It’s going to be OK… but first welcome the chaos…


Sleepless nights, feeling exhausted, surrounded by agitated people… What on earth is happening?  Is the world and everyone going crazy?

The whole world certainly appears to be going through a chaotic time… old ways and old systems are failing, dictators are falling, jobs and relationships are changing, countries are uniting, old beliefs and thought patterns are being reconsidered…

Things are certainly stirring up inside us, we find our self looking at our lifes and insecurities and it feels like a good time for change, to be conscious of what we want in our life… what makes us smile with delight, dance for joy and sing out loud… and release everything that no longer serves us…

The Earth and Human being is moving on… we have created a new expanding consciousness that resonates with passion, peace, harmony, responsibility, creative impulse and new potentials… A new energy is coming in… in support of our new consciousness…  to bring us our hearts desires…
Are you awakening and creating space for new things and a new way of living?

Everyone that is not anchored into the peaceful space inside them, living passionately and creating their grandest heartfelt desire will indeed get caught up in the chaos and drama of not being good enough, not having enough, not being important and fear of losing it completely!

This chaotic time is a wakeup call for all who are listening!  Welcome it, knowing that you don’t have to be affected by it… know that it is part of the restructure of our world…  Choose to put yourself first, choose to clean up your act, choose to say goodbye to everything that no longer serves you and be a part of the new vision of a passionate, creative, peaceful and harmonious world…

Are you listening?  What are you choosing? 
©Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness…

p.s.  It’s all going to be ok… just breathe, relax, allow your heart to open and your passion to create the dream you have always wanted!

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