– In reply to: lindalitebeing

We sometimes wonder why the reader doesn’t pick it posts… but this post points to the few souls that continue to play the game and hide the truth so people don’t get to read it for themselves… We will find away… maybe my friends can reblog it and get it circulating…

Thanks for your kind comments Linda…I enjoyed writing it and feel an urge to get it out there….

Lemuria and Atlantis rose and fell many times in different time-lines… I believe many souls experienced them… Lemuria seemed to be the motherland and souls wanting to experience more went off and created Atlantis where they exceeded in technology… I don’t know much more maybe because it is not important to me now… Maybe when you listen to the videos, you will understand more about what you want… Enjoy Barbara

October 8, 2013 at 06:07

Hello Barbara,

Very, very beatifully pur together and Thank you. Hope all good their . Love , Ingrid

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

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October 8, 2013 at 08:55
– In reply to: spronkingrid

Lovely to hear from you Ingrid… thank you for taking the time to read and comment… All is very good here, enjoying Angies visit.. Take care… Barbara

October 9, 2013 at 06:25

Hey Barbara I have read many varying but similar versions of this story. I could list them but it would take some time, so I won’t but basically the above story is what I believe, a few details and variables but yes. Whenever I get some time, I will look into it. I am especially interested in the documents regarding the Akashic records.

October 9, 2013 at 06:28
– In reply to: bluebutterfliesandme

Thanks for taking the time to read… the videos are good… and IAM sure you will get your heart resonating info out of it… You just need time to listen… Take care… Barbara… What time is it where you are now?

October 9, 2013 at 06:36
– In reply to: barbarafranken

Barbara it is 11;31. I most likely wont take the time because I know the story and agree with it, so…..
But the document I have and will read.

I have memories of 3 different lives on Atlantis, just glimpses but enough to know, I have also had memories of Mars. I usually don’t mention this stuff but its at your blog not mine, so not everyone will see it. lol

I did send the link to the videos and the document to a good friend of mine, who has also read the various creation stories. If you had read them all you see the similarities and those of us that are aware resonate right away with the truth.

October 9, 2013 at 06:42
– In reply to: bluebutterfliesandme

Thanks Sindy… as always… In the evening? You are finishing your day and IAM just starting mine? Sleep tight then until we meet again… Barbara

October 9, 2013 at 06:49
– In reply to: barbarafranken

We are to star ships that pass in between worlds of night and day. lol I don’t go to bed this early. I will be up a couple more hours. I need to read The Great Gatsby instead of blogs but I am a rather dedicated follower of about 100 blogs.

October 10, 2013 at 21:40

there’s also this thinking that adam and eve were the first test tube babies as pronounced by zecaria sitchin based on his interprettion of ancient sumerian texts. i don’t if you have read his books like genesis revisited.

October 12, 2013 at 12:47

Reblogged this on Looking for reasoning to a complicated world and commented:
An interesting and thought provoking blog here by Barbara on creation and the human soul and spirit. Worthy of a re-blog. Re-blog if you like. I love these kids of debates and how we all see things different. If we were all made the same and kept the same, it would be boring. So diversity is something we must hold onto to… I think so anyway. Enjoy the read… Shaun (Thanks for a good read Barbara) x

October 12, 2013 at 12:56
– In reply to: prayingforoneday

You are so kind Shaun… Thankyou

October 12, 2013 at 12:50

Good read and thought provoking…Enjoyed it..

Shaun x

October 12, 2013 at 12:52
– In reply to: prayingforoneday

Thank you so much Shaun… Someone already came for a read… Barbara

Sue Dreamwalkerreply
October 14, 2013 at 11:14

I agree with your thoughts Here Barbara, and have read much that resonates, the truth of our origins has been withheld and we developed amnesia over aeons . Our DNA was tampered with, as we in essence became slaves… The Light is Winning! and Has won its galactic battle, we live now in exciting times of change.. Change which like any New Birth will be perhaps for some be a Little Painful, but we chose to be here at this time to help see the Birthing of our New World as we transcend through the vale of Illusion and to our rightful dimension.. For we have been trapped within the darkened layers for so long… The cycle is all but complete…
The World will have much letting go to to.. as we who ‘See’ understand the forces of Dark via the Media and Governmental Controls of those who pull the strings to keep control via Fear tactics..

But we who know we are eternal Beings, understand we have nothing to fear…
Lovely to have met you and Thank you for visiting and following, I hope we get to know each other via our posts ..
I may not always have time to visit as regular as I would wish, but be sure I try to read as many posts as I am able…
Love and Light to another sister … I am meeting many and Life sure is Wonderful when we ALL come together… Via the Web of Life!


October 14, 2013 at 12:37
– In reply to: Sue Dreamwalker

Thank you for your wise words Sue… Yes we have nothing to fear, only exciting days in which to enjoy now… I do understand it takes time to get around to reading everyones blogs… but I know we will both be there when we can… In the meanwhile enjoy and IAM so pleased to have met you… Barbara

October 22, 2013 at 04:47

Wonderful stuff Barbara, can’t wait to have the evening to myself tonight so I can get stuck into the video and the blog you point us too… to me the only ‘Sin’ if it could be called that, is the feeling of separation from our universal Source, and that is presumably part of our journey…
My experience of Atlantis was that while we were technologically and mentally advanced, we were quite emotionally shallow.. hope you’re going to write more posts like this – they are meat and drink to me.., thank you so much…
I will now settle down and read it again…

October 22, 2013 at 08:12
– In reply to: valeriedavies

IAM so glad you have the time to sit back and enjoy… writing for me is a way to untangle the beliefs and my truth from my mind… and if I appreciate other reading my writing I have to find the time to honour theirs… and I do try to do that… although I find it hard when others blog so much… Thanks for enjoying.. Barbara

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December 15, 2013 at 23:24

Interesting read – beautifully written ~

Share your love ... thank you x